Opening The Palm Court Michelin Fine Dine Restaurant Management Essay

“Process is kind of system, where all activity, cost and duration justifying on connectivity between them. Wherever risk or competition are analyse, and possible substitutes or close down business are build to strike a demand less balance.”

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Project report show good piece of technical writing and as much a part of the project as doing the experimental work. However original and pure writing can be communicated to other people and also give brief information and knowledge about projects. Project report should be contain some important thing like well-defined and relatively safe shortlist a set of project, which are right for me, which is gives better advised to tackle harder, riskier projects that require to solve technical problem. When start writing project some problems are appear as a theoretical and practical basis, which is direct contact with relevance wider world of computing.

This report is being written because, of demand and requirement of different sources like new generation people, culture, single living tradition, technology, information and legal requirements etc. finally project aim and goal is to gives open information about project and bring appropriate changes into the project systems.

3] Literature Review:

In1988. Cooper, H.M. said, “A literature review is uses of to gathered data to maintain first and pure commitment, and it does not include new primary statement or commitment. First source of literature might be oral or verbal, but giant amount of literature reports are printed only in document. The vary of statement might be empirical, theoretical, critical/analytic, or methodological in forms. Secondary source of review state to summarise, evaluate, clarify and/or integrate the content of primary reports.”

Cooper, H.M. (1988), ‘The structure of knowledge synthesis”

Knowledge in society, Vol. 1, pp. 104-126′

3.1] Project Management:

Project management, by point of view of author written quotes said, “Trying to manage a project without project management is like trying to play a football game without a game plan”.

(K. Tate ‘Past Board Member, PMI’)


Author of free management library stating following consideration of his view, Project management is a pre-planned and pre-organised activity to achieve a one time unique target or goal. For example, constructing a tower or developing new computer game. Project management is describing to create project plan, which is introducing project aims and objectives, stating target and how task will be successfully completed, and providing importance of resources, which needed for project and clarifying cost and budget with time duration for completion.

3.1.1] Project Management relate following given points:

project management it also include some implementation of the project plan, along with we have to give a consider to maintain and control to give right direction to achieve accurate and pure information on ‘performance’ related to the plan, and provide maximum efforts, where its needed.

Project management is following stages or levels with various headline, which is also include feasibility, definition, project plan, Modification, innovation and help/maintenance.

Program planning is generally of vast scope than project planning, but as well has significant difference in their different geographical areas, e.g. Europe and United state of America.)

(Author: Kevin Lonergan; Free Management Library, Volume 21, Number 2, April 2010)

3.2] Project Planning:

By Gerard M Blair, “The success of a project will depend critically upon the effort, care and skill you apply in its initial planning.”

Gerard M Blair is a Senior Lecturer in VLSI Design at the Department of Electrical Engineering, The University of Edinburgh. His book Starting to Manage: the essential skills is published by Chartwell-Bratt (UK) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (USA). He welcomes feedback either by email ([email protected]) or by any other method found here

Through by author describing, a specifications of definition statement concept; by defensive point of view, normally the explanation of contain errors, statement, wrong decision and not enough information will make you and your team failure. So whenever you plan, you must read, understand, revise and get confident that everyone agreed with the project is working for same aims and goals. The result of deliberation should be agreed by all involved team and project peoples, because are no short-cuts to this; if you fail to spend the time initially, it will cost you far more later on.

This written specification has given several benefits like:

The clear decision making will solve problem from wrong decision making.

Pure Clarity of project deletes contradictory assumptions.

The statement, which based on true concerned, it will give you help to read and observe more detail about project planning.

4] Project Risk Management:

By through of Michelanqelo quotes; “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark”

 Michelangelo quotes (Italian sculptor, painter, architect & poet, considered the creator of the Renaissance, 1475-1564)

In this quotes author is saying in project most uncertainty is not, we are expecting high goal or achievement and getting failure, but if we are targeting aim is too low and achieving our mark. So this is our Uncertainty of risk.

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Risk management is an essential part of project management. For that we have to careful and are prepared for solution, if anything wrong or bad happens.

