Overview Of The Communication Process Information Technology Essay

Communication is a learned skill. We must learn to speak as well and communication effectively even most of us are born with the physical ability to talk. There are various ways to understanding the verbal and nonverbal meanings thru our speaking, learning and ability skill. We learn the basic communication skill by observing other people and modeling our behaviors based on what we see. We also taught some communication skill through education, by practicing skill and having them evaluated.

In simple terms, communication can be defined as an action. Communication not only in written form or oral, even a gentle touch or a knowing look can also communicate a message loud and clear, as can an angry slap or a hard push. Take an example: babies communicate basic wants through crying. It does not include language and don’t have to be vocalized. It is just a simple transmit information from one person to another person.

It must have a message that being transferred from sender to receiver in every instance of communication. The sender and receiver must have some words, signs o signals in common with each other to make sure for the communication to be success so that message can easy to deliver and understood. Communication is also a two-way interaction between to parties to transmit information and mutual understanding between themselves. The interchange of information from one party to another is best when a discussion available, it can makes the communication easier because the receiver can ask questions and receive answer to clarify the massage.

1.1 Communication Process

The communication process is the guide toad realizing effective communication. Effective communication leads to understanding, it is also opportunities to become more productive if that follow the communication process. Sender and the receiver take place in the sharing through the communication process.

Communication process is a set of steps that will undertaken in an organization while every time formal communication. It is helps to ensure that your stakeholders are kept regularly informed.

The communication process is made by four key of components. Those components include encoding, channel, decoding, and feedback. Sender and the receiver are also the two other factors in the process. The communication process begins by the sender and ends with the receiver. Noise in the communication process is any kind of interruption which can disturb the communication.

1.1.1 Sender (encoder)

Sender is the boss who release the message originated. The sender must stat to encoding in order to convey meaning. You also need to be confident in the information that you communicate is useful and accurate. A positive attitude of the communicators and the meaningful symbols select by the communicators are the factor that will determine how effective the communicator will be.

1.1.2 Encoding

Encoding is the process that transferring the information you want, and correctly decoded at the other end with the form of communicated. Ability of convey information clearly and simply, eliminate and anticipate sources of confusion will deeply affected whether success or not of your encoding. Knowing your audience is a important key part of encoding, result in delivering messages will be misunderstood if your are failure to understand who you are communicating with.

1.1.3 Channel (medium of transmit)

Channel means use to convey the message with non-verbal and verbal interaction. The sender uses some kind of channel to begin transmit their message. The effectiveness of the different types of channels fluctuates depend the characteristic of the communication. Most channels are letters, memos, emails, reports, meeting, telephone and videoconferencing. There are different strengths and weaknesses of different channel. For example, oral communication channel become more effective when immediate feedback is necessary, because it can be cleared up on the spot of an uncertainties. So that select the appropriate channel will greatly assist in the effectiveness of receiver’s understandings.

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1.1.4 Decoding

Decoding is performed in receiver side in the communication process. Decoding is once the message is received and examined, the stimulus is sent to the brain for interpreting, in order to assign some type of meaning to it. The receiver will correctly interprets the sender’s message is the communication takes place successful.

1.1.5 Receiver (decoder)

Receiver is the person who simply receiving the message. Communication will only successful when the reaction of the receiver is that which the communicator intended. All the interpretation by the receiver is influenced by their knowledge, perception, attitudes, experiences, skill, and culture. It is actually similar to the sender’s relationship with recoding.

1.1.5 Feedback

Feed back is the reply we receive to the message sent. It may a request for further clarification, a responses oral or written feedback, and undesirable decision or a detailed report. The sender cannot confirm whether the receiver has interpreted the message correctly or not without feedback. It also provides an opportunity for the sender to avoid the wrong action and to clarify a misunderstood message.

1.1.6 Noise

Any things will interfere the understanding of communication also called as noise. In this instance, the message was not properly constructed and hence the secretary did not understand it as intended by the sender. In any way, noise is any stimulus that will be interferes with the communicator’s ability to achieve the understanding.

The ways to ensure the intended audience to receive right message

A good communication skill can ensure the intended audience to receive the right message and it can reduce the misunderstood on message receiver. There have some effective ways to ensure the intended to get a right message:

Completeness: The message must be complete to bring the desirable result. You must understand what is the reader wants or needs and you must also provide all the necessary information to answer the entire question. You can also give some extra information when desirable.

