Offshore Catering Companies

The best way to break in the world of marine or oil rig employment is offshore catering companies. With no experience required on offshore locations, getting through the selection process is not tough either. As offshore catering companies provide catering operations in different countries, once can gain tremendous amount of experience and move up the employment ladder quickly as well.

The term off-shoring has different meanings in different context. In regard with catering business, companies which relocate their business processes in different countries or provide catering services and solutions offshore are termed as offshore catering companies. The management and control of offshore catering companies is outside the jurisdiction of its primary location. These businesses are organized and maintained in offshore financial centers.

Benefits of Offshore Catering Companies

For a mobile workforce, food becomes the most important factor for productivity as well as well being. Traveling in sea or long hauls in abroad locations can leave any one asking for regular food which one has grown up and get accustomed to. Absence of such basic requirements can leave the workforce dejected and listless. Therefore any business set up with mobile workforce or foreign stays must hire an offshore catering company that can deliver quality food all the time with consistency in taste as well as hygiene.

For a business, an offshore catering company takes care of the following things:

  • On demand availability of food: There are times when a crew member celebrates his birthday or marriage ceremony or there is a general get together. In such conditions, nicely cooked food with some exoticness can add more sheen to the event and thus give the workforce a much needed break from the monotony of the work lifestyle. Presence of offshore catering companies on board thus can make a lot of difference in the way the crew celebrates events.
  • Dedicated department with zero responsibility: As the food department belongs to an offshore catering company, the responsibility of arranging the infrastructure or the tools for cooking reduces to the bare minimum and the responsibility gets transferred to the offshore catering companies.
  • Cost benefits: Needless to say, hiring an offshore catering company has many cost benefits as well. One doesn’t need to set up the cooking infrastructure and bear the various overheads involved with the procurement of the raw materials and other things needed for the cooking process.
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However the benefits don’t stop only for the companies hiring offshore catering companies, In fact the offshore companies enjoy various benefits as well such as:

  • Tax discounts: The benefits of moving the business by offshore catering companies to an offshore location can be seen in terms of tax discounts they get by operating in offshore financial center.
  • Less Paperwork: Another advantage of forming offshore catering companies is reduced hassles of paper work which leads to the less complicated running of operations. Also little reporting work is required for auditing and verification purposes in offshore companies.
  • Confidentiality maintenance: By incorporating offshore catering companies one can keep the data about company structure and other affairs private which is not possible onshore.


Thus offshore catering companies, when seen as a full fledged industry, which needs security of data and various financial benefits, becomes a nice ways for the regular catering companies to increase the span of their clients and services.

Working in offshore catering companies

Working in offshore catering companies can be highly exciting and rewarding but at the same time, quite demanding. Working for offshore catering companies requires extensive diligence and commitment.

Catering work on offshore oil rigs is one of the popular jobs among jobseekers. An offshore oil company requires catering personnel like chefs, housekeeping staff and cooks on regular basis. Catering companies offer service offshoring for such requirements.

The most important thing required to work in offshore catering companies is ability to handle pressure as working conditions are really challenging. The work involves the preparation and presentation of quality food, cleaning and sanitation tasks and maintenance of cordial customer relationship.

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Offshore catering companies require a proper back office system to track various catering activities. If you want to work in offshore catering companies then you may explore several options available apart from culinary stuff. You can get involved in activities like planning and coordination of catering events, communicating with customers about menu requirements, creating and verifying catering budget and monitoring the quality of food and ingredients used.

There are number of work opportunities available in offshore catering companies like cooking, housekeeping, goods supply management, customer interaction etc. Apart from work experience one can benefit from some special training like first aid training and offshore survival training for getting hired in offshore catering companies.

Opportunities for Catering Personnel working in offshore catering companies

There are numerous opportunities available for catering personnel working offshore. Generally offshore catering companies get contract for offshore catering from different sectors. One of the important categories which require the services of offshore catering companies are oil rig companies. Offshore catering companies get requirement of catering staff from oil rigs not only for cooking but for a lot of other activities also, so opportunities for catering personnel are quite high and rewarding here. Listed below are some of the positions:


  • Chef Head Cook: Chef Head Cook has the important responsibility of managing the whole kitchen and preparing good quality meals. The job requires experience because the task is to prepare sumptuous food in huge amount and that on regular basis as well.
  • CampBoss: This is also a high level position that requires experience and is responsible for the management of whole offshore catering department.CampBossensures the smooth functioning of all the catering related activities and of course the preparation of healthy and nutritious food. There is catering staff which assists the camp boss in managing all this stuff.
  • Housekeeping staff: Housekeeping and cleaning activities also come under the catering department in offshore companies. Offshore catering companies are required to provide housekeeping staff along with other staff. Their job involves cleaning and maintaining kitchen area, mess, recreational and sleeping halls.
  • Night Baker:  All the bread, muffins, desserts needed by crew is baked by the night baker.
  • Offshore assistant Cook: Assistant cook helps the lead chef and also required to work as a night cook. He follows the instructions of master chef and prepares meals according to his recipes and guidelines.
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The options are not only many but voluminous as well. There are a plenty of offshore catering companies that generate a huge demand for such vacancies. However in order to get a job, one must show dexterity, multitasking, patience and high level of commitment.


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