Organizational Goals And Role Of Goal Unity Management Essay

In life each human has a desire. And his desire make him work and walk toward his desire and that what is called his goals. A goal is a desired result where effort are committed to fulfill the goal. For each organization there has to be a target or a goal where all the action and behaviors are directly or indirectly fulfilling the goal. An organization goal is an official goals which is the general purposes of the organization as a whole. Each organization has a main goal that all efforts and missions are directed to fulfill it.

In an organization each individual has its own missions to achieve a general goal for a team which he is a member of. A successful of each individual to achieve his/ her goal is lead to a success of achieving the team goal. And for each team to be successful to achieve its goal is also lead to achieve the organization goal. Therefore the unity of each individual goal achieve a team goal. And the unity of each team goal achieve the organization goal.

In Siemens each employee or team member’s target are related to the target of the whole business. Siemens states that ‘our business success depends on the performance of each individual, our teams and the total organization’. To achieve a high performance team, each team member has to work toward a shared goal and also share the responsibility of achieving the team target. Therefore the team will share the responsibility of the result achieved by the team as a whole and in that way the team performance will improve over time.

Each organization has a main target and have some other targets related to the main target. The main target cannot be achieved by a single responsibility, there has to be team work and shared responsibility. High performance of each team member lead to a success of the team as a whole if the target of each team member working toward a shared main target. And the target of each team has to work toward the main target of the organization.

Analyze the impact of using performance related pay on organizational effectiveness over the long term and briefly discuss the alternatives to the scientific management approach. Assess which approach is applied by Siemens and analyze its effectiveness using examples from the case.

PRP is a performance related pay which is rewarding employee extra payment for his good performance. In that way it encourages all employee to perform better and work as hard as they can by paying them on who well they perform their work. PRP is used in most of the firms in USA and almost two third of UK companies are using PRP on some of their employee depend on his positions. Most of the organization are introducing PRP to get people work harder to be paid for it.

The problem with this strategy is that it is going to make employee to work harder for a goal that bring him reward instead of working to for the organizational goal. PRP make employee work efficiently rather than working effectively by working to get faster result.

Using PRP has negative impact on the organization over a long term. It has six reason why PRP fail most of the time. First, paying more to the employee is not a motivator on itself and paying less is a de-motivator. Second reason is that not receiving the reward is undistinguished with punishment therefore the effect of not receiving the reward is the same as punishment for the employee. Third reason is that rewarding a single member of a team work for his performance makes him or her being selfish on reaching the target. Each member will only look for his individual target and will never think of the team goal and it produce jealousy between team members. Fourth, there might be other affects in the system that affecting the performance negatively like resources, poor environment or facilities. Depending on PRP will overlook of these obstacles and not finding the solution for increasing the performance. Fifth reason is that, employee will only follow the reward criteria that have been set by an organization in order to gain the reward and they will not look for new ways to improve the performance of an organization as a whole. An extrinsic motivation like a PRP is undermine intrinsic motivation like recognition or self interest of success. And that will make the employee feel that if they have to bribe him then he must be doing something he would not want to do.

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There are several ways to motivate the employee performing better by performing intrinsic motivator to him rather than extrinsic motivator. PRP is an extrinsic motivator which undermine intrinsic motivator. To build intrinsic motivator the organization has to build a good environment for the employee to work. The environment could be tangible like the place of work or intangible like how friendly are the team member. The other motivator is the sense of achievement if the employee have done right thing that made the team succeed on reaching the target. Most importantly is employee’s recognition for his good work that have been done.

Siemens believe that full engagement of the employees in the workplace will make them motivate themselves and gives them commitment and organization citizenship. Siemens believe in cooperate responsibility rather than individual responsibility. All employees will share the same target which is called business strategy. And part of Siemens business strategy of people management is something called people excellence. People excellence is building a high performance culture by give them responsibility and trust.

how to get comitment

Siemens state that ” individuals develop such motivation when they feel that their effort are valued and that they are doing something worthwhile”. Part of Siemens engagement process is to make employees feel part of a successful team and they believed that there are several way to make the employee feel valued and engaged. Personal letter, special mention, promotion or even pat on the back are some of the actions that make the employee feel valued.

In conclusion, PRP is a good idea to make employees and people work harder to get to the target but it is affecting the organization negatively in a long term. PRP is an extrinsic motivator which is making the employee work for a reward rather for his own joy or self-esteem. Siemens apply and combine both extrinsic and intrinsic motivator to motivate their employees and make them feel they are part of the organization citizenship and make them working toward whatever improve the company’s performance.

Assess the role of organizational structure on effectiveness and performance analyzing how adopting the wrong structure can lead to failure. Justify your work based on concepts covered in T205B concept file 04, section III structure, and section IV Development.

Structure is part of the world where everything in the world are involved and participating in the structure. A systematic definition of structure is an assemble of interconnected parts that does something and is of interest to somebody. In an organizational view of structure it is map of a communication structure where it can be an official map, informal structure or personal viewpoints.

