Job Description Of Human Resources Manager Management Essay

What is People Management. Your employees are your greatest assets. Their performance and attitude may lead to the success or failure of your business. Any managers job is the most difficult part is the management of people. His or her leadership, motivation, training, motivation and encouragement. On the other hand, he or she is also responsible for hiring, dismissal, discipline, training and evaluation. These features seem to contradict each other, but a successful manager can integrate both positive and negative aspects of these tasks to create a positive, productive work force.

Introduction to Question 1

A human resources manager is an individual who normally acts in an advisory or staff capacity and working with other department manager to helps the deal with human resources matters. In additional, the human resources manager also responsibilities to coordinating and helps the organization for achieve goals of management human resources.

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Presenter by: Cho Dick Son

Presenter for: Olympia College, Ipoh

Date: 25th OCTOBER 2012

2.1 Job description of Human Resources Manager

Human resources manager in the hotel industry, the knowledge and skills of the new employee performance maintenance, staff training, interview or hire new employees in the company. So, these are some of task or job description of the human resources manager in the hotel industry, for example Security entertainment management salaries, benefits and performance management systems required to determine vacancies and recruitment and interview new employees.

2.1.1 Employee Experience

As many companies have begun to turn its attention to the economic recovery, we see more and more recognized the importance of the experience of the staff. I suspect this may be an understanding of labor pressure. For many companies, the important part of the employee base is facing a deep economic difficulty. Employees than ever to work harder, strive to keep their jobs, to pick up the slack, their company has cut positions and reduce expenses. With the improvement of the economy and job market, employers may face some of the best talent potential turnover.

Meanwhile, the company in more strategic investments in order to accelerate economic growth, you need to have a high degree of participation and aligned workforce. In the past few years, we have been committed to the experience of customers and employees, and design integration with a different set of clients.

2.1.2 Employee Skill and Performance

To hire their own employees, human resource managers should bear the skills and performance of employees, their training, improve training and skills development, and to ensure that their employees can learn about the company’s instructions, because it can improve its employees skills in the performance of the work with their job or task. In the hospitality industry, employees must maintain their skills, such as communication skills, listening skills and personal skills. Communication skills is a very important customer, when the customer ask questions, positive. Listening skills, listening intently, and pay attention to when the customer complaints or ask questions, and to understand customer needs and hope. Personal skills to ensure that employees have a good attitude, polite and professional work when they or their customer service. Therefore, technology and performance is the most important maintenance staff conflicts if they do not keep the communication skills, listening skills and personal skills misunderstandings between employees and employers or clients.

2.1.3 Employee Knowledge

When hiring new employees, human resources manager, they must find their own attitude, for example, managers should ensure that new employees have a good attitude, professional, polite, hard working, have good relations of cooperation between employees and employers. If they are new employees, can not keep a good attitude, and will damage the company’s image and between employees and employers.

2.1.4 Employee Attitude

When hiring new employees, human resources manager, they must find their own attitude, for example, managers should ensure that new employees have a good attitude, professional, polite, hard working, have good relations of cooperation between employees and employers. If they are new employees, can not keep a good attitude, and will damage the company’s image and between employees and employers.

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Human resources managers should also be kept in the hotel industry, a new potential employee recruitment employment in the hotel or restaurant work methods and techniques. Therefore, management should follow the process and methods of recruitment, in the recruitment of new employees.

2.2 Recruiting People and Jobs

Bohlander Snell In 2007, the aims of qualified applicants increase in the number of job requirements and understand the organization and selection process to reduce demand by more and hope in the recruitment process and select from these people qualifications.

Completion of application

Employment test

Background investigations

Selection decision

Employment interview

Figure 2.1 Selection Process

2.2.1 Completion of application

Most organizations will be required to complete the application form, and a variety of applicant information obtained through employment, because it can provide a fast and systematic approach. In addition, managers should provide fair employment practices comply with the laws of the country, such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Act, 1972, the 1967 Employment Act, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, 1972, age discrimination. Human resources manager should still unclear, they can ask in the interview, they should be aware of the problem, such as age, race, marital status and sexual orientation application blank, because that would not clear when writing to the applicant. Therefore, this is a few suggestions on the application form, for example, the date of application, educational background, experience, arrests and criminal convictions, the citizens of the country, reference and people with disabilities, because it can help managers know when completed form and given a time limit for their thoughts files.

2.2.2 Background Investigation

In the use of credit reports, the human resources manager should rely on a report, so the employment decision, therefore, organizations should follow the four key steps: First, the organization must be to provide advice and to receive written consent from the applicant, consumers the investigation report will include a personal interview with the applicant’s friends, neighbors and associates, rather than from the existing database information. Second, the organization must provide written proof of the purpose of the report to the consumer reporting agencies, they must assure them that it will not be used for any other purpose. Third, the organization should provide a consumer report, summary of their rights, and to take any adverse action, because the information in the report. Fourth, the employer should provide a statement reporting agencies can not rent a decision that the applicant will not be correct to get an extra free copy of the report and the applicant has the right to the objection to the accuracy of the information and reports institutions.

2.2.3 Employment Test

You can design a human resources working knowledge test, work sample tests and fitness tests, to check the applicant’s knowledge and performance in the workplace when they use chemicals or equipment. Therefore, managers should also know about the mental ability of candidates, and they need a person’s physical ability to assess, because that is one way to check how applicants handle their work will not affect the physical environment, such as anger, pressure, emotional.

2.2.4 Employment Interview

At this stage, the human resources manager will be face-to-face interviews, the questions they should ask for more information from the applicant. Therefore, managers should also maintain a great deal of confidence and trust in their own judgment, to listen to and understand their needs and hopes, and ample opportunity to demonstrate their eligibility, fair treatment and respect for the work and the company’s policy to collect more information.

