Internet Pornography Influences For Social Issues Information Technology Essay

Internet is the most popular and resourceful source available in the modern world to gather and share information. According to the World Bank indicators, there are 30 internet users for every 100 people of the world. Following is a chart of the growth of internet users over the years.

Source: Trading Economics, 2012

When considering about these statistics, it clearly describes that the internet users have been highly increased over the past few years. According to the Mobile Internet research of Stanley Morgan (2009), mobile internet users have been increased in massively over the past years and passed the desktop internet users. This clearly describes that most of the people use their mobile phones or tablet computers to access internet. This has been increased with the mobile phone technology. After the release of smart phones, many people have used their mobile phones to access internet.

There’s a saying that internet is like double edged sword, this means that there’s good and bad in internet. So it’s up to the users to use internet in appropriate manner. Most of the internet users use internet for inappropriate things. Pornography can be described as an example of using internet in inappropriate manner. According to the article of “The internet porn ‘epidemic’: By the numbers” (The Week, 2010) 43% of the internet users are addicted to the pornography. When considering about this fact, mobile phone is the major consideration for this issue, because nowadays many people use mobile phones to access these porn sites.

This problem has arisen in many countries and grown over the past few years. Most governments facing this problem and they’re trying new methods to reduce this pornography addiction of their country people. This pornography issue has spread many social, ethical, legal and professional issues in every region all over the world.

Mobile phonography has been grown recently with the release of the smart phones and tablet computers. These kind of mobile devices introduced with improved technologies such as HSDPA, 3G, 4G, etc… providing enhanced internet access which allowed users to connect internet with high speed. This new trend widely opened the mobile users to the internet. A person who can afford a simple mobile phone allowed to access internet with low data charges. This improvement of the technology somewhat caused the people to addict pornography.

Internet has been described as the best way of distributing pornography. So it has been distributed in various types over the internet such as websites, streaming sites, peer-to-peer file sharing, etc…. There are so many websites in the internet showing pornography related things. According to the Internet Pornography Statistics (Top Ten Reviews, 2006), there are over 4.2 million websites and 420 million web pages on the internet.

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Another major consideration of pornography is streaming web sites. These types of websites allow users to view videos online without downloading. This facility attracted lots of people to the pornography, because most of the people search for this pornography contents in secret and this is the best way to view these types of contents without any problem. These streaming websites are now becoming popular day by day. This issue has been grown with the technology and the internet speed.

When considering about the social issues, this pornography contents have spread many social issues all over the world. The biggest among them is family problems. According to the “The effects of pornography on individuals, marriage, family and community” research which has been done by Mr.Patrick F. Fagan demonstrates that the many married couples & children face for different kinds of difficulties & problems due to the Internet Pornography. One of the major problems is psychological damage to the lives of the married couples. Most of the wives of the pornography addicted people have been victimized with deep psychological damage (Fagan P.F, 2009). According to the Mr.Patrick F. Fagan, most of the wives come up with Feelings of loss, mistrust, devastation betrayal & anger after getting known about the online sexual activities of their partners. And also when wives get to know that their husbands view pornography, they become harshly depressed and may feel unattractive or sexually inadequate.

Another social issue is sexual violence. There are so many sexual violence contents in the internet which can be viewed free. After watching these contents, people try to use sexual violence when they make love with their partners and some people use objects without the will of their partners. According to the Mr.Patrick F. Fagan’s research mentioned above, this sexual violence leads to marital dissatisfaction, temporary separation, and divorce.

The major social issue in pornography is fake contents. When it comes to the mobile phones and tablet computers, many people take photographs or videos of beautiful girls, boys and change them using software with new technologies which are in built in the modern mobile phones. Then these fake photographs or videos being uploaded and shared through social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Hi5. This is a big social issue which makes people so embarrassed and even the governments finding solutions for this matter by adding and changing government laws. This is a huge issue when considering about the people’s privacy. This mobile internet growth and the pornography have made so much affect for the day to day life of people. Most of these fake contents are created by the people who watch pornography. They collect these pictures, videos mostly from the online social networking profiles.

