Leadership And Workplace Trust Management Essay

The word leadership in international organisation is related for the person who perform role of leader in organisation. Leader is the advisor and members are the follower of team. Leadership is all about how leader support, encourage, motivate, listen to people, involving members in decision making, and how to solve the problem in team. Team leader is the highly skilled and knowledgeable person (Gretton, I.1995).

Team member are regarded as asset of organisation. Members together form one team and perform task according to the decision of team leader. Belbin team role theory states that how person or individual behaves in team atmosphere. This theory is propounded as the tool for knowing behaviour and the changes which took place. It gives us feedback from all the angels so we can say it gives 360 degree feedback. The team needs to show high performance for achieving the goal and for that proper planning is needed (Belbin 2000: xv).Belbin has established nine team role (Belbin, 1993).The team role are (plant, resources investigator, co-ordinator, shaper, monitor evaluator, team worker, implementer, completer, and specialist).So by Belbin theory we can say that team plays important role, without team members effort team would never be able to achieve set goal.

The culture has high influence on organisation environments. In organisation all the individuals work together and this collectiveness creates differences among the members working in organisation from each another (Hofsted 1991:262).At the leadership trust we performed various task. In the second task due to cultural difference problem was faced by group. So if the individuals from different culture are working together then this may affect performance of group and also due to differences in level of thinking. There is one advantage of cross-culture in organisation. The individuals working in team are from different corners of world and all have different ideas and skills. So the combination of this different ideas and skills would lead to higher achievement of organisation. If the culture is strong then the effect on organisation would be amazing (Deal and Kennedy, 1982:15).According to Hofsted in societies if member who has high power accept that power will be distributed among them, then the society will get authority to management styles with high scores of power distance(Hofsted,1991). If Inequalities in power are high then this would lead to larger inequalities in the other areas also for example, in the study of different set of industrial organisation of five countries that if there are great differences in the power then it would automatically show differences in (rewards, privileges and opportunities between bosses and employees)(Tannenbaum et al, 1974).

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In the organisation success of team depend on their communication power. There should be smooth flow of information among members, and discussion and argument be done efficiently in order to take quick decision. There are certain decentralised ways of communication like (formal meeting, regular and ad hoc meeting, e-mail) where the team member feel comfortable and can work easily. In the organisation there are two methods for communication. One is formal and another is informal communication. Formal way include individual meeting and conference while informal includes e-mail, ad hoc meeting, and chatting. If the level of communication is maintained properly then team may work more efficiently. Sometimes informal communication works properly more then formal communication (Marh, F.K., 2010).

There are several theories of leadership which we learned at leadership trust. Among them one of theory is situational theory which states that leader should need ability to accurately cope up with the situation and to behave with the changing situation. The efficiency of group depends on leader decision because the members just follow them.

The follower should have readiness to understand the instruction given by leader. So ample of self confidence and technical skills are needed for finishing task efficiently (Heresy and Blanchard, 1988:174).At leadership thrust in the third task we need to pass cane on other side without touching danger lines at that time leader was not able to take quick decision and cope up with the situation and so members of team failed to pass all canes. So situation theory is related to this kind of situation.

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Another theory of leadership is path goal theory. This theory states that motivation factor plays important role in organisation. The members of team work for the common goal, some times it happened that their efficiency in work would get reduced. So if leader motivate their members, work efficiency would increase and improvement in performance can be seen (House and Mitchell, 1974). The next theory of leadership is transformational leadership which states that leader can change the direction from worst to good result, and can change the set goal of member. When the new goal are set they should be set on the high level so that total interest of members get towards it (burn 1978).According to Bass, the leaders in transformational theory give attention to long term objective more then short term objective(Duskinsky,A.J. and Yammarino,F.J.1985, 1990). At the leadership thrust I faced good experience of being part of organization. In the last task we had experience of working in one organization and different department, before going on field teams were given time with strategy formation, strategy formation is important before going on field and performing task. At this time transformational theory is applied and suite best.

From the above discussion we can conclude that, there is high influence of cross culture and also communication gap among members of team. The leadership styles and theories should be so used in team that performance of team improves and it become easy for leader to manage team and for members to follow the leader decision.

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