Job satisfaction and employer employee relations

Job satisfaction is an integral component of organization environment and important element in management -employee relationship. It is the important subject for the success of business in other words, effect directly or indirectly to the company and customers. Job satisfaction is directly related with improving of company and efficiency of employee. Are the employee’s happy with his/her present job? This is the main question whose answer has great significance in professional life. If they are happy with their job then there is no problem in company and their daily life. If they were not happy with their job, that’s the main problem. And how to solve that problem? What are the causes of job dissatisfaction? Job satisfaction plays main role in defining the employee efficiency and productivity. According to Moorhead and Griffin (2010 p.69) “Job satisfaction is the extent to which a person is gratified or fulfilled by his or her work”.

McDonalds is the world’s biggest chain of the fast food restaurant, it serves food nearly 47 million customers daily through more than 31000 restaurants in 119 countries. McDonalds sells different types of fast food like burger, fries, salad and soft drinks.

Mc Donald is being popular because of serving food to customers within a minute, served over the counters, products are standard, customers are really attractive because of low price, cleaned place higher standard, hygienic and consistent food quality, comfortable restaurant environment, quality service and it focused on all level of customers those people who have less purchasing power. Most of the customers are really satisfied with the service of McDonald there was no negative response from the customer. It is true customers are really satisfied but the question comes out to employee who serves to customer. Are the employees of McDonald is satisfied with their job? In which environment they are working? Are there minimum level of facilities are provided by company in the work place? This is very important on the working time. Because of bad working environment sometimes employee says bad words. A word of mouth can do a lot of harm to an organization; this is the causes of employee job dissatisfaction.

Employee learning and job satisfaction are two assets that could be tracked on the part of the value creation net.( B. Throsten ,2006). The whole fast food restaurant business depends on the employee to achieve this goal: Hence an employee is one of the key element in fast food restaurant ( wang, 2004).

Problem of statement

In today’s context McDonald has been popular day by day in the fast food restaurant name. According to McDonald website the employee of McDonalds are fully satisfied with their job and customers also. But there is high employee turnover ratio. If the old employees are really satisfied why they leaved their job? And why new employees are attract in McDonald? Are the environment of McDonald is really good? What factors directly influence in the staff turnover and absenteeism on organization? The organizational environment is significance related to the employee job satisfaction but same little affects on employee job performance. Organization that have goals to achieve requires satisfied and happy staff.(ashagbemi,2000). When the employees see that his expectations are not met in the job environment, the job dissatisfaction emerges. It leads to decrease in work efficiency, organization commitment and commitment to the job increase in the rate of optional dissatisfaction of the job.(Santhapparaj, Srini and ling 2005; Payne and Morrision,2002;Redfern,2005;denizer,2008;Gellatly 2005and Sagie,2002)

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The relation between job satisfaction and organizational climate and arrested that people were the heart of any enterprises because their ideas, attitudes and effort key causes of organization success (Rice.C,1982). “Individual in the organization have certain expectation and fulfilment of these depends upon their perception whether organizational climate suits according to their needs or not”.( Butt, Bhutto and Abbes,2011).

In the fast food restaurant, employees job satisfaction directly affect on the quality of food service, which means the effect on customer satisfaction when the employees are satisfied they works hard and try to give best service for customer.(ling Qin,2004)

According to Dunn (2008) “The chain’s annual employee turnover at 700000-or nearly 44% of the company’s 1.6 million employees worldwide. A high employee-turnover rate has been perennial problem for the fast food restaurant. Which grows to 130% (john.s, 2007)

Organizations managers must know how to manage the workers in organisation but the human nature is difference. So, their thinking depends on their nature and their demand will be difference which cannot refer by company which effect on employee satisfaction.

Job satisfaction directly related with the organizational environments like job performance of employee, employee motivation, and customers satisfaction. The factors which effects on job satisfaction is wages, promotion, supervision, facilities etc.

Aim of Research

To identify the factors, which improve the satisfaction level of employee?

To predict the value of job satisfaction and objectives workplace variables such as absenteeism, employee turnover and productivity.

To ensure what happens when the employee dissatisfaction?

Objectives of Research

To identify the factors which are most likely to influence job satisfaction on McDonalds

To assess the job satisfaction level on McDonald.

To know employee satisfaction towards the facilities.

To offer valuable suggestion to improve the satisfaction level of employee.

To ensure what happens when the employee dissatisfaction?

To evaluate critically relevant theoretical research into job satisfaction.

To gain the knowledge of job characteristics and variance model of job satisfaction.

To explore what is known of the relation between job satisfaction and other variables such as gender, age, personality..

Why employee job satisfaction is compulsory? And Gaining the knowledge of relation between job and general life satisfaction.

To analyze the causes of satisfaction and dissatisfaction among employees in nature of their work and area of dissatisfaction.

To identify the practices of motivation among employees and their job satisfaction in industry and the  individual measures for better motivational practices to encourage employees. Conclude the suggestions on the basis of the research finding.

Conclude the suggestions on the basis of the research finding.

Significance of study

Improving the relationship between the employee and the organizational climate at work time.

Improving the employee efficiency to qualitative and quantities product.

Try to understand employees felling and respect their job which effort to organization.

