Leading And Managing The HR Function

Human resource management is defined as the operation within the organization, which has the main objective of recruitment, management and providing direction to the people, who work in the organization. It is an organization function that deals with the issues associated with employee of the organization i.e. performance management, administration of the resources, organizational development, safety, benefits, hiring labor force and providing training.

It is also regarded as a necessary and global approach to manage people and workplace environment present in the organization. A good Human Resource management helps the company to improve its productivity and efficiency and also aids in achieving the goal and objective’s of the organization. The main aim of HRM is to maximize the productivity and efficiency of the organization by effectively using the capabilities of the employees. (Human Resouce Management)

Development Needs

The following point emphasize on the development needs required by HR in a company for the expansion of the organization:

The presence of curiosity in an individual is the reason for his regular development. It adapts him to react and learn by his internal and external work environments and shows the willingness of the individual to learn and enquire.

The person should have the ability to analyze and understand the data and information effectively. And by his judgments is able to use the information, intuitions and knowledge in a sequential order to make reasonable and powerful decisions.

The person should have the ability to influence in a difficult situation, to inherit necessary support, liability and consent from a wide range of different stakeholder to attain benefits for the organization.

Set goals according to the capability of the person for achieving it. A skilled person would achieve a big task easily compared to a weakly trained one. Continuously plans, priorities and monitor performances to very that other are able to complete a specific task.

It is the most significant ability of the HR manager to work co-operatively and effectively with the colleagues, clients, customers, stakeholders, teams and individual within and outside the organization.

As a personal credible, a HR manager should keep a track of record of all the consistent and beneficial delivery using the respective technical knowledge and experience and do the job by taking honor in it and with an impartial attitude.

A HR manager should be having courage and confidence to speak his thoughts even the circumstances are unfamiliar or faces resistance. The manager should be able to perform his duties even the circumstances are against him.

The Hr manager should be a role model for the other employee, by leading them by example and performing his duties impartially, acting with integrity, independence and giving perfect judgments in the organization. (Behavoiur in HR profession)

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Three Options to Meet the Development Needs

Strategy, Insight And Solution

This professional area characterizes the use of deep understanding of the business activities and strategies and plans to execute them and the barriers which are not allowing them to perform with full efficiency, and understand the requirements of the customers and employees and having a unique insight that can maximize the performance of the business and transmission of strategies and solution of business.

Manager should understand what is the structure of the organization and in which way teams can work together for achievement of company’s objectives. And co-relates the data and statistics obtained and having the strategy of the organization and in-year operating plans .Reveals the quality of products or services the company provides and which are the target customers identifies the goal of the organization. Recognize the importance of the ten human resource professional areas and how they combine together to develop humans resource offering for the company. Management of time efficiently and reorganization of priorities .Puts light on how interpersonal skills and credibility is important in developing confidence among the human resources which includes the manager and the employees of the organization.

The objective of the HR manager should be understanding the external factors in which the organization operates and the find the factor which can be responsible to bring about change. What potential impact on business can be brought down by changing the environment of the organization and should be favoring a leadership team to explain the response from the employee or the consumers. Identify the stakeholders which are involved in the project which is leaded by you. When the support or assistance from the colleague or senior staff, search for some common grounds.

Leading And Managing The Human Resource Function

This profession area describes the purpose of HR function that is to lead and manage the organization by having the operational excellence and a deep knowledge of organizational requirement. HR manager has to ensure that the function is capable and has the capacity, and organization design, and the HR employee are deeply engaged and working collaboratively and attains a thorough knowledge of the organization for enlarging the profits of the organization.

The HR manager should focus on accomplishment and error less delivery of the task given, and it skillful advice is expected regarding to the human resource strategy and operating plans in the organization. Human resource function’s organization design programs should be effectively delivered. Should give stress on effective delivery of resources and management programs prevailing. Monitor the results obtained by performance indicator which measures effectiveness of resource and talent management programs.

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The skill and the information that is required in this professional area are the capability to build an HR, team activity planning and method to implement it and knowledge of HR budget management. Keep a record of progress attained in all objectives. Query about how your objective is suited with teams or organization objective

Employee Relation

In this professional area the HR manager has to ensure that the relationship between the staff and the organization is managed properly by an honest and clear framework established by practices and policies of the organization and subsequently by appropriate employment laws.

The entire employee related policies and practices should be well informed to the employees. The relation advisors and managers leading the resolute of employee relation issues must be provided with the exact and timely information. Achieving the consensus legally and ethically by managing and facilitating the potential conflicts situation is necessary. Give a helping hand to human resource and managers who are resolving and investigating employee relation issues, such as grievances and disciplinary, and also keeping the appropriate record of the occurrence of the event. They should collect informal and formal feedback from the employees on employee relations, such as communication among the employee, team work, transfer of knowledge and skills.

The knowledge required for this professional area is knowledge about the formation of trade union , how are they formed and what are their objectives, hardship related to the employee and disciplinary rules and maintain the health and safety of the employee’s and the environment they are working in. be accustomed to meet the customer on regular basis so that they should feel free to contact you for any problem they face and so that you able to contact the person for any essential information that is required. Become familiar to HR models with the help of case studies and business literature available. Make sure that your main objectives are attached to the criteria mentioned in the service-level. (Professional Areas)

Advantages Of These Option

Support and assistance from the senior staff or priors to develop better strategies and plan.

Team activity planning

Help to provide a better solution through discussion to the problem w.r.t Strategy, Insight and Solution function.

Interacting with other Employees in organization helps in developing good relation w.r.t Employee Relation function

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Helps in the effective use of resources available in the organization w.r.t Leading and managing the human resource function

Training and Coaching

Develop skills and knowledge, sharpens the mind of employee to plan sophisticated strategies with respect to Strategy, Insight and Solution function.

Interaction occurs during the classes and gets to help each other in difficult situation which inculcates good relation among the employees with respect to Employee Relation function.

It helps to develop leadership skills and operational excellence with respect to Leading and managing the human resource function

Disadvantages Of These Option

Besides having advantages these procedures can have several disadvantages which are listed below:

Team Activity Planning

People may disagree with their ideas to solve the problem which will thus result in poor solution of the problem with respect to Strategy, Insight and Solution function.

Conflict can occur due to lack of communication with respect to Employee Relation function.

Teams made should have appropriate skillful employees with a common understanding among themselves, if not; it would be unfruitful with respect to Leading and managing the human resource function.

Training and Coaching

Training would be based on particular stream which could help to develop strategies and would be wastage of money with respect to Strategy, Insight and Solution function.

People might have a feeling of incompetency to other employees with respect to Employee Relation function.

Would not be able to develop managing qualities as they are self possessed with respect to Leading and managing the human resource function.

Development Plan

What do I want/need to learn?

What will I do to achieve this?

What resources or support will I need?

What will my success criteria be?

Target dates for review and completion

Structure of the organization

Deep knowledge about the company’s strategies and solution.

Accessibility to human resource

Operational excellence

5 – 10 days

Inspirational leadership

Knowledge about the organizational requirement

Support from the other employees and colleagues regarding the task

Collaborative Working and deeply engaged in performing the task

10-15 days

Strategy development and motivator to other employees

Capability to build HR ,team activity planning

Access to business literature and case studies

Function has the capacity and organizational design

5-10 day

Manage and facilitates conflict situations

Formation of trade unions development of the honest and clear framework of the organization

Policies and practices prevailing in the organization and information by employee relation advisers.

Maintain the health and safety of the employee’ further help’s in satisfaction of the employees and greater work productivity.

5-10 day

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