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Another social issue is uploading private sexual activities to the internet. When considering about this matter, some people upload their sexual activities in social networking sites, streaming sites, etc… This affects to the privacy of their partner because most of them doesn’t know that these contents have been uploaded to the internet. Sometimes these situations make these people to take suicide decisions. Apart from that raping and the affection to the children are the other major social issues which are combined with pornography. The article “Web pornography’s effect on children” (American Psychological Association, 2007) describes that “Each year about 40 percent of teens and preteens visit sexually explicit sites either deliberately or accidentally”. When considering about this article statistics, the mobile internet can be taken as the major reason for this pornography addiction, because nowadays most of the teens and preteens use mobile devices. This article describes that the average age of first internet pornography exposure is 11 years. It’s very clear that the minds of the children are not developed as adults, so the children can be easily misguided through these porn contents.

When it comes to the professional issues, the major consideration is celebrity scandals. This can be described as a significant matter, because sometimes this helps to increase the popularity of the celebrity. Most of these scandals are being released by paparazzi reporters. This is a major issue when considering about the term “privacy”.

Another main professional issue is professional porn movies, awards and rankings. There are some websites and award ceremonies which ranks the top porn movie stars and sex tapes. This can be taken as the professional issue, because people are participating for these sex movies as their profession. There are many sex tape jobs available on the internet. Any person can simply register for this kind of job where there’s no academic qualifications required and also can get paid well. The cybersex jobs which are mostly known as webcam jobs are the next issue of this topic. There are many websites which provide cybersex facilities and mostly they consist with image galleries of girls. A person who pays the money through the website can enjoy a live nude web cam show of a selected girl.

There are people who watch pornography contents within the office time. When it comes to the privacy, sometimes more than one person uses the same computer. So if a single person viewed porn contents, there’s a possibility that the others may also exposed as porn addicts. Nowadays most of the companies have banned most of the pornography websites. But the problem is people use their mobile devices to access these pornography contents and this issue affects the employers in so many ways.

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When considering about the ethical issues which arise by the internet pornography, pregnant sex videos, videos faking nuns and monks, fake contents and spy camera videos are the major issues these days. There are many sex videos of pregnant ladies available on the internet and also there are many porn contents which faking nuns and monks. These contents arise many security and privacy issues. When considering about the privacy in ethical pornography issues, spy camera videos are the main problem. There are so many video clips and pictures taken from the spy cameras. Most of these clips were taken in bathrooms, honeymoon suites, fit-on rooms, public washrooms, etc… These contents violate the privacy of the other people. When it comes to the subcontinent countries like Sri Lanka, most of the people have killed themselves after knowing that they have been exposed. These video clips and pictures are mostly recoded and captured using mobile devices, because they come up with built-in cameras and internet access.

When it comes to the legal issues, pornography is illegal in Sri Lanka according to the Obscene Publications Ordinance of 1983 in Sri Lanka. A citizen who involved in pornography can be imprisoned or fined. In late 2011, Sri Lanka government banned most of the porn sites for the citizens. This decision raised lots of privacy problems, because even an adult couldn’t access porn contents. This decision somewhat caused of increasing sexual abuses in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lanka police have the authority of taking into custody of a person who travels holding sexual contents, even inside the mobile phone.

Child pornography is another legal issue which is illegal in many countries. According to the United Kingdom law, child pornography will violate the Protection of Children Act 1978, Section 160 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 as well according to the Sri Lankan Law child pornography will be violating of the National child protection authority act, no. 50 of 1998.

Considering recommendations to overcome these issues, establishing various acts and strict laws would be much helpful. And also educating the children about sex and related topics and conducting awareness programs will somewhat reduce these discussed issues.

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