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Lateral Thinking


Lateral thinking method is apprehensive with creation of new ideas that is a procedure and readiness to look at things a diverse approach. While Picking single idea and pursuing it until a solution is found is called vertical thinking method and this is the kind of thinking that is most commonly used in our learning institution a person is said to be thinking laterally, if s/he keeps on producing suggestions even if a promising suggestion has been produced. A vertical thinker should always be moving in a direction which is beneficial and have always been right at every stride.A creative thinker can meander in diverse directions to secure a creative solution. They welcome welcome and explore apparently immaterial facts or ideas, but vertical thinkers shut out all immaterial data.Verticle thinking this means that they are complementary to each other, vertical thinking is selective while lateral thinking is selective. For example, during brainstorm kind of meetings, lateral thinking is encouraged in the first session produce a lot of creative solutions as many as possible and on the other hand vertical thinking in the second session choose the viable ideas.

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In conventional vertical kind of thinking -logic or mathematic- ones selection was supposed to move a head in a chronological steps in each of which was to be justified. Selection is only made on what is relevant. One has to be right at each level so as to achieve a correct solution. On the other hand, in lateral thinking it look for solving a problem by non-convectional actually, irrational means thus new way which complements analytical and critical thinking, you may intentionally look for irrelevant information – one use information not for his personal sake but for its end product. One may have to be wrong at some level in order to attain an innovative and proper solution. Lateral thinking is indeed a creative problem solving tool that helps to create new products, process, ideas and services.

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Differences between lateral thinking and vertical thinking.

Lateral thinking Vertical thinking

1) It changes 1) It selects

2) Checks for what is unusual 2) Checks what is right

3) Make deliberate jump from the other 3) One step must follow straight

4) It invites possible intrusion 4) Deals with relevant concentration

5) Looks for least possible guidelines 5) It moves in the mainly possible direction

Some of the lateral thinking attitudes

Alterations bring about insight in model series provoking inspiration and this is brought about by lateral thinking. This is like a car reverse gear, where one is not supposed to drive in reverse gear throughout, thus wants to have it and know how to operate it.
Basic nature of lateral thinking methods
Lateral thinking method is always concerned with the changing patterns; it is in a self-maximizing structure in the company of a memory where by information arrangement which should be less than the best was useful in the past may not be useful in probable arrangement. The reorganization of information into a new pattern is imminent restructuring. The purpose of the rescheduling is to find the best and most effective pattern. A meticulous way to look at things may have developed steadily. A suggestion that was useful in the past may not be useful in the moment and yet the present idea has developed in the beginning. Lateral thinking is also a meticulous way of using information so as to arrange and bring about prototype reorganization.


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