Online Reservation For Car Service Information Technology Essay

The Project of Online Reservation for Car Service is needed for the country as technology grows fast in the world. The purpose to develop this project is to provide better solution to the problems that the customers faces. This website will provide customers to reserve their car services from their home or from office. For moment, there is non- availability such reservation system in Malaysia. Customer feels hard to send their car for service, either they need to reserve using telephony system or walk in to send their car for service.

At the end of these project, a prototype of justified system will develop which will provide a solution for the identify problem to improve the organizations revenue and performance. This system will be web based system where it is able to conduct an overall process of online registration and bookings too. The data will be stored in keep as privacy for each customer who has register.

Finally, the proposed system will save time for the customers who have to wait the queue for those who walk – in and telephone reservation.

Project objective

The main objective of this system is to provide customers with a much convenient and better way of booking their car services. It is an online system for car services reservation and users will have to sign up through the registration page so they’ll be able to view the various car services provided by the car services centre. This way of reservation is unique in Malaysia as it has been already implemented in other countries. This system is created to manage the reservation processes through online where the previous older ways were done manually.

This system would be a productive solution for users and the car services centre. It will also reduce the work process of the admin while the data will be kept securely.

Project scope

The scope of this online reservation for car services system covers various functions. Firstly, it covers the services information. This is when the users can view the services provided by the specified service centre.

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Secondly, it covers on identifying the location. Users can view on the location and images of the car services centre. This creates a better trust and understanding of the recognised service centre.

Thirdly, the system covers the operating hours of the service centres. This helps the users to familiarise themselves on the operating hours of the particular centre.

Fourthly, the system provides a log-in authority. This system provides access to members. This is where user who wants to send their car for services would have to register their details and car details online. Non-members can only view the basic interface of the online system.

Fifthly, this system covers the frequently asked questions (FAQ). This will certainly help the users to clarify any doubts that they have regarding the car services.

Sixthly, the system covers the report of the online processes. In this system, a report section where only specific authorized person are allowed to generate a report about the processes and data recorded. Seventhly, the system covers on online feedbacks. The registered user may send their feedback to the admin staff online.

Finally, in order to achieve the scope of this project, various researches will be conducted through observation, questionnaire, books, journals, Internet and etc. A vast idea will be identified to complete this project to make its process go on swiftly throughout.

Project deliverables

The proposed system in the project will produce various plus points as being a web-based system. First is the security. This consist user/Admin login accounts, automated user ID for Admin and registered user, and a secured database. Second is a paperless work. This consists of an online record keeping which is web-based and registration can be made online at anytime and anywhere. Third is the reduction of human error. This is when the report will be generated in various forms such as PDF, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel which will provide a much accurate calculation. Fourth is test cases and actual testing and finally would be the documentation of this project with appropriate implementation of the system and can be made as a use manual too.

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Target Audience

This system is targeted on car owners regardless of age, and occupation. Moreover, administrative staff in the services centre are targeted too because the proposed system will be more useful for them in the sense of reducing paper work and manual way of data keeping.

Functionality of the system

There are two types of functionality, which is internal functionality and External Functionality. The internal functionality are consists of administrator and the external functionality consists of user toft her system.


The proposed functionality of the system is to enhance a better reservation system to increase a better result in terms of accuracy of the cash flow and service management. The online reservation system will provide with Username and Password to enhance a better login security for the administrator. These is to manage the service authentication to check who has been reserved their service day by day. Therefore, the managers are able to get results to be summarized and to close the monthly transaction each every month. The accounts will be kept in a web based server to monitor and to keep track of daily operations to be determined in the future when it is necessary.


The user can register for free to use this reservation system. The login system enable user to update the current profile. Users are able to select their preferred time and date for their services. In conjunction, user able to select the pick-up and delivery service if there are interested and there are few monthly promotion can be selected. At the end of reservation, users are able to check out by selecting the payment methods.

The web server will update at the back office and the management will get the updates of the particular reservation.

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Company Background

Michelin – BS Services Centre Sdn. Bhd.

Source: Google Images

On year 1998, Michelin has established its Representative Office while on the year 2002; Michelin Malaysia Sdn Bhd has established its headquarters in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Currently Michelin Malaysia has made its mark in the local tyre industry. Michelin has a professional and ever growing distribution network easily recognized with a standardized store-front signage, and force strategically positioned and located at key market centres.

BS Service Centre Sdn Bhd is based on Michelin sponsorship to sponsor those car centre and service centre to develop their business entire Malaysia. These service centres have 2 branches in Kuala Lumpur and another in Petaling Jaya itself. These companies will emerge more sponsorship to give opportunity to those who wants to establish their own car centre.

As dated on 17 August 2012, Michelin is globally ranked 1,473,231 and ranked 11,155 in Malaysia (

Castrol – Golden Tyre Car Centre

Source: Google Images

Charles ‘Cheers’ Wakefield established an oil company in England on the 19th March 1899. He produced a new lubricant that reform transport in the first half of the 20th century after ten years later. He named the new oil as Castrol. To this day, the name Castrol is equal to premium quality, high performance and a leading edge technology in motor oils and automotive lubricants.

The headquarters for Castrol Industrial Malaysia is located in Kuala Lumpur. This company played a leading role in product technology and provides value added services to improve customers manufacturing process.

Today, Castrol sponsorship has grown rapidly due to more car service centre which enables the company to give work opportunity for those are needed. One of the sponsorship companies were known as Golden Tyre Car Centre which is located in Bukit Jalil and they also have another main centre in Kota Kemunig, Shah Alam.

As dated on 17 August 2012, Castrol is globally ranked 23,989,089 (



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