Investigation into human resource planning

Human Resource Management

2.1 Planning is not as easy as an organization might consider; it requires intensive work to come out with a programme that ease work. Commenting is complicated, but once a business start and finish it; such company have a smile because everything moves efficiently.

Planning is the process that has to be launched from somewhere and completed for the purpose. It involves collecting data that would enable management to make effective decisions. Information obtained is used to make better decisions for achieving Phipps Enterprise objectives. There are many factors that Phipps Enterprise Travel Agency has to consider when choosing an HR Planning programme.

HR Planning at Phipps Enterprise Travel Agency involves collecting of data, making objectives, and making effective decisions to enable Phipps’s to achieves its objectives. Unexpectedly, the HR is one of the most neglected fields. When HR Planning is applied correctly in the field, it will assist to address the following questions:

  1. How much staff does the organization has?
  2. How should the company best exploit the available resources?
  3. How can the business retain its staff?

HR planning has made the organization move and succeeded in the 21st Century. Human Resources Managers at Phipps Enterprise prepare the HR Planning programme to assist the company to manage its employee strategically. The programme will helps to direct the movements of the HR department.

The programme does not help the company only, but it will also facilitate career planning of the staff and assist them to achieve the objectives. This augment motivation and the business would become a safe place 4to work.

Poor HR Planning and shortage of it in the company especially like Phipps Enterprise may result in enormous costs and financial losses. The augment costs and hampers effective work functioning because staffs is requested to work overtime and may not put in additional effort due to fatigue. If given additional work, it may stretch employee beyond their limit and may cause pointless disruptions to the organization production.

The most important reason HR Planning is used at Phipps Enterprise is to manage and executed is the costs involved. Costs form a significant part of the Organizations budget; workforce planning enables Phipps’s to provide HR provision costs. When there is a staff shortage, the company appoints discriminately because of the costs suggestions of the other options, such as training of staff.

Steps in HR Planning

Action of Plan

There are three essentials necessary for this step.

  1. Know where the company is heading.
  1. Acceptance and backing management for their plans.
  1. Knowledge of the all available resources.

Once in action, the HR Plans become a business programs. Failure to achieve the HR Plans may be a serious constraint on the company long-range objectives.

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Below is an illustration of Phipps Enterprise Travel Agency HR Plan, which is linked to the corporate Plan.


HR Planning at Phipps Enterprise requires that data gathering on the organizational goals objectives. Employee should understand what the organization wants achieve and how it plans to. The need of the employees is to derive from the business objectives of the company.


Once employees have an understanding of the human resources in the company, the next stage is to take stock of the present staff in the organization. The HR inventory should relate to not only data, ages, and locations, but also to analysis of individuals and skills.


Phipps Enterprise does not live in a Static World, and HR resources can transform dramatically. HR inventory collection of data includes HR audit, which requires systematic examination and analysis of such data. Audit looks at what has occurred in the past and present in terms of labor turnover, training costs and absence. Based on this evidence the HR manager can then predict HR in the future in the organization.

HR Resource Plan

Phipps Enterprise Travel Agency looks at career planning and HR plans. Employees are the greatest assets in any company. Phipps Enterprise is at liberty to develop its employees at full pace in an ideal manner to the individual capacities. The primary motive is that Phipps’s objectives should be aligned with the business strategy in order to give excellent scope for the developing potential of its staff. Therefore, career planning may be referred to as HR or succession planning.

Questions that would concern Phipps Enterprise are:

  1. Is the company making use of the available talent in the business?

2. Is Phipps Enterprise employees satisfied with the company care of their growth?

2.2 Human resource planning is a method through which it anticipates future business. It also provides sufficient manpower required to perform all the business doings.

HR planning is a continuous practice which starts with employee identifying HR plans, analyze manpower resources and ends with35 an appraisal for HR planning. The following are the steps involved in human resource planning at Phipps Enterprise Travel Agency:

1. Human Resources Assessing

The valuation of HR begins with environmental analysis, both external (PEST) and internal (objectives and resources) is to analyze to the current available HR inventory. After analyzing the external and internal forces of the market, it would be easier for HR manager to discover the internal strengths and weakness of the business in one hand and the other opportunities and threats. It also includes taking inventory of the workers and skills at Phipps Enterprise Travel Agency and a comprehensive job analysis.

