Internship for Dubai Airlines

Internship for Dubai Airlines


I would like to express my appreciation to all parties involved in this internship. It was fulfilling and educational experience. Thank you Dubai Airlines and my mentor Ms. Amina for providing me the undivided guidance and tools in supporting my responsibilities. Thank you Mom and Dad for your undying support and for leading me to the path to success. To my special friend, Enoc, thank you for assisting me to get the internship.

Executive Summary

This report is aims to express the experience of my internship with Dubai Airlines. Such internship was undertaken from Sept 2009 till January 2010. This report provided the background about the organization, evaluation of corporate resources on strategic audit planning and audit conduct procedures. More over tasks conducted, reviews, training, mentoring and recommendations.


Dubai International Airport is one of the world’s fastest-growing airports, and is in the midst of a long-term plan for expansion. Terminal 3 was recently completed after three years of construction, and features 3.8 million square feet of a Brazilian stone called Panha Fragola Corcovado, or “PF”. PF presented a serious sealing challenge because the stone contains soluble pyrite (an iron sulphide) which can absorb water from the mortar bed during curing and cause severe discoloration. IKAN, Inc, a local distributor of Aqua Mix care and maintenance products, Dubai is the second largest emirate of the United Arab Emirates, located on the Arabian Peninsula. A land with a population of 737 000 on the shores of the Persian Gulf, oil has been crucial to its economic development. However, the non-petroleum commercial sector now makes up almost 80 percent of Dubai’s total gross domestic product, a number which continues to grow. Dubai’s strong entrepreneurial tradition earned it a reputation as the “Commercial Mecca” of the Middle East, a distinction that captured the attention of foreign companies looking for opportunities in the region. So, from a small, obscure, oil-dependent emirate, Dubai has become the business hub of the region and a gateway between East and West. To develop further, it needed to accommodate the business needs of the 21st century. It needed a bigger airport. Dubai had been serviced by a relatively small airport. In 1997, ticket agents working behind just 32 check-in counters were having trouble processing the nearly 9 million passengers who passed through the terminals that year. Buses were used to shuttle passengers between departure lounges and aircraft. A government study projected passenger traffic to grow to nearly 12 million by the next year. Dubai needed increased airport capacity, it needed to improve customer service, and it needed to maintain a high level of airport security – and it needed all of this as fast as possible.

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Core content

Duabi Airport uses computerized content to maximize the accuracy of each accounting transaction. The Software they are using is APP. A simplified accounting software without affecting its credibility. There is no book in this system. The financial progress is being reported to the International Financial Reporting Standard or IFRS.

Task, Achievement Contribution to the Company

This position is responsible for the Accounting functions of the Bank including a variety of accounting and financial reporting requirements. Assists the Chief Financial Officer in maintaining an accounting system and properly reflects the daily financial position of the Bank.

Conclusions and Recommendation

In conclusion, I have found that the internship supported me and allowed me to develop my skills. Furthermore, this experience allowed me to re-evaluate my aspired position in the financial department and gain focus on how to achieve set objectives. Following are the recommendations on the program:

• It’s preferable if the financial officer to train interns the specifics in using the software instead of general training.
• It’s impractical to allow interns to research on the software on work hours since it causes delay in daily tasks.


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