Manufacturing process of pizza


Our products at Prima Pizza will be produced in the kitchen area of the premises whilst our services will be offered at the front. Prima Pizza will adopt two main types of production. The first will be line production, as our pizzas will be made fresh, there will be a line of production. This is will be the employees that shape the dough into pizza bases. They will then pass the bases onto the employees that will add the required toppings onto the pizza and place them in the oven. The second method of production is batch production. This method will be used when producing the dough used for the pizza bases. Each day a set amount of dough will be made in order to satisfy customer demand. As dough can be stored overnight there will be no risk of over production or wastage. There will be three sets of batch production one for each size pizza.

A number of measures will need to be taken to ensure Prima Pizza delivers the highest quality to its customers. There are many different ways to implement this. As Prima Pizza also offers a delivery service, our quality control will need to expand to outside of the business premises. Quality will ensure customer satisfaction and also save money. Quality control must be implemented in all aspects of the business and used by all employees. These techniques will include using all material responsibly and therefore reducing scrap material and wastage. The products must also be made to a certain quality level, if this is not done, products may have to be made again to satisfy customers. External quality control is also very important. Prima Pizza must maintain its quality even if the product has left the premises. This is especially important on deliveries, as the food must be of the same quality when it leaves the premises and when it arrives at its destination.

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Prima Pizza has estimated that from ordering a product it will take no longer than 20 minutes for the finished product to be made and given to the customer. We have estimated that for products on delivery the time will be no more than 45 minutes.

Fresh goods will be delivered to Prima Pizza’s premises everyday; this will include the majority of the pizza toppings and meat produce. Prima pizza will pride itself in ensuring that all our products are the freshest, and therefore the tastiest. Deliveries will be made every morning before the business opens. Other raw materials will be delivered twice a week depending on future product demand and stored in refrigerators or freezers.

All employees must deliver our products to customers in a friendly and professional manner. This will be achieved by training our employees to focus on being customer friendly. Products must also be presented in attractive packaging that must remain undamaged.

Manufacturing Methods

There will be a range of activities involved in transforming raw materials into Prima Pizza’s finished goods and then delivering the product to the customer. This cycle involves different stages, which include: inbound logistics, operations, and outbound logistics.

Manufacturing process for a pizza:

  1. Goods received- raw materials required for the manufacture of pizza bases and the tomato base sauce.
  2. Mix dough ingredients. Blend tomatoes together.
  3. Kneaded in the dough machine. Mix all the ingredients for base sauce.
  4. Storing the dough balls in the right temperature for base. Store the tomato base sauce ready for use.
  5. Finished goods: dough ready to be rolled out into base. Apply tomato sauce onto base then add required toppings.
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Logistics is the process in which goods are transformed into products ready for customers. Prima Pizza’s logistics will involve the regular delivery of goods that through a process of stages will eventually become ready for consumption.

Logistics can be split into two, inbound logistics and outbound logistics. These two types, mentioned in more detail later on, are very different. Inbound logistics is the transportation and storage of the raw materials. Outbound logistics is based on the process of transferring the finished goods to the customers.

Logistics is very important when running a business. Very often the outcome of a new business is determined by how well their logistics system works.

Inbound Logistics

This involves receiving our raw materials from the suppliers. The suppliers will deliver fresh goods daily to the business premises. When the goods are received all the employees on shift will help sort and store the received goods. The majority of the raw materials will be stored in the kitchen refrigerators ready to be used.


The raw materials will be transformed into the finished products. The dough ingredients will be put into the dough mixer and on completion will be ready to be made into the pizza bases. The topping will be removed from the refrigerators and distributed into containers ready to be used.

Outbound Logistics

The activity will include two aspects of Prima Pizza. As the business is a fast food takeaway, the products will be served at the counter. As this time the customer can choose to either eat-in of take the product away with them. Delivery service will an important part of Prima Pizza’s service. To enable us to provide the pizzas at the highest quality, we must ensure that the packaging used to will keep the product in the same condition it was when it was first made. We will also aim to minimize the travel time it takes to get to the destination.

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