Following given some common examples of project risks:

Threats of substitution of projects

Lack of resource requirements

Time and cost estimates too optimistic

Consumer and supporters reviews feedback are too slow

Bad conversation result in misunderstanding, waste of time, failure result.

Projects risk managements

5] Definition of Project:

Today, Restaurant industry is the third largest industry in the world. by Authors folkway said, this is modern living generation demand is high, that’s why people are giving first preference to eat their meals out of from their house, restaurant business growing faster and faster. It was 7year before, people were spending only 15% of their income on meals away from house but now this no. of percentage is increased by 40% that is why, we can see today’s no. opening of new restaurant increasing rapidly on day-to-day basis.

As we all knows now restaurant business is high revenue producing source of business because of its maintaining business cycle rotation. So that why I decided to make project on Restaurants and title of project is ‘Palm Court’ the Michelin star fine dine restaurant. Restaurant is going to sell Pure Vegetarian English traditional Food and Alcohol, which is going to open in Kings road Sea front busies area in Brighton, In year 2015; Brighton’s place where every year thousand of thousand people coming to enjoy their vacation or holiday and spending huge money for food and drink. For project ‘Palm Court’ restaurant seating capacity will be 150 people and 4500 square feet space with sea facing garden area. This restaurant is situated in city centre area and 5 minute walk away from National railways station and bus station. Costumer can also enjoy club, pubs, bars, etc. facility from 5 to 10 minute walk from restaurant. If question is, who will be my restaurant customer then answer is mainly tourist, because Brighton is place very famous for open sandy beach and some important place like Brighton pier, Sea Life, and most famous Brighton & Hove Art Gallery etc. These all resources will help to generate more profit and also give way to be successful entrepreneurs in the Competitive business Industry.

6] Project Costing and Budgeting: Following have given Estimating Cost and Budgeting of ‘The Palm Court’ the Michelin star fine dine Restaurants. There are …

‘The Palm Court’ the Michelin fine dine Restaurants of

Costing & Budgeting

Sales Investment Structure

Lover level


Medium Level


Upper Level


Average Level


Total Annual cost of Investments -£





Total of year Sales-£





Total of year of return on investments- £





Total year Profit





Total of year profit -%





Total of year of return on investments- %





How long ‘month’ take to make Profit

6 month

7 month

8 month

7 month 24 days

Cost Estimation

Lover level


Medium Level


Upper Level


Average Level


Estimated Commencing Cost with land rent cost- £





Total business Commencing Cost with land rent cost sq. ft.- £





Total cost of Construction with land rent cost- £





Total cost of per sq. ft. Construction with land cost- £





Total Cost of Kitchen & Bar & Restaurant Equipments- £





Total Cost of Kitchen & Bar & Restaurants Equipments.- £





Total cost of Staff and labour- £





Total cost of staff & labour per person.- £





Total cost of Land and Building-£





Requirement of Land

Lover level


Medium Level


Upper Level


Average Level


Total Space requirements of sq. feet.





Total Equipments of kitchen & Bar & Restaurant





Total Staff & labour Required





Total Estimation of Requirement ( Land sq. ft. & K.B. R Equipments & Labour )




9300 , year- 1998-2010

7] Project Scheduling:

For project scheduling below have given description on WBS, AOA network, forward and backward, Pass calculation, float, and critical path project completion time.

7.1] Work Breakdown Structure: Work Breakdown structure of Project

‘The Palm Court’…the Michelin* Fine Dine Restaurants, describe below in Flow Chart

Dummy Line

‘Palm Court’

Restaurant Installation


Construction of

Reception & Bar

Department {1} [1.1]

Construction of

Food & Service

Department {2} [1.2]

Purchase Alcohol, Furniture & Service Gear {4} [1.1.1]

Developing Food & Beverage Production Department{3} [1.2.1]

Developing Food & Beverage Service Department {6}[1.2.2]

Arranging Kitchen Equipments & Utensils

{5} []

Creating Customer Assistance Area

{7} []

Install Reception Counter

{8} []

Install Food & Beverage Serving Area

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{9} []

Place/ Arrange

Furniture & Linen

{10} []

7.2] A project ‘The palm Court’ restaurant have 10 activities, which is (1,2,3…10) and below have given chart which is showing no. of activities, and dependency of activity, duration in day with (EFT, LET and Float) for the project.

