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Jaguar Land Rover Cars (JLR), is one of the largest car manufactures around the world. It was founded in 1922 by two motorcycle fanatics i.e. William Walmsley and William Lyons as Jaguar.  Its products are luxurious and of high superiority.Jaguar hire above 16,000 individuals, mainly in the UK (Ford Motors, 2009).

As we know that Car trading is a very lucrative business, and this is the reason that most car manufactures industries are upgrading their market mix so as to encounter their clients demand and also tie the market race. This is a developed market and there is entry fences forced mostly for the novices. This business definitely, requires sufficient resources and heavy savings as a source of resources, and also solid technological experience. (Thomson 2008)

This report is an analysis of assignment 1 in order to identify the Jaguar’s developments and impact. The report covers critical analysis on the company’s operations, structure, external environment, the strategy of the organization regarding its suitability and ability to report the macro-environmental and industry trends, product and service offerings and corporate actions, of the company


Jaguar main marketing objective is to reinforce its brand fairness and to attain retailing range. The objective requirements are to tie the gap among its customers and its actual performance (Daye & VanAuken, 2009). The Jaguar wishes to achieve its social responsibilities and have courage to join in in partnerships with other organizations and NGOs to aid progress; the locale and support the shareholders in building the community relations. As this report is an analysis on my assignemt1. In pervious assignment I have made following findings.

  • The terminologies connected to business environment both micro and macro of the company JAGUAR.
  • Their aims, market share and competitive advantage
  • Business strategy
  • Problems that hinder in the company’s success and also suggests the best fit approach for Jaguar
  • Report evaluates and analyses different methodologies like SWOT Analysis, PEST analysis and micro and macro environment of jaguar

In my previous work i studied external environment of jaguar in which i studied aboutPESTL,PORTERfive forces andSWOT analysis. According to my study i have made following analysis of jugular company. According to PESTLE analysis Jaguar Company faces political, economic, social, technological and legal issues. According to political aspects company has stable interest in decreasing carbon emissions from vehicles and factories.  So; there is increased need for any alternative of fuel sources. Economically people are less motivated to priced cares because jaguar lacks economical cars. Socially people wanted Sports cars are less wanted because they are not environmentally friendly. Technologically Jaguar have need to advance hybrid or electric carsLegallyJaguar should need to acclimatize the method in which company work to put up new rules or laws. According to porter five forces analysis buyers of jaguar want jaguar appliances and engines in their cars. Suppliers of jaguar are the people who deliver parts and machinery. New competition to the jaguar can be from previous car corporations who may investigate the luxury car market, this competition can have from companies like Volkswagen, Ford, and Peugeot. Company can face rivalry from multiple companies like BENZ, BMW, Aston Martin, Porsche, and Bentley Mercedes Benz. Potential clients who may be watching for a high performance car can be persuaded by motorcycles as an SWOT analysis   Jaguar’s strength is due to its status for creating a range of top cars with its outstanding workforce. It also has strong position in research and growth. Weakness is lies in the fact that jaguar is not an eco-friendly company so; it may have negative influence on the company. (Duane &Michael 2011) Jaguar must some opportunities like they can improve their outstanding standing for quality if they want to keep their competitive edge in the market.(Barney 2010) Threaten Jaguar’s strategic position is because of growing fuel prices, less throwaway income and changing interest. Governmental rules will also threaten Jaguar

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Suitability: In my previous analysis I cover most of the macro-environment and industry analysis tools here I am recommending the use of strategic option of the organization. Jaguar aspiring development plans can only be reinforced by bringing novelty in innovative engines, products, and environmental technologies. The company has a complex strategy for placing itself as a foremost producer of best vehicles. The company’s success is related to its investment in product growth, and is imitated in the R&D, strategic emphasis on capital spending, and product design. The strategic position of Jaguar through the earlier examines seem to be strong within their target market. Jaguar’s aims to keep this position by development and research are certainly, that how they are keeping this position actually. If Jaguar needs to strengthen this position, though, they must expand their image as being ecological. This could be attained through their previously firm research and development. (, 2017)

  • Principal risks.


