Japanese And Uk Approach To Product Development Compared Management Essay

Introduction :-

In the business world and industry ,new product development (NPD) is the term used to describe the whole process of starting new product or service to the market. There are two similar ways of new product development: one involves the idea generation, product design and detail engineering; the other involves market research and analysis. Companies typically look new product development as the first step in generating and commercializing new products within the overall strategic process of product life cycle management used to maintain or grow their market share. Thus ,the worldwide several organizations seek to create strategic aspects and fundamental standards toward implementation. These positive aspects and trends are significant to the manufacturing industry .While customer satisfaction is principal desire to any organization to have an advantage against competitors. To achieve the goals ,the organization have much to focus on customers perceptions and expectations for the performance of the organization .Possible solution may require the organizations to develop product that meet customers satisfaction .

UK approach versus Japanese approach : –

Japan and united kingdom has been considered common well known industrialized countries in the world by producing products with high quality with long life cycle which have become effective motive to attracts the customers all over the world to prefer the products of these countries especially ,electronics. The product development approach in Japan basically related to the fundamental factors such as education ,promote product quality and the product design process by individual companies as well as by the industry in general, (Box G,E,P(1987). While major objective from UK and Japan approach is to secure long term existence in industrial market . In case of Toyota Japan ,Ward et al states that ,the traditional product development involves series modifications and improvements until reach to create the required design(Ward et al.,1995) . Among dimensions of the product development in Japan may be based on companies knowledge by types of required investment on its market sites .The competitive objectives of Japanese electronic companies include lower prices with higher quality performance .Japanese electronic infrastructure mainly focused on market orientation that influences the activities from research to field process . though the Japanese microelectronics industry introduced the product development strategy through dependency on materials ,technologies and production equipment.(William R.Boulton, & Assoc1994) .regarding the manufacturing industry effect in Japanese approach compared to the united kingdom , it becomes clear that Japanese manufacturing industry is the largest of which has been participated in Japan economy . this success comes from product development through extensive efforts that have done by researchers and innovation of technologies and introduced various changes of the product development such as in automobiles ,electronics and other several industries . Japanese manufacturing companies intention is to provide quality solution for major issues of modernization and environment problem . therefore the product development will be helpful for manufacturing companies .while the major problem may be to increase the cost of the product to consumers. When the product development will decrease some of addressed issues .( Graves &Hart .,2004)

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While on the other hand the UK manufacturing industry capable with its standards of the product development, according to the companies contribution ,researches ,and government firms . this is evident that UK manufacturing industry new product development based on the government polices .( Haake ,Moore & Oliver 2000) . the arguments raised due to these government policies that has let to severe structural drawbacks to the UK manufacturing industry .

Literature Review :-

From the case of UK Aerospace perspective to new product development issues , based on UK lean Aerospace studies, these has been working with other UK Aerospace companies sharing meetings ,workshops , on-site visits and interviews . The assessment team include experts from UK lean Aerospace members and other different organizations from airline operators ” ( James Moore et al .,2001).Japanese electronic industry achieved market success due to developing highly product quality ,low —cost consumer goods . Other success factors of the new product developments may include the performance improvements ,and product quality such developments enhanced the improvement to electronic packaging technologies(William R.Boulton1993) .Product development process in UK has been introduced within various models ,these models include several stages from which departmental stage ,practically stage ,and decision stage (Saren,1984).Kennedy states that the departmental stage models of the product development are functional and sequential. The product development naturally reactively by its nature ( Kennedy ,2003)

Discussion :-

Referring to various issues of manufacturing industry by Japanese approach or UK approach of new product development , we note that Toyota approach focusing on standards trends that meets the market demands ,while lean implementation which in other words means UK approach focused on security polices . this approach undertaken culturally to Toyota in order to help its suppliers to improve their own productions. Thus UK approach advantage aspect may be companies contribution to the new product development that will cause challenges in the future due to some polices that causes drawbacks. General I think the new product development primarily will meet the market demand and challenges the consumers needs but there may possible ways to achieve both goals in recent future .

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Summary and conclusion :-

The objective of this research concern basically on new product development. This way will introduce and create knowledge and develop visions of the companies to improve and promote of the new product process. New product development reveals better means of products that can be developed forward with fast with only fewer resources. The evidence in manufacturing industries such as lean UK Aerospace as well as Toyota Japan to support this trends . However this study has explored UK industrial companies not sufficient to leading agood practice but has been played important role to cause fundamental changes to make it so effective and enable existence of industrial companies on its market positions. The paper also reveled that the government policies effect greatly to the manufacturing industry in UK. Japanese approach conducts with strength and power toward the product development approach with the market demand .

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