Number of


Dependency of


Duration in






























7.3] Activity-On-Arrow Networks (AOA): In Activity-on-Arrow networks, there is total 10 activities, 8 dependency, 6 critical path, total days to complete project’s 100. Project’s start from ’00’ and finish ‘100’. In line chart there is Dummy line indicated with dotted line and indicated from 1 to 2.

‘The Palm Court’…the Michelin* fine dine Restaurant










40Start Points 1

// 4 Finish Point








00 40















2 3 5

15 15

20 8 10

// 15 15









65 25 //




85 7 9

//10 //


7.4] forward and backward pass Calculations: Following have given description on Project that is base on AOA network.

7.4.1] forward Pass calculation:

1. Activities 1, 4 total pass calculations are 65.

2. Activities 2, 3, E total pass calculation is70.

3. Activities 2, 6, 7 and 8 total pass calculation is 90.

4. Activities 2, 6, 7, 8 and J total pass calculation is 100.

So, after forward pass calculation, there is activity 2, 6, 7, 9 and 10 is longest path and also showed highest total of project completion 100 days.

7.4.2] backward pass calculation:

Activity 4, 1 start total is 65 and finish on 00.

Activity 5, 3 and 2 total start is 70 and finish on 00.

Activity 8, 7, 6 and 2 start total is 90 and finish on 00.

Activity 10, 9, 7, 6 and 2 start total is 100 and finish on 00.

In Backward Calculation start activities from 10, 9, 7, 6 and 2, it is start highest than other no. 100 and finish on ’00’.

7.5] Float (Slack):

‘Float’ or ‘Slack’ is defined calculation between the time required and the time available for the project schedule activity.

Float calculation = Latest event time – Earliest event time

[Activity: LET 1 – EET 10]

[25 = 40 – 15]

7.6] Critical Path:

Project ‘The Palm court’ critical path is show on activity 1, 1-2 dummy line, 6, 7, 9 and finished on 10. These all activities are critical path of my project have ’00’ float.

7.7] Project Completion Time:

For the project completion time is divided into four activities. Activities are…

Activities 1 and 4 finished their work in 65 days.

Activities 2, 3 and 5 finished their work in 75 days.

Activities 2, 6, 7 and 8 finished their work in 90 days

Activities 2, 6, 7, 9 and 10 finished their work in100 days.

Project management: lesson 3, Slide no. 1 to 40.

Developing a project plan – part 1: AOA

College of technology London, spring 2009.

8] Risk Identification:

Risk identification is role is determining risk of project and identifying which risk and how it can affect the project process. Risk identification is very essential for beginning of project, while project might be face critical position in process. It’s also gives benefits to advance indication to identify project risk and as soon as problem will solve and continue project safely. Risk identification is basically analyse risk through of Qualitative risk and Quantitative risks, basically risk always create in between project process planning and that’s why risk identification is playing important role in project planning.

High Risk Identification: which include some important points…

Before opening restaurants must be make survey on

Market Environment, people demand, and competitors and make sure

There is No-Substitute of your product and services.

2. In project planning some problem create from your project

Scope, schedule, cost and break down structure and other


Risk managements also analysing before risk will appears

In the planning process. Which’s include different element of

Project like what, why, where, when, who, why and how it’s

Critical risk identification.

for project development actual cost is sufficient for your

Sanction budget numbers.

In project most important role of risk identification is

Analysing duration and time, where project should be completed on the time.

9] Risk Evaluation:

“According to management priorities, by risk category and rated by likelihood and possible cost or consequence.”

Risk evaluation is attached with analysing probability of separate risk and outer side of risk, which affect on project process.

Risk evaluation happening because of some uncertain reason like:

Un-certain accident happen e.g. staff injuries, network and electricity failure, big loss in operation.

It could be reason seasonal business areas, where business making money in season but bad weather makes interference.

