Internal Challenges for Coca Cola



In coca cola NZ we found few  problems  while searching about them there is one major problem is security system in coca cola is not really good which put a bad impact on the company s profile. Millions of dollars worth products were stolen from the headquarter .Top level management of coca cola found  many issues regarding this and  they believe that all this illegal activities done by their staff because every week more than thousands of bottles were stolen from the distribution centre .

Staff members in distribution department sell their products in diaries on very cheap prices. There is no dedicated regulatory authority to oversee the carriage of the goods and whether the contractor takes the goods at the prescribed price, which causes the truck driver to sell the dairy and other beverages to the store owner at the price of the black market. This question fully reflects that New Zealand Coca-Cola Company abuse of trust, leadership should believe in their own staff, but should not set up a special regulatory authority to monitor. On the other hand, Coca-Cola lacks managerial talent

Management did not follow the change management system.thats why staff start doing these kind of ilegal things in company because no one is watching them. They used to the management system and makes their own plans of work.At that time its really very important for Coca cola to make some changes in production system and update according to the needs in organisation.


Scope of research

The scope of the research includes the New Zealand transport sector, the supervisory and management department, the contractor ,Security department and the superior leadership. Mainly research how the New Zealand Coca-Cola Company regulates how the goods are being transported and how they are traded with the contractor. Why there will be products to the black-market price into the market. The scope of the survey does include how Coca-Cola produces products and how the Human Resources Department recruit’s talent.

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  1. Personal computers

We used our personal computers for typing and editing the document. Also, we used our personnel computers as a device to browse internet to collect facts about the coca cola company based in New Zealand.

  1. Internet

We used internet to browse through different websites and internet helps us a lot in finding accurate facts and figures. Also, we could complete our researchwith in the limited time frame because of the internet facility.

  1. Books / Magazines / websites / Newspapers

We used different articles, case studies in websites which help us in collecting facts and figures so quickly and different websites were visited during the research in order to collect accurate and true facts.

Time Frame




Tasks completed


Basic research about the selected organization and the whole industry.

2 days

  • Browse through various websites to get information.


Planning and discussing about the facts chosen to include in the research report with the group members and scheduling tasks to be complete.

1 day

  • Planned and Scheduled the steps to be followed.


Completion of the Research proposal.

1 day

  • As per the schedule we worked on Research proposal first.


1)Did you found ever any shortage of stock in your organisation?

2)When you found stock was missing in organisation what kind of  steps were taken by Management?

3) Is theft problems in organisations from long term?

4)Are Employees and workers are not satisfied from salaries or compensation?

5)How many people in your Regulatory authorities?

6)How Regulatory authorities work?

7)Is supervisory regulation limited to employees?

8)Do you think the theft of the company’s headquarters products over the past two years is the oversight of the regulators?

9)For Regulatory authorities, what do you think is necessary to improve in the operation of the project?

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10)Do you have well established process to address computer security breaches in distribution centre?

11)Do you measure your annual losses from all business transactions?

12)Do you use biomatrix attendance in organisation to ensure about the employess identity?

13)Are you struggling from the high cost to handle your security system in organisation?

14)Is there any incidents report of theft?

15)Were you taken actions against workers who were involved in illegal activities?

16) Through the last two years of theft, do you think the regulatory aspects of which to strengthen?

17)What do you think of the company’s lack of talent?

18)How to rectify the black-market transactions between contractors and transport drivers?

19)For the manager, how do you supervise and review?

20)From the production of products to transport, what steps need to go through?

21)How do you interection with the staff generally?

22)Do you have any futher plans to control on the security system of distribution?


In our  primary research report we found few security problems in organization and we put a few questions in questionnaire for  employees and top level management to check their reviews regarding theft incident. In primary research report we ask many things like what their future plan to sort out this problem.

In Our primary research reports we conduct depth interviews with groups and we works to know that what’s actually going inside the organization. what kind of problems they are facing and what kind of steps they are taking to get best results at the end.

Management concepts:-


Coca cola s management system regarding security was really not good that’s why products were stolen from the distribution they have to make a proper plan to overcome this problem .Management have to establish new plans and establish new team in their department to look after all the process .so they can easily check all the steps in organisation. In planning concept they have to interlinked their departments with others like financial departments with production and distribution departments so they can check the transactions and delivery payments .Furthermore, Management have to focus on basic needs of employees and find out the problems which they are facing while working inside the organisation.

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In organization staff members stolen the products  selling  to dairy shops on very cheap prices .it puts bad impact on the organization structure. Staff members doing illegal activities in organization there was no control on this .Management just only focus on sales and making profit .No team was there to check the whole department. There was not control on the security system of coca cola .Coca cola have to focus on all manufacturing of bottling as well as distribution system so they can touch with the employees who are working in distribution system .


Company’s security problem puts very bad impact on all departments . Loose management of the organization affect on the company’s core competitiveness .In this modern era its very important to stay above from competitors .Security system of coca cola puts bad impact on customers as well .Loyal customers start questioning on the management system of organization. Its very important for company to organize everything according to plan establish teams and held meeting with senior staff members to find out actual problem in company so they can make plan and organize and provide training to employees .


Its very important for  top level management to interfere in this process and lead all the senior managers and give them strict duties to look after all the security problems of organizations .They have to establish teams in departments and lead them by senior managers .All the plans which they are implemented in future to secure everything are properly well planned .

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