2. Demand Forecasting

Forecasting of HR is the process of estimating the demand and supply of HR. Demand is the method of determining future needs for HR as o relates to the quantity and quality. Phipps Enterprise uses this method to meet the future requirements of the organization and in the process it achieves the company desired level of production.

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Future HR needs can be estimated with the assistant of the organization’s current human resource and analysis of organizational plans procedures. It will be necessary to perform a yearly analysis for substantial level and type.

3. Supply Forecasting

Supply is another side of HR assessment. It is concerned with the valuation of resource of manpower given the analysis of the current resource and availability of HR in the future. Supply forecast estimates the future sources of Phipps’s HR that are likely to be available.

Internal source includes promotion and job development, whereas external source includes recruitment and selection.

4. Matching Demand and Supply

Another step of HR planning is matching demand and supply, which is a concern with bringing the forecast of HR future demand and supply at Phipps’s. The process talks about demand and supply in a balanced position so that the organization does not have any shortage and overstaffing situation. In the case of shortages, Phipps’s has to hire a number of employees, while if the opposite, over staffing has to be use to reduce the level of current employment. Therefore, by using the matching process it will give the business information about requirements and sources of HR in the company.

5. Action Plan

This step is the last phase of HR planning that is concerned with surplus and shortages of the company. Here, the HR program is implemented through the design of different HR events. The primary activity which is required to execute the HR program is a recruitment, selection, training and development, etc.

Finally, the stages or steps are charged by control and evaluation of performance to evaluate the program matches the HR objectives and policies.

2.3 A comparison of recruitment and selection process in two organizations will be done on McDonald’s (company A) and KFC (Company B).

McDonald is one of the leading Fast food Chain in the World since 1998. The headquarter is located in Karachi and the regional head office in Lahore. The basic objective of HR Policies at the restaurant is to respect and recognition, values and leadership behaviour, learning, development and personal growth while KFC was establish in the early 1930s by kernel Senders and is a project of Mackenzie Restaurants International limited since 1997 in Pakistan. Over this organization currently employs 6000 people as at such government obtains over 10 million per month as direct taxes. The basic objective of HR Policies at the establishment is to provide coaching, leadership and operational support to employees and in the process providing an optimistic working environment.

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Illustrated below is a table showing the similarity in the recruitment and selection process at McDonald’s and KFC.




  • Decentralized Hiring
  • Batch Hiring
  • Attracting qualified people for the job.
  • Decentralized Process.


  • Based on Past Performance (Promoting from within)

Jobs post

  • Company evaluate current employee to see if they are fit for the opening position (Promoting from within)

Job post at


  • Via Internet
  • Newspaper or Magazine ads
  • College Recruiting
  • Internship
  • Contacts with universities
  • Banners ads
  • Newspaper
  • Walk- In Resumes drop off


  • Initial screening
  • McDonald’s Test
  • Interview
  • Background Investigation
  • Final interview
  • Initial screening
  • KFC Tests
  • Skills, behavioral and Physical Test
  • After successfully completed examination, they then move on to the interview stage

Training and Development

  • Lectures
  • On job training
  • Crew leader development course
  • Summer crash course
  • Lectures
  • On job training
  • Language programs
  • Regular Counseling and guiding
  • Launching of development programs

2.4 Recruitment and selection is a vital component in determine an organization’s effectiveness and performance, when organization are able to obtain employees who already passes appropriate knowledge, skills and talents also be able to make correct guess about their future abilities.

The requirement and selection of employees are fundamental to the performance of an organization. Inappropriate selection decisions decrease organizational effectiveness, cancels reward and develop strategies, are frequently unfair on the individual recruited and can be hard for the manager that has to deal with unfit employees. In order for Phipps’ to stay competitive, they need to have the best employee and them skills. McDonald’s and KFC recruitment process usually start when employee in the organization leaves and such position opens up an opportunity for another applicant to fill their position.

One significant effectiveness of recruitment and selection for McDonald’s and KFC is that it help in the decision making of the high management to fill a gap; it help them to find the right candidate with the proper qualifications and skills to do the job not taking into through their race, age, gender or color. The recruitment and selection process is critical to both organizations even though the process can be expensive. It is time-consuming swell, and much thought will be needed by the manager in order to choose the right candidate.


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