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When the organization grows up some new activities has to be taken or maybe some existing tasks are splitting up generating or complex organizational processes where more specialized jobs are emerged. Therefore to improve the effectiveness and the performance of the organization there has to be groups and teams where people in each group are doing related process and share the targets. The organization has to be structure in way that the responsibilities has to be divided into several departments for each department to manage their groups or team professionally.

There are several effects that can make the structure fail to perform effectively with the resources the organization have. A failure of a structure means the cost goes up, performance goes down and creativity is inhibited. Top down approach is a re-engineering a difficulty rather than a mess where it is a goal oriented to the structure. The problem with this structure is that first, the consultant may not be aware of a little political differences between the employees and the implementation might be diverted as a result of political pressure. Secondly, people as a passive component does not work well. They can work better if they work to do something they want to do or in an organization intelligence. In this approach only the engineers are getting this freedom and all the other participants are tend to be passive component.

The second approach is a bottom up approach where it tend to solve the mess rather than difficulties. But he problem with this approach is that it can be easily become costly in a participant time. And by focusing on bottom up approach it also lead to not addressing the top down approach concerns and difficulties.

In conclusion, the grown organization has to adopt the right structure to manage their recourses effectively and not over used the layered structure that increase the cost of the administration.

Discuss the role of organizational culture in shaping organizational performance and assess the role of Siemens organizational culture on performance. Word Count 350 Words. (15 % Marks).

The organization culture is the glue that put the social together that give the organization its own recognizable personality and unity. It is the commonalties and the shared emotions and values in between members and employees toward the organization and the members of the organization. Culture can be vary into different respect and it is hard to be classified into an easy way.

The performance of the organization members and employees has a good relation with the organization culture where the culture plays as a glue to connect members and employees to the organization emotionally. It is defining the relationship within members in the organization structure and the communication between them. And emotional culture can make people feel the organization as it grows over time and perform the duty as it should be and be creative to improve the performance.

In Siemens culture they are emphasizing teamwork for a teamwork culture. This type of organization culture make the team members work together as family and share the fail and success of the team as a whole. Chief Executive Officer of Siemens stat that “‘Many times in my life I have seen how one individual can make a big difference, particularly when working in a great team. The quality of our people and of our teams is our most valuable resource, particularly in today’s changing world where knowledge flows round the globe with lightning speed and is easily available”. Therefore Siemens target for the employees is to be part of the business and feel part of the success. Employees also need to know who they can fit into the business.

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The size of the organization can define the perfect culture for the organization to be a success business. Communication within the organization members and feeling the citizenship of the organization can make the perfect culture for the employees to perform as better as he or she can. Siemens emphasized the teamwork culture where each member of the team feel the important of himself and work with the team for a shared target and share the success of a team as a family.

Discuss the importance of investing in people for organizational effectiveness. Word Count 350 word. (10% marks)

Investing in people is a standard design which made by business and will meet the business objectives. It is a business improvement tool which is administrated by UK commission for employment and skills and it was supported by innovation and skills, department for business. There are about 40000 organization working on investors in people where there are more the 7 million employees in these organization. It is helping to achieve organization objective. And it is playing an important role for improving the efficiency of the business.

Focusing on developing and harnessing employee’s skills can help achieving the real result and make continues improvement for different kind of business. The standard design is divided into three key principles which are plan, do review. To plan is to improve strategies to improve performance. And to do is to take action for improving performance. Finally to review is to evaluate the impact of the performance of the organization. When the organization is uniquely built and has it is own strength there has to be challenges and priorities. It meant to be focusing on the framework to fulfill the business priorities. Investors in people can improve financial performance, drive innovation, explore other business priorities or support employee engagement. Investing on people is to perform a research to come out with framework of the best practice to make changes to reflect the changing needs of the organization. it is to develop business strategies to improve performance and there are several strategies. First strategy is business strategy for improving performance of a clearly defined goals. Second strategy is learning and development strategy to achieve organization’s objectives. Thirdly, people management strategy for managing people to promote the quality of work by develop the organization people. Finally, leadership and management strategy by having the capability for the management to lead develop and manage people effectively. And by taking actions to improve the performance there are several steps to implement if. First is effective management where managers are leading managing and developing people effectively. Secondly, recognition and reward where people contributions are valued and recognized. Thirdly involvement and empowerment where employees are encouraged to take ownership and responsibilities by being a decision-making. Finally is to learn and developing effectively. And by reviewing and evaluating the impact on the performance of the organization there are two steps. The first is to performance measurement to measure whether investing in people improve the performance. Secondly, continuous improvement for the employees to improve performance.

In conclusion, investing in people is a way to improve the performance of the organization for the people to concentrate on the organization objectives. And it is playing an important role to improve the efficiency of the business. And that happened by plan do and review performance of the employees.

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