Object Oriented and Modelling Concepts – Car Parking


At the present time parking is the major requirement of the people. And also there are limited spaces to park vehicles in the city area. Therefore car park systems should have proper management system to control the day to day activities. People’s time is very valuable their time can’t be wasted. People can’t spend lot of time in the car park to park their vehicles.

Traditional car parking systems are mainly best on human. That kind of systems use human to control activities of the car park, as example collect the money, generate the tickets, check the remaining space etc. But to do all these activities are taken lot of time and it is not efficient process and also this type of systems are no longer applicable for the modern society. Modern systems are using computers and software systems to manage and control the activities of the car park which can be interact by people time to time

According to fact which are discuss above, a car park need a proper system that can manage and control all the day to day activities of car park efficiently

  1. Generate tickets.
  • System should have generate two type of tickets. For ordinary customer and season customer.
  • Season tickets should be issued to defined individual or company, a ticket need to be included contact number address and each season ticket should be valid for the given time period and issue date and expiry date should be display on the ticket.
  • Ordinary tickets should be issued time period at the car park.
  1. Accept tickets.
  • For the ordinary customers, if car park is full, no tickets should be issued.
  • Each and every ordinary customer’s ticket should have bar code on it.
  • When ordinary customer is leaving the dates or time should be the same, if not the ticket is ejected.
  • For the season ticket holder, a check is made that the season ticket is valid for this car park and has not expired.
  • Season ticket holder should not be recorded as having already entered this car park and not left.
  • When the car park is full, tickets should not be issued from the control pillar.
  1. Handle payment.
  • Payment can only be card (Master/Visa/Debt) or cash (50c, 1$, 2$, 5$, 10$, 20$, 50$).
  • For ordinary customer, according the duration of the stay in the car park charge should be calculated and displayed.
  • System should identify the notes and coins which are inserted by customer and the value added to an accumulated amount. When that amount exceed the charge, the ticket should be validated.
  • And also change should be given accordingly.
  • Invalid notes and coins can be identified and returned back to the customer.
  1. Control boom gates.
  • The barrier should be raised, after the customer pull the ticket from the control pillar.
  • Car should be detected by the sensor on the other side of the barrier when it has passed then barrier should be lowered.
  • When the customer reach the exit barrier should be detected by a sensor and then the control pillar should allow the customer to check the ticket and after complete the payment the barrier should be raised.
  • If this process consume more than fifteen minutes, the attendant can view the details of the ticket on his computer and should be able to control the barrier
  1. Record problem in a log book.
  • If there any fault of equipment or any other aspect of the operational system the maintenance company must be notified straight away.
  • The system should be able to generate static report of all faults.
  1. Manage security.
  • The security guard should be able to put his or her card into card reader and arrival date and time should be recorded. Leave time also should be recorded as the same.
  • The system should be able to handle one or more security companies.
  1. Hardware resources.
  • Computer
  • Boom gates
  • Ticket scanner
  • Printer
  • Security camera
  • Sensor
  1. Software resources.
  • Windows Operating System.
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Need a user friendly and lightweight operating system for the computers for manage all other software.

  • Browser.

Since the developed system is interacted with web the computers require browser in order to use it.

  • Database.

System require a central database to store and process all the data.

  • Barcode reader software.

By using this software the system can identify each and every barcodes which are on the ticket.

  • Payments handling software.

Using this software system can detect and identify the notes and coins get the accumulated amount.

  1. Financial resources.

The City Administration is fund for the project.

  1. Human resource.

Most of the activities of the car park is done by the system itself but to be the complete system the car park system need human interaction. So system need to at least 10 peoples to proceed,

  • Five peoples for the IT department. Three developers, one Tech Lead and one Project Manager
  • Three peoples from the client company. Tow from the security company and one from the maintenance company
  • One investor
  • User

There are some possible risks that can be happened while this car park system is using.

  • Natural disaster.

The significant increase in disasters of a natural and/or technological origin seen today has serious consequences for CI, the population, the environment, and the economy. These consequences have been exacerbated by the development of sociotechnical systems such as transport networks and industrial plants, their interdependencies, and their sensitivity to major hazardous events. (Farid kadri, Babiga birregah & Eric chatelet, 2014). Natural disaster like Earth quick, flood, fire, and tornado can be done major impact for the hardware, software and human resources of the system. As an example when Earth quick happened it can be effected for the hardware devices like CTTV camera, boom gates control pillar, computer etc. and also it can be harm people and vehicles in the car park.

  • Hardware failure.
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Hardware failures are permanent failures that occur over a period of time (Asim kadav, Matthew j renzelmann & Michael m swift, 2009). Hardware devices can fail, but many systems assume they do not. When confronted with real devices that misbehave, these assumptions can lead to driver or system failures (Roozbeh bakhshi, Surya kunche & Michael pecht, 2013). For an example if a boom gate will not work, cars can’t enter the car park.

  • Software failure.

Sometime software need to be updated for work with the new technologies

  • Database crash.

Valuable data can be lost because of database crash

  • Electricity failure.

This kind of systems are mainly depend on electricity. So electricity failure is major risk that this system have to face.

  • Lack of trained employee.

Sometime it can be hard to fine trained employee to work with the car parking system.

Propose outcome of this project is, that provide the efficient and effective car parking system for the people and avoiding unnecessary time wasting at the car park. And also this car parking system is very simple to control and manage and regulate for the city administration and can get higher business value in the city area.

By introducing this new car parking system with new technology can gain lots of benefits for the company. Since parking is becoming a major requirement of people who come to the city for office, busyness, studies, work, shopping and hospital etc. this kind of efficient parking system can get high demand rather than other car parking system.

Maintaining the parking system is becoming easier. Because of any fault of equipment can be notified by the system for the Maintenance Company.

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Another main benefit of car parking system is can operate with low manpower because of most of the activities of car park can be managed by the system itself therefor company can save lot of money

Safety and security of drivers and cars are very high because system has security management system itself. Therefor company can earn customer’s trust and can have regular customer base.

Another benefit of this system is system can keep the record easily in database and use them any way company want. Company use record for security purpose, financial purpose and maintain the statistic.

Using this kind of car parking system the City Administration can have maximum utilization of space in city area.


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