2.2.5 Selection Decision

In the final stage, the human resources manager should summarize the information of all applicants, and to make the right decision to hire a potential employee can handle the position, their task. In addition, the manager should be treated fairly, without discrimination, such as age, sex, race, religion, and persons with disabilities. The manager can also focus on two factors: the factors that can be done, and will do the factors. These factors include the knowledge, skills, experience and attitude. These factors will include the motives, interests and personality traits.

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Conclusion of Question 1

The management is to improve productivity and efficiency in order to make the assessment, the organization of human, some part must notify First of all, the staff should have the resources and the necessary tools they need to effectively do their job next to explain to them what their duties and organizational goals, and to ensure that they are aware of their role. Addition, it comes to employees, their views in the decision-making and sound pass out, so that he / she will feel a sense of ownership.

In addition, it is given to the empowerment of women may be a very effective tool in the field of management. Under normal circumstances, the use of this technology so that any improvement of the employees within the organization. Therefore, the only competitive advantage, many organizations are trying to improve the performance of their people in all levels of the organization best.

Plays an important role in human resource management in the company in the hiring and recruitment of new employees, to choose the right people to provide suitable work.

Introduction to Question 2

We all know that communication is the interaction between people and the spirit of learning. This is the most basic things, and all along the day for human use. Communication takes place when there is dependent on two or more individuals, and at the same time, understanding and messages through the interaction between the interactive receivers. They use nature as a person’s life, which is, to communicate, to share feelings, social contact, expression, consultation, arguing.

Further, the communication is also divided into two external communications and internal communications. External communication is the exchange of news and information and other organizations, individuals or groups outside the formal structure formation in the form of. The main purpose of external communication is smooth groups, such as shareholders, suppliers, the progress of cooperation and put forward a positive image of the organization. External communications, including media relations, advertising, marketing, management, and public relations.

Internal communication, effective business communication, as in a subset of the business environment, communication occurs in the process of dialogue between employers and employees, employees and employees.

Answer Question 2

These employee communicate with customers, suppliers, and other external communication is any communication efforts and especially outside the person, such as operating. Therefore, the external communication, but also pay attention to publicize their company news and corporate news and information. These are common examples of external communication, will be involved in direct mail, financial records, press releases and phone calls to transfer their company information or company customers or outsiders.

When they use external communication, employees should maintain a listening skills and communication skills for customer service or reception, customer by e-mail and telephone. If customers have misunderstanding and confusion of the issues or problems, they are customer service also should have the responsibility to help them solve problems and maintain the skills, and a communication plan, and then again to answer to their customers, the use of corrective words when talking with customers, through telephone calls and promptly respond to customer e-mail and news. Several types of external communication, such as telephone, website, press releases, newsletters and e-mail, and accept media interviews and press conferences in hotel.

2.1 Telephone Calls

Telephone calls may be other types of external communication, which is necessary, the hotel industry. The organization of a hotel can use the telephone Contact individuals or guest. When the guests have any questions about the hotel facilities, the staff offers a clear message and the message. If you can not communicate with the guests, they misunderstood information. After that, they will be complaints about the hotel and the image may be affected.

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Telephone calls may be effective, because the client can direct voice where, do not need to waste their time to the front desk and told the problem. In addition, any demand or customers, hoping they can ask the hotel organizations, such as the dining room, housekeeping services by telephone. Usually the case, will be used before the Division calls from the client to handle complaints and solve problems. So it is very convenient and saves time for them.

2.2 Website

External communication and other types of sites. The site is very common, most people know how to search for a site. Hotel organizations also use the site to promote their hotel facilities, rates and more information. Therefore, in order to attract more people to search for their own hotel organization’s website, a professional web site design is required. This is because bad design will have a negative impact on the people’s confidence in the hotel.

The effectiveness of the site, you can keep the newest hotel in the organization of the events and activities of the company. Any information about the hotel and updates will be posted on the website. Therefore, the site will save costs, save time, the hotel organizes.

2.3 Email and Newsletter

Now days, e-mail and communications has become a common the external communication indifference industry. When guests book a room online, after payment of the rooms, all transactions will be recorded to the e-mail, send guests a proof book a room; these e-mail messages are usually electronic communication can take the form of the distribution of the company. The individual can choose or not choose some of the company’s website, and they hope that by subscribing to a newsletter notice. When communications fail to meet the expectations of the users, they are free to cancel their subscription at any time they like.

E-mail and communications, may be very useful and effective for some reason. One reason is that, when there are many clients at the same time booking hotel. Therefore, the mail system will automatically update the customer’s payment history and book a room. This can save a lot of time for one of their employees, by reservation and payment of a record.

2.4 Media Interview and Press Conferences

Organization in some hotels, they take advantage of media interviews and press conferences in response to emerging issues, and published. Some media journalists will participate in these activities, so that they can ask questions, record the data in the report and comments. This interview with the media usually will choose an experienced spokesperson, the leader of the event.

Effectiveness of media interviews and press conferences to help hotel organizations to save time and cost, decision-making and problem-solving organization. When media interviews and press conferences human resources managers will save time, rather than the need to do a lot of paperwork.

Conclusion of Question 2

The main reason hotel organizations need to have a good external communication is to establish a good image for your hotel. In order to ensure that our staff to send the correct information and information of potential customers, it is between the need for good communication between the organization and the client.

External communication is very important because the hotel organization will be handling a lot of people want to know more detailed information about the hotel. The most obvious example is the investor. In addition, external communications to provide the service to keep in touch with your customers, if you have any questions. When issues and problems occur, such as the telephone, e-mail communication, allowing guests to solve any problems. Your employees how to communicate with your existing customers, which will save time to find another new client.

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