  • Global economic and geopolitical environment: Jaguar worldwide presence raises its contact to worldwide economic and geopolitical risks and external factors for example the current UK survey to leave the EU, political unpredictability, terrorism, wars, natural tragedies, epidemics, fuel lacks, and labor strikes.
  • Environmental regulations and compliance: Jaguar has many strategies, laws and regulations that cover its environmental features connected to production services and vehicles; for example, fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Competitive business efficiency: Jaguar has started programs to enhance operating competence in response to the dynamic external setting including prevailing and developing modest challenges.
  • Brand positioning: it is becoming gradually challenging as the broader motorized market and digital setting develops where new rivals are evolving and prevailing are growing.
  • Product liability and recalls: This may interrupt existing and potential consumers to question about the superiority of Jaguar Land Rover products.
  • Exchange rate fluctuations: This can drive  to a important exposure to variations in foreign currency, particularly sales in US Dollars and Chinese Renminbi along with costs in Euro
  • Global expansion: As global sales and industrial track increases company have risks  as geopolitical risks, epidemics, natural tragedies, discrepancy and vagueness of economic and governmental rules, the interpretation of native laws and guidelines and taxation systems
  • Distribution channel: A risk to consumer service could worsen.
  • Patent and IP protection:Risks includebreach of intellectual property (i.e. copyright, designs & trademarks, patents,).
  • Unethical and prohibited business practices:As company increases global footprint they are bare to the potential risks related with diverse ethical values and cultural norms. (Bacon, 2009) (Full Issue PDF, Volume 41, Issue 4, 2016)
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 Use of estimates and judgments: The planning of financial statements in accordance with IFRS requires the use of definite grave accounting estimations. It also needs management to work out its judgment in the procedure of put on the company’s accounting rules.

Revenue recognition : It  includes the quantities charged to clienteles outside the company and is measured at fair value of the concern net of discounts, receivable , sales incentives, client bonuses and rebates established, which can be recognized at the point of sale.

Cost recognition:  Expenditures are exploited where suitable in conformity with the policy for internally made intangible assets and signify stores and other manufacturing supplies, worker costs, and other expenditures experienced for product development assumed by the company.

Government grants and incentives: Government endowments are known when there is assurance that the company will obey with the pertinent circumstances and the funding will be received. Government grants are documented in the income statement on a methodical basis when the company distinguishes, as expenses, the linked costs that the endowments are envisioned to recompense.

Foreign currency: The Company has a practical and performance currency of GBP. Contacts in foreign currencies are noted at the exchange rate prevailing on the date of transaction.

Income taxes: they include present and deferred taxes.

People and Skills: The essential capabilities within a company can be viewed as extents where the company is very good at and therefore set them separately from the competition. One of Jaguar’s extremely high qualities is its team of experts and motivated staff. This outstanding staff has a positive attitude on the rest of manufacture, e.g. tasks for example assembly and maintenance of offering sturdy and consistent vehicles, for which Jaguar is famous for. This is also the jaguar’s vision to produce desirable cars. (Ford Motors, 2009) The company’s sustainability vision targets to guarantee their business although replying to worldwide trends and stakeholder requirements. Their strategy will aid to safeguard that sustainability is rooted at each stage of the life cycle of their products and at all stages of business.

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Through analysis I have discover one of the chief problems is Future profitability and the faith of shareholders. Company makes great performance and best vehicles; however, they do not want to have an important environmental outline. As a rising company, it’s more imperative than ever that we have a complete strategy prepared to decrease impact on the environment and exploit the optimistic welfares that business can bring (Wallace and Tovey, 2017)


To face the challenges we must react efficiently to numerous developing worldwide trends that are influencing the future of company’s business. Away from the influence of products, supply chain operations and, we have a broader duty to provide benefits to the society and the economy. Company’s Global Corporate Social Responsibility strategy helps to improve solutions for social and economic challenges. Areas of focus consist of proceeding knowledge by building engineering and science skills, emerging young engineers and backup technology businesspersons. (Pierini, & Eckert, 2008)


This report has well assessed Jaguar’s strategic position and also known growing technologies and their influence on this position. The external environment was assessed and it showed Jaguar’s position in its related market zone. Five forces, PESTL and SWOT analyses were carried out to show how strong Jaguar’s place in their market was. Generally, Jaguar is very securely working as a leader in their market.


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