Key Issues to be considered

Structure of industry

Work environment & management

Employee Involvement

Pay system

Job secure

Relation between employer-employee and among partners

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Recognition for good work and work environment

Development and Career opportunity

Literature review

Job satisfaction us the feeling of happy by the worker what he/she worked. An attitude which results from a balancing and summation of many specific likes and dislikes experienced in connection with the job. It is the employee’s judgement of how well the job on the whole satisfying his various needs. Job satisfaction focus on all feeling that an individual has about his/ her job. However what makes a job satisfaction or dissatisfaction does not depends only on the job, but also on the expectations that that individuals have of what their jobs should provide.(Lu, while &Bariball, 2004).

According to Oxford Dictionary – job satisfaction is an application of effort to a purpose, force in action, doing of something a task for materials to be operated on doing as experiences of specified kind employment especially as a means of earning money, a thing done or made, a product or manifestation.

.Robbins, Odendaal and Roodt (2003) state “there have been to approaches to the study of job satisfaction the global approach and the fact approach. The global approach explains job satisfaction as a single, overall feelings towards a job while the facet approach suggests that there are different facets or different aspects of jobs such as rewards (pay or funds benefits) other people on the job (supervisor) job conditions, communication, security, promotion opportunities, and the nature of the work itself”. Locke’s (1976) say’s “job satisfaction depends upon the nature of a person’s values and needs as well as upon the nature of job”.

Is this approach really matched for all employment? It is believed that the job facet approach permits a more complete picture of job satisfaction and an individual naturally has different levels of satisfaction with view to the various facets. I think this approach is not equivalent for all types of employee’s.

FW Taylor. (1911) “job satisfaction based on a most pragmatic & essentially pessimistic philosophy that man is motivation by money alone”. Taylor is the father of the management he focus the job satisfied fulfilled by money which is the most essential for whole life.

S.K Srivastav (2005) suggested “job satisfaction is general attitude which is the result of many specific attitudes in three areas-(a) specific job factor. (b) Individual characteristics (c) group relationship outside the job.” And Pestoyee (1991) states job satisfaction can be taken as a summation of employees feelings in four important areas. (a) job nature of work, (b) management (c) social relations (d) personal adjustment. OECD research (2000) investigated “job satisfaction of employee depends on the employee status, gender and hours, the self-employed tend to indicate grater satisfaction with their jobs then employees”. There are some salient differences in the pattern of job satisfaction by gender. Male employees to be likely to report interesting job satisfaction with lengthening hours of work. While female employees does not. Man and women own account workers the pattern difference in both case the peak satisfaction occurs in job of around 40hr has week. Both authors’ are in same way but Pestoyee added about the management which is the most important part of the organizational climate. The entire environment depends on management level. So, if higher level manager want the can do everything for employee’s satisfaction I am argue with this report all the employee’s want to sufficient wages for expenses in their daily life.non of the employee’s are satisfied if they have not sufficient money to use in daily life. This is the cause of weekly 40hrs work.

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Job satisfaction is a collection of numerous attitudes towards various aspects of the job and represents a general attitude, performance of specific task, such as preparing a particular monthly report can’t necessary be predicted a particular monthly report can’t necessary be predicted on the basis of general attitude. (S.W. John, 2007) Job satisfaction is important for many reasons. Because satisfaction represents an outcome of the work experience, high level of dissatisfaction helps to identity organization problem that need attention. Job satisfaction helps to strongly linked to absenteeism turnover and physical and mental health problems.

Job satisfaction refers to the attitude and feelings people have about their work positive and favourable attitudes towards the job indicate job satisfaction. Negative and unfavourable attitudes towards the job indicate job dissatisfaction. (A.Michael, 2006). As same Dunnette, Campbell & Hakel, (1967) said that both intrinsic and extrinsic factor appeared to be associated with both job satisfaction & job dissatisfaction depending on what was important to the individual.

In this case everyone is trying to getting positive attitude and likes to show higher performance for promotion. If the level of job satisfaction is affected by intrinsic and extrinsic motivating factors. The quality of supervision, social relationships with the work group and the degree to which individuals succeed or fail in their work.

Litwin and stringr (1968) developed the general measure of organizational climate is the organizational Climate quaternaries (OCQ) the studies have investigation the characteristic of the OCQ (e.g. factor structure) and the relationship of the OCQ to other organisational behaviour constructs. putti and bhun (1988) investigated the relationship between the OCQ and job description index as well. They also concluded that job satisfaction is highly correlated with organizational climate.

Organizational climate and the job satisfaction are really linked together. For the employee satisfaction better environment is compulsory but it does not means to means appropriate which depends on work.

Job satisfaction related with personal characteristic employees value and job expectation, ability to attend, situation attendance and pressure to attend.( Steers & Rhodeds ,1978). Numerous studies have shown that dissatisfied employees are more likely to quit their jobs or be absent than satisfied employee (Hackett and guion, 1985: hulin, ruznowski, and hacliya, 1985 kohler and mathiu, 1993) job satisfaction shows correlation with turnover and absenteeism in the-25range job dissatisfaction also appears to be related to other withdrawal behaviour including lateness, unionizations grievances drug abuse and decision to retire.

The employees who are satisfied with their jobs they want to stay long time in an organization and dissatisfied employee try to be turnover and like to absenteeism. The state job security is the one of most important things for job satisfaction. Social life is more challenging for every employee. So they want to more benefits from organization. Like high payment. Opportunities to use kills and abilities and feeling sat in the work environment. (Kathy ,2010)

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