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An adaptive software development (ASD) methodology is new software from in agile software development. The ASD focus is developing for complex product, large system, and iterative development with same prototyping. High speed and high change that encouragement of the ASD. [23]

The Rapid Application Development (RAD) to produce a good product and system to built the system. This is because RAD is a methodology that involves the development of recurrence and prototype construction. [23]

Have two strategies:

Ask managers to focus on product

To provide tools and technique for promote self-organization in teams and need to large-scale.[24]

The characteristics of adaptive development:-

Mission-driven – base taking place the mission idea [24]

Component-based – focal point on residential development plan [24]

Iterative – focus on the redoing and continuous [24]

Time-boxed – take time to make decision at early project [24]

Change-tolerant – constant to change system or whatever changing the project[24]

Risk-driven – critical problem early as soon as possible [24]

Have three concepts:-

Agent- group member and other stakeholders

Environments – executive, technology, and development

Emergence – the product being developed. [23]

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5.3.2 FLOW




Figure 5.2 : Flowchart Of The Lifecycle


Have 3 cycles of adaptive software development for built large system.

Speculation – adaptive preparation sequence that is opening to use in sequence such as the task of the customer limit the project and policy needs to define increase system software. Need a few days or weeks to plan depend on the systems, the project team and the project support or consumer gives guide or advice such as the project, objectives, the system requirements, and scope. [23]

Collaboration – who are motivated to effort jointly, the opposite are willing to help, hard work, show in the field, and communication of difficulty to create effectives solution The project have gets done. Team members or organization are work together to done their product.[25]

Learning – team developers often already know everything about project but no forever so.[23]

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Adaptive cycle planning, time-boxed release plan





Components implemented tested Release

Software increment

Figure 5.3: The Process of ASD

When the developers want to demonstrate certain of parts the project used by Joint application development (JAD) sessions. A JAD is a clinic who customer representatives to talk about the system of the project work. [23]

Processes make them learn more about project through three ways:-

Center grouping – consumers and user give comment to the software.

Proper procedure review – ASD group to do a absolute review.

Postmortems – group ASD do presentation and development.

In cycle process collaboration, used Joint Application Development (JAD) is used in the prototyping in life cycles. It can result additional exact of the structure conditions, an improved of regular goal. It consists of a workshop, where the developers, stakeholders, customers meet for a few days, how to define and review for the system requirements. [23]

Learning Loop






Final Q/A











Figure 5.4: The ASD lifecycle phases

Explanation of Flow Chart

Learning looping from mission beginning and this circle is ending Q/A and after that liberate the processes of the learning loop iterative to produce product or system are created. Learning loop with iteration of the three cycles are speculate, collaborate and learn. In this process is focus for demonstrate the function and quality of the software or product develop with the cycles of three. In quality review process, used Joint Application Development (JAD)[23].



Make discussion

After the organization was given the task of completing the whole of a system, the manufacturer will make a detailed study of the system, and will hold discussions to seek agreement with what has been planned to build the system. After agreeing with what is planned, the manufacturer will make a little later to discuss, the process is repeated until all players are satisfied with what is required and the mission and vision have been achieved.

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Get ideas

From discussion can produce a good product because before these products have a lot of ideas given by the customer or anyone associated with the project. In addition, cost savings for using the same prototype when to make changes in the product.

Make demonstrate

Make a demonstrated for the customer to show the results that have been made, if not satisfied with the results of the specific reasons, allowing the manufacturers to improve existing shortcomings.

Able to maintain good quality work

By using the iterative cycle, this will take care of good quality work. In addition, developers plan more carefully and systematically to ensure the success of the system.


Requires that public employees

In completing a project that requires many workers. This will cause many problems, especially in the planning of projects and conflict of ideas between them. Besides that, the problems arise is in terms of division of tasks to carry out a project.

Time consuming

In this methodology developers need time more to complete a project. This is because each is made is already planned. Before implementing any parts the project, it is be agree especially the manager. Every change takes time to change some parts of the project. This will be difficult for all involved to complete the project with a defined time


By using the ASD is to build a large and complex system requires cooperation among all involved with great success. This is because the ASD is always using the repetition of three or even speculates cycles the plan, collaborate and learn. In addition, the learning loop is one way to ensure that the system used and was able to function well and hold discussions with the parties directly involved in building a system. If not satisfied with the construction, the other studies done to achieve the mission and vision required by the stakeholders.

In addition in ASD is related to other processes of JAD and RAD. JAD to make testing a system that is made while the RAD is to ensure that the system worked well. However, this methodology ASD is one of the agile software development methodologies. In agile there are various other methods including the Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM), Feature-Driven Development (FDD), Extreme Programming (XP), and Lean Software Development.[4]

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It has a specific function of which is the DSDM methodology to build a system that emphasizes 80% of the system and need time to prepare the system in 20%, while the FDD system, the system involves a small and straightforward and require more energy. In FDD requires time in two weeks to design the features and all the purpose then the iterative construction of a complete system. [26]

The Extreme Programming (XP) is the most popular in agile software development. It is approach high-quality software quickly and continuously. It works in rapid feedback loops and it takes every one to three weeks. [26]

The Lean Software Development is an iterative methodology and straightforward and larger teams. And then Feature-Driven Development is process short-iteration process. [26]

In addition, in planning, developing, and testing of a system is required to complete a strong partnership with members of the customers charged in the desired system. In addition, the motivation of the individual involved is very high need. However, it should be and accepting the ideas of others and always think positive.

To produce high quality systems and meet the required criteria, requires systematic planning and carefully constructed to keep hold discussions with the parties involved. By using these iterative cycles able to produce a good system and meet the customer will be achieved.


Methodologies in software development, no specific methodology used to develop a system to be built. This is because all the agile methodologies, including ASD has no set way to build a system.

Each methodology has advantage and disadvantage of each. This depends on the team of work for appropriate methodology to achieve the goals, objectives to be achieved in a system built. In built a system, planning and time is important and while technique suitable than other methods.

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