Risk impact mainly effect on outcome of project.

Risk Evaluation impact consider on some particular elements like: i] people ii] benefits iii] time iv] Quality.

Ref: The Risk management guide


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10] Risk Response Planning:

Risk response planning is system, it’s giving help to increase benefits opportunities and decrease threats project. It’s only possibility, when project planning is perfect and giving right direction for completion. In project development of risk, research is necessary; it does only happen when qualitative and quantitative risk analysing process work. For project planning is not uncertainty, but I would be solve by one or more people e.g. owner, stake holder. They can easily tackle this risk, when doing planning; if not it’s give lot pain for responsible person.

Risk response planning is creating error for success of project and increasing obstacles to make delay for project completion.

11] PERT (Program Evaluation Review Technique)

PERT is system of analysing the project activity target, where each task has given duration limit to complete project on the time.

So, basically PERT role is analysing needed time and helping to finish task minimum time duration. PERT work starts from each project work and finish on total project task work.

In my project PERT will help to identify each task of project and provide require time to complete my project on the time before deadline. It will also help my project to reduce my expenses on project e.g. labour cost, materials cost, rented land cost, necessary machinery Cost etc.

Reported by: Raymund N. Sanchez

Slide share, 2009

12] Resource-constrained scheduling:

In project management during project planning and project controlling, it’s playing important role to solve scheduling problem and developed resource-constrained of project. This is also creating a help to exceed sub-activity and trying to terminate before project completion deadline. This is easy way to introduced project in short structure and short period of time.

In hence, project planning is main source problem, where huge project task is chasing to complete project on the reasonable time. Resource constrained scheduling is giving solution to finish task on the time with help to reduce time, due dates, alternatives relation, and time dependency resource in order to end up project task under time limit.

Scheduling of resource-constrained projects, 2000

Ref: by Robert Klein

Kluwer academic publishers

Part I

13] Project Crashing: Following have given points to support my project to indicate project crashing are…

When start up project, budget is more than enough but in between project process, I faced some un-certain crashes e.g. legal policies notice for public, accident happened with staff member, un-certain recession, tsunami etc for these crashes, I had spend cost and time on project. That’s reason I delayed to complete project under time limit.

My restaurant project is going smoothly suddenly in between some operation question crashes arise and crashes are very important to solve and for solution it’s took more time to sort it out.

14] Critical Evaluation of the developed project plan:

Developing a project evaluation plan is showing path to connect various parts of project. It also gives view to how to get involved in project related information and expand details. Critical evaluation is give chance to research on project in advance and analyse submit crucial information of project and get feedback from literature to on the basis take right decision for project.

While commencing project plan, its give some project planning occur to affect on other activity. Points to considering are…

In project process start up need to be gathered all data relate for project formative stages e.g. building design structure, place location, product substitution, and successful competitor’s sales and marketing strategy. Pre-analyse data gives help to develop project output and input.

Considering on project evaluation need to be in advance clearly evaluate output and outcome of the project. It will help you to get standard achievement possibility and project will complete on appropriate finishing standard level.

Ref. University of Tasmania

Project evaluation tools, 2005

15] Recommendation for Project:

Following have given points to support and recommend project report. Points are…

15.1] Project ‘The palm court’ restaurants is going to provide pure vegetarian food, on this point my own recommendation is; it’s make unique business strategy and promote people to ‘Go vegetable food’ and participate to stop killing animal.

15.2] when developing project, you should always keep contiguous protection for natural disaster and hazard because ‘Precaution is always better than cure’.

15.3] Restaurant should provide excellent quality of food and expertise hospitality of service then you are successful to earn loyalty. Once you win customer loyalty then your profit margin will always be high in the market.

16] Conclusion:

Overall I feel this project has been a success; on the basis Project ‘The Palm Court’ restaurant will be successful restaurants in the competitive market reason is great location, unique business strategy, demand of pure vegetarian food; This all element will make my restaurant project successful. In future, I like see restaurant will top leading position restaurant in the restaurant industry.

This project is also showing importance of restaurant in our life.

17] Project References:

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