Network Installation Proposal

The purpose of this document is to specify the project plan to setup Network Infrastructure for Heath Robinson Web Hosting Company. This document outlines a brief plan about, on how the project is to be shaped and also includes the milestones and deliverables.

Heath Robinson Web Hosting Company has acquired second floor in a building, in East Anglia Industrial Estate. The project deliverable is to design and implement the overall setup, which includes refurbishing/construction, Software design and development, Network design and implementation, Hardware and Software testing.

The Project plan for time management, cost estimation, resource planning and roles and responsibilities needs to be provided as part of the deliverables.

Project – goal & Objectives

The high level goals and objective of the project is to efficient evaluation of the required planning, methodology and approach to achieve the following scope of work

Investigating requirements of new installations of required equipment, network cables and software needed for running the network system

Constructing/refurbishing the acquired buildings where new equipment will be installed; This part of the project is contracted to a building company and managed by the construction manager who is a part the project team

Designing the network for the new building based on the business requirements of the company

Investigating and purchasing appropriate hardware and other equipment required for the new installation

Developing the software required for the network system

Installing the network and computers in the new building

Testing Hardware and Software

Assumptions and Constraints

As the Project Manager for the Project, I have the defined target time for the project completion.

The Project needs to start from 1st of April 2010

The Project execution should be in 30 day

The approved project budget from the Management is £200, 000

The Financial Advisor, who is part of the project, has advised a budgetary costing of £500, 000 to be fixed for project. Any deviation from the approved budget needs approval from the Management committee.

Project Deliverables

The list of project deliverables is as follows

Project Management Plan

Cost Estimation – Project Feasibility

Construction /Refurbishing

Software Design and Specification

Network Design and Implementation

Hardware & Software Testing

The Team – Roles & Responsibility

The Project Team consists of the 10 members, each from a specific domain and with precise skill set. Each resource will be responsible for completing their task and reporting back to project manager. As the Project Manager the task here is to submit a project proposal for approval by the Company Managerial Committee, with a detailed feasibility analysis report, in particular the economic feasibility of the project, supported with financial calculations of the net profit, payback / bread-even period, return on investment, net present value and internal rate of return for the project.

The Roles and Responsibility of the 10 individuals is as follow

1 computer hardware specialist responsible for hardware-related task

1 financial advisor responsible for control financial resources available to the project

1 network designer responsible for designing the network for the company

2 software developers for developing software required by the new installation

2 office assistants, one in charge of purchasing computers and other hardware equipment and the other dealing with paperwork in the office and produce project-related documents

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1 construction manager responsible for building and refurbishment work

1 software testing engineer

1 hardware testing engineer

Tasks – Activity and Miles stones

Cost Estimation / Time Management

The Project Manager along with the Financial Advisor has come up with the following Cost estimation.

The Following are the cost allotted for various activities, which would be one time setup cost, Capital expenditure.

Material Cost

Cost Allotted

Construction ( Material)

£ 30,000.00

Network (Servers, Desktop, Cabling)

£ 20,000.00

Software Development ( Licenses)

£ 20,000.00

Testing( Software & hardware)

£ 15,000.00

Office Maintenance

£ 5,000.00

Other Services

£ 5,000.00

Total Cost

£ 92,000.00

The following are the cost allotted for resources, Operational Cost (Direct cost)


Resource Cost /Per Month

Construction manager

£ 5,000.00

Software Engineer (2)

£ 15,000.00

Hardware Engineer

£ 4,000.00

Network Engineer

£ 6,000.00

Testing Engineers (2)

£ 7,000.00

Office Assistant (2)

£ 2,500.00

Financial Advisor

£ 8,000.00

Total Cost

£ 47,500.00

The following are the cost allotted for office maintenance, Operational Cost (Indirect cost)


Cost /Per Month


£ 750.00


£ 400.00


£ 300.00


£ 500.00

Petty Cash

£ 500.00

Total Cost

£ 2,450.00

The Total Project Costing



Material Cost

£ 92,000.00


£ 47,500.00

Administration Cost

£ 2,450.00

Total Cost

£ 142,500.00

Project Execution – Activity List

The whole project execution will be divided into sub- category of activities

The Project Execution is sub-divided into following sub -tasks


Hardware & structure Cabling

Network Design & Implementation

Software Design & Coding



The Construction is the first task of the project. The activity will begin from the 1st of April and estimated time from is one week. The Construction Manager is designated to take the complete responsibility of planning the construction activity and over look all the activities.

The following list of activities will be done during the constriction phase

Floor plan

Roof and ceiling construction

Painting and carpentry

Provide Water, Electrical, Pressure air and gas services

Install Cabinets

Install Wall Cabinets

Paint Cabinet

Paint Walls & Ceilings

Hardware & structure Cabling

As per the project plan, Five Servers will be installed in the server room and the required cabling and racks need to be installed in the switch room.

The Hardware engineer along with Network Engineer will be planning the activity and the requirements are as follows

No of Data Ports – 30+ 5

No of Voice Ports – 30 ports

No of Redundant ports – 30ports

The structured cabling activity is planned to start from the 2nd week , 7th of April 2010 and estimated to complete by 10th of April 2010.

