Is Team Work Always Beneficial For The Organisation Management Essay

Team work has been a driving factor for many success stories and this term is as effective as it can be put together, there are lots of theories and conspiracy for an organization to draft a perfect team which benefits both the sides. Every organization is benefited by the effort of teamwork but the real fact being, are these teams being beneficial by this. The existent accomplishment of a team is achieved only when the team is built perfectly. There is a major difference between the term groups and teams. It is the cohesive group which intern becomes the team.

Benefits for the other members of the organization can be effective work handling or optimization of their works. Teams are successive only if they have collective responsibility people within them, rather than the normal groups being put together. Team building involves lots of attention as this is one of the factors which shall affect the entire base of the organization if they are not done perfectly, it may even result in a failure of the work being done or being proposed for. There are various factors which have to be considered while a team is being built like knowledge base of the team, size, functionalities, values are some of the major ones.


There has been a common theory of Bruce Tuckman in 1965 which drafts the team by forming, storming, norming and performing. When the first phase team members with no experience of a particular base would look into others to who have strong knowledge base of the assigned tasks, in this level participants are given a vision and direction in which they are about to go through, the most important task would be identifying each and participants identical skills as they pass on through training to accomplish team goals. Listening skills play an important role in this level providing active involvement and ground rules for the team is set on, at this stage everyone within the team intends to learn and knowledge sharing happens which shall bring out certain level of expertise within the team to benefit the overall organization. The next phase being the storming were the responsibilities of different members in the team tends to rise and they may have difficulties to overcome their new knowledge base, this stage is conflicts arise over each other and personal trusts of every member is put to test, guiding team members towards their task or goals, achieving the team diversity are some of the major activities which tends to happen and in Student No: 0858009 3

this stage people with confidence shall emerge as new leaders and the other members’ term to accept their new leader without any hesitation. Then the next phase being norming while leader is being identified and the individual members who had been on a different learning process shall settle down into their identical roles, at this level providing constant feedback on their performances is very essential since members are being propagated across various new skill sets. Total activity of the team and individual will be encouraged for bringing in more participation. Rise of personal trust and team cohesion will bound the participants stronger, while team members shall perform their tasks with the decisions of their new leader; at this stage the team is committed towards the organization.

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The final phase being the performing were the tasks are being performed towards a common goal by every member of the team and the leader’s guidance is not sort at this stage because of the task being identically identified and accomplished. There can be certain level of divergence within the team but this is sorted out with or without the leader. The group being transformed into a team, they are bounded with common levels of thinking, and act with a loyalty. Team shall function as an independent body and mature members nurture the rest of the team. Communication plays an important aspect at this level as every opinion is considered for the growth of the team; Team level feedbacks are given at this level instead of the personal ones as they act on a common goal. In this theory the team has become a beneficiary part of the entire organization as everything had happened within the groups of the organization. The major success factor of this team can be achieved by constant monitoring of individual teams and motivating them. This had brought in a beneficial part for the organization and also its members.

Considering the fact of benefits for the organization, teams create new business values for the organizations there are factors which evolve in this process competitive restructuring of the business, continuous improvement of the expertise teams and delegated personal responsibility of every team. These entire factors shall add on to the business value of the organization. This shall lead to a establishment of self motivated business teams where high levels of commitments, performance, motivation, flexibility is seen through the entire business team being developed. This can produce organizational empowering to take upon newer business streams and explore new business regions, this level Student No: 0858009 4

of commitment within the employees can be achieved only with the structured teams and it would not have been possible with the groups.

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Organization faces a number of issues within the team based structure is being formulated, since this is a process of change management this has to influence number of senior level people to who had been responsible for decision making until this period of time, as they feel the power fall had taken place within them. Culture has to be considered as some cross cultural teams would be developed to achieve certain business values. Internal decisions making will undergo an enhanced efficiency cycle as now it is being drafted by teams in place rather than the personal sessions. Knowledge transfer shall become an open end process as everything is shared and the commitment takes place for a longer duration, and the achievements are on a team bases rather than that of the individual performance. This shall lead to a core competence or eagerness to learn more new areas within the team members. New culture is initiated and it has to be supported by the senior management of the organization, this shall evolve as a permanent one on the business levels of the organization and its teams. This is considered to be massive move towards team working as it changes the fundamentals of the organizations structure and newer systems takes over. The main themes which shall be on the place over these teams would be strategy, restructuring, improvement and proficient value of the team members.


Many organizations which have changed from self managed to team managed structure have been able to succeed both internally and externally. This had brought mutual benefits both to the organization and to the other members of the organization. The traditional change of the organization shall venture a new hierarchical structure for the empowered teams involving radically change in the ways which the work of the organisation is executed and controlled with accordance to the new system in place. The benefits are cultural change that the management is ready to face upon to discover a move to autonomy by measurable teams of the key areas in the organization. This emphasis every employee’s goals towards a common one such that of the teams. Everyone in the organization will be motivated to work in teams when they are given an opportunity to participate as this helps in their personal enhancement of their skills and they become multi-skilled which widens their task profiles for an end to end job being given. The major role of the manager will be to Student No: 0858009 5

coordinate with the teams to perform well and to motivate them on the right direction. In a real scenario teams shall even take off certain management roles out of the organization as they may not be really needed to perform their tasks, hence this could also impact on the senior management people not to accept certain levels of teams and shall not actively participate on them and higher level of criticism can bring in a halt on the operations of the team formation process. Normal groups shall not provide structured progression of the employees even though the tasks being done are with high context, but teams shall help in identifying the work being done both individually and as teams. It is not needed to have a personal monitoring system for every employee as the team manages its own system and there can be different methods and ways to access their own members and this shall provide more productivity on the work being done. On a whole organizations need to encourage and support employees in team building as this can provide more profits to itself. Performance management of different business can be monitored identically with the teams doing the tasks also the same resource can be used to do various task within the functional levels of the business in the team

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With all these views in place the real study has been an affirmative impact on the customary benefits for the organization and its employees. This can reflect as a dedication being developed towards the growth of the organization and this has provided and level of identical approach of every team member towards their different goals directed towards a common view. Teams are effective control of business values when they are given independency to act and to decide on their own. This shall give out best results and these results have a bigger impact on the organization. According to this research study there is been a tremendous increase in business teams being developed by various organizations to sustain the current markets on all verticals, as one tem formed can be multi functional and have the prospects of the entire organisation. The knowledge base is also being transferred from one team to another for a coordination of its operations and this provides more opportunity to other teams to perform on various business values. All this is helping other organizations to extend into various streams of business without any hesitation and are being able to succeed in these ventures. Provided a major factor being the motivation and right leadership being chosen to drive the team it could impact on an enormous achievement for the organization. Student No: 0858009 6

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