Literature written in the Middle Ages

The literature written in the Middle Ages era had many great societies and authors throughout this period of time. Thorestien the staff struck though was my favorite piece of literature that I read in this section. Even though the names are all alike this story in my opinion was a great story. This story originated in the country of Iceland. As we know Iceland was the last country to convert to christianinty. Although this story didn’t make the people of Iceland convert to christianity, but is a great legend to pass down from generation to generation. From what I know of the Iceland people they were Vikings who originated from Scandinavian countries. The Vikings where out to find new land, because of wars and religious purposes. During their voyages to seek new land stumbled up on present day Iceland. The Viking people had many great heroes and worries that they had many stories to tell about them. In the book Thorestien the Staff Stuck Thorsten’s dad Thorian is a and old Viking warrior who comes to stay and live with his son.  The Viking people where tough people who didn’t put up with anyone or anything. In this story there are a lot of examples of this occurring. Like the relationship between Thord and Thorestian. Thord strikes Thorestian with a staff over a horse fight. Know going back to the Iceland people’s society after hearing stories on this it probably impacts on the way you would handle something if someone were to do that to you. Thorestian in the story kills Thord. Well as we know the Vikings had many sagas like this where there was a lot of killing and violence, and that’s really how there society was brought upon and why they conquered so much. In Viking history though there was always one hero. In this story it was Thorestian who kills Thord, then following that kills Thorall and Thorvald who are hired by Bjarini to seek revenge. This puts a lot of enthusiasm in a reader’s eye or a listener. Everybody wants to be that hero or legend. Many Americans know days take that same enthusiasm after watching Rambo or Mel Gibson being Benjermin Martin in the movie The Patriot. Saga’s or stories like this can do a lot for a society. They made the Iceland society for generations and still to present day a very tough society. In all Viking stories there’s always a battle or a fight at the end of the story like in this story Thorestian the Staff Struck. The battle in which Thorestian wins making Bjarni send works to work Thorestians land for the rest of their days. Today Iceland Saga’s are a part of Iceland’s daily life. The saga’s are celebrated both for their historical record and there narrative artistry. An interesting fact I read on was I didn’t not know that Iceland has no pre-historic era. It was not settled until A.D. 900. Many Celtic influences where also brought over to Iceland. The Celts another society with very rough backgrounds of violence and fighting. The Icelander people seek the story Thorestian and the Staff Struck as a major entertainment to their society. I mean know days we for entertainment read, watch movies, play on the computer. There entertainment though was to tell stories and then act as if they were Thorestian. It developed into their culture and society. These sagas gave these people the will to get out and do things like they were in these stories. I mean I know many people today who watch an old western and then go out and by them a pistol. They do it because that person they watched in the movie was doing it, and they want to go be like him. This saga’s also inspirited many classical authors. Saga’s helped develop a new kind of literature thorough the world. Thorestian the Staff Struck has inspired many people throughout the country of Iceland. I was sitting here thinking to myself what kind of people the Icelanders would be if it was for saga’s like Thorestian the Staff Struck. I really don’t know the answer to that question. The Icelander people where running from Scandinavia countries, because they were running out of farmland. These people where on the verge of being extinct, but something motivated them, and the answer to that is the land of Iceland, and all its history it had on it that the Vikings left behind. These people heard stories like about Thorestian and his father Thorian and many other sagas’. I truly believe that these people got enthused, which helped them be tougher and stronger people. I really enjoyed Thorestian and the Staff Struck I thought it was a great story, and I believe that it portrayed a great influence to the country of Iceland and its people.

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