Network Design & Implementation

The Network design activity starts parallel to the structured cabling activity and the implementation would kick off as soon the server room wiring is complete.

The Implementation activity would start from the 3rd week of April 2010 and estimated to complete in 5 days. The Network is designed using industry standard Star topology. The New floor requires Voice, Data and Video wiring and electronic facilities to support newest form of telecommunications. The Switch room, which houses the Servers, Networking equipments (Switches, Routers, and Firewalls) connects to the each terminal (Desktop) via Horizontal Cabling. The option for Vertical Cabling can be enabled in future for connecting multiple switch rooms

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The list of activities is as follows

Network design

Server Installation and mounting

Server application configuration

Domain and Active directory setup

User profiles setup

Access privilege creation

Network Overview – Heath Robinson Web Hosting Company

Software Design & Coding

The software developers will be assigned the task of designing the software customized to the requirement. The Design and coding activity is intended to start from mid 3rd week after the servers are configured and installed. The activity is estimated to take 5 days. Two Software developers were appointed for creating bespoke software that is tailored specifically to company’s need as it is a web hosting company the software were used are .net, Java, PHP and C++.The software developers are skilled on various programming languages and are proficient in design and development of the bug free software.

The list of activities for the software developers’ team is as follows

Software design

Software coding

Software compiling

Software Release


One hardware testing engineer and software testing engineer were appointed their responsibilities is to setup of test processes including hardware and software deployment, provide technical support and training when required advanced testing, performing complex diagnostic tests on faulty computer. Software testing technician execute test plans to evaluate the performance of software applications and information and telecommunication systems.

The Testing will be done by 2 Engineers, one will be conducting Software Testing and the other will be conducting Hardware Testing. The activity will be handled by each individual post Hardware and Software implementations.

The Software Testing activity will include

Code review

Design Review

Test Plan

Manual & Automation Testing

Code tweaking and Regression

Hardware Testing Activity will include

System Definition

System Testing

Fault Testing

Load Testing

Office Assistant: The 2 Office assistant were appointed for essentially do whatever office tasks are needed so that the professional doesn’t have to. One office assistant will purchase hardware needed to the office and other will do paper works.

The Project plan – Time Management

Project – Futuristic Aspect

The success of any project is based on few parameters which portrays the efficiency of the project in terms of the objective achieved and sets bench marks for the future project undertaking

The followings are very important from the project efficiency point of view

Return of Investment

Net Present Value

Break Even Point

The calculations of the above are as follows with respect to the project

Return of Investment (ROI) & Net Present Value

Return of Investment is a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or to compare the efficiency of a number of different investments with respect to a project.

To calculate ROI, the benefit (return) of an investment is divided by the cost of the investment; the result is expressed as a percentage or a ratio

ROI = Gain from Investment – Cost of Investment

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Cost of Investment

Net Present Value or NPV is used to decide financial viability of an investment.

The difference between the present value of cash inflows and the present value of cash outflows. NPV is used in capital budgeting to analyse the profitability of an investment or project. Here the NPV and ROI are calculated. The following tables show you the NPV and ROI value.

The Project cost and the profit for next five years is as follow.

A 30% growth is assumed for our calculation

Taking the above The return on investment formula:

ROI = Gain from Investment – Cost of Investment


Cost of Investment

ROI = 10,82,725 – 554,000



= 1.21

Return on investment is a very popular metric because of its versatility and simplicity. That is, if an investment does not have a positive ROI, or if there are other opportunities with a higher ROI, then the investment should be not be undertaken

Break Even Point for the First year

First year Sales – £1, 75,000

First year Cost (Direct + indirect) – £50,000

Yearly Net Cash Flow – Cumulative Net Cash Flow

= ——————————————————————–

Yearly Net Cash Flow

£1,75,000 – £50,000

= —————————


= 0.79 BEP (1 year)

Payback Period: The cumulative cash flow curves above show roughly the point in time when the cumulative cash flow “breaks even,” that is, when cumulative incoming returns exactly balance cumulative outflows. This point in time (point on the horizontal axis) is Payback period .The payback period is 1 years


The Risk assessment and the mitigation measure are very important for smooth completion of the project. The Risk assessment phase is carried out at the initial planning phase of the project .The risk assessment need to be continuously monitored and updated throughout the life of the project


Requirements Control Plan

When changes are to be made in the requirements after the project plan has been released, the changes shall be brought to the attention of the committee and discussed. Any changes that are to be made will be with the prior approval of the committee and only if feasible and permissible within the constraints of the project mentioned

Schedule Control Plan

If the work scheduled gets behind, the stake holder is ready to spend extra time on the project in between and after the schedules and also to make up for the lost time and deliver the final project on time.

Budget Control Plan

Any changes to the budget need to be updated to the management committee

Quality Control Plan

The Project Manager will be assessing the quality of work for each of teh stake holder and will ensure that the required level of quality is achieved in the given time frame

Closeout Plan

All the details about the post-mortem debriefings, report on the lessons learnt, project objectives and the milestones achieved would be mentioned as part of the Project documentation at the end of the project. The analysis and the lessons learnt will be used for future project success.

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