Comprehensive and Conciseness: Eliminate the wordy expression, must avoid needless ‘filter’ words and phrase. Inside the communication, you must include the only relevant materials, dun want include any un-relevant information to confuse the message receiver.

Concreteness: Add the flashed word picture, made facts vivid into the communication. Try to add some specific facts and figure try to attractive the message receiver. Some more can put the action into your verbs.

Clarity: when communication to someone, make sure u are clear about your goal or message. Try to minimize the number of ideas in each sentence. Make sure your sentence is easy to understand your meaning.

Correct: Make you are fits to your audience when you are in communication.

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You have to apply a communication process if you wish to communicate formally within an organization. The communication process is the perfect guide toward to achieve an effective communication. Certain barriers may present in the communication process and it may bring the negative impact on the process. By the way, you can get the feedback on the communication which have take place and it can be entre that future communication are improve. Successful and effective communication within an organization stems from the implementation of their communication skill if they follow the communication process. All members within the organization will avoid the barriers and can be improved. Communication skill is important because it can avoid the wrong message you send or receive.

2.0 Introduction

A good communication between the firm’s and the customer is quite important. It may direct influence the popularity of the product. So there are important on which kind of advertising will you choose to promo your business. Select a right media for one to send out your message is an important step to developing your sales and marketing plan. The right media for one business may be wrong for another.

Dubway is going to launch at Ipoh area. Dubway is an American restaurant, primarily they sells sandwiches, salads, and personal pizza. Target market of Dubway at Ipoh will be the people who wake up early can hope to buy a healthy breakfast quickly.

As the product manager of the first Dubway of Ipoh, I’m choosing the methods, the mediums and the vehicles that i would use to communicate with our target audience to persuade them to buy our product.

2.1 Advertising medium

Advertising medium is the media variable to carries the advertiser’s message to the consumer. This is the vital connection between the product or services and the customer who willing to buy it. Usually a plural term of media is describing channel of mass communication. A common advertising media will be magazine, radio, television and newspaper. Example of other communication vehicles: direct mail, billboard, transit inflatable, blimps, balloons, interactive, fax and satellite.

2.1.1 Print Media

Print media is the most effective way to disseminating the information of advertisement to the masses. Example of print media: newspaper, flyer, brochure and magazine. An advertisement in print media can reach a wide number of people in a given geographic to get the information because it is high reader involvement. In general, print media is a slightly better opportunities to catch the reader’s attention. But it will be not effective if your advertisement in a not obvious page or design.

2.1.2 Electronic Media

Electronic media is the mode of electronic transmission. Its include television, radio, internet, CD-ROMs, DVD, cinema and etc. Electronic media of internet are unlimited distribution at little or no cost. These are also in a lower barrier to entry for content creators compared to traditional media. It can also let the huge number of people to get the information. It also provided the creativeness for the firms who want to make an advertisement.

2.1.3 Transmit Media

Transmit media can be defined as a out-door media. It’s may include the bus, cab, airplane with the advertisement poster, a balloon with the brand name and color or etc. But this kind of advertisement can’t transmit the detail of information to the consumer.

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2.2 Dubway advertising thru newspaper

Dubway will choose to advertising about their information in newspaper. There are few advantage of advertise on newspaper:

A reasonable cost when the firms make an advertisement in newspaper. They can also depend the price or the structure of their firms, their budget to decide the advertisement size and placement within the newspaper. This is the cost effective advertisement, it’s allows you to reach a huge number of people in a given geographic area. Advertisement through newspaper let the firm enjoy the high effectiveness but lower cost compare with other advertising media for example: television and magazine.

Advertisement at newspaper also can unlimited exposure by firms, readers can go back to your message again and again if so desired. Usually take an advertisement at newspaper, they will free help in creating and producing and copy is usually available. Newspaper also a quick turn-around to helps the firm advertisement reflect the changing market conditions. The advertisement of firm will decide to run today can be in the customer’s hand in one to two days.

2.3 Dubway advertisement

Dubway’s main product will be the sandwich. Dubway uses ‘Eat Fresh’ as their slogan and there are explain how the every sandwich freshly and baked dough. Each sandwich also made by the fresh ingredients and they are exact specification in front of their customer.

Now a days, most people are take care about their healthy, fast food may put into the list of rubbish food in majority people who so care about their health. So that the concept of Dubway is try to change the opinion of the people. Eat fresh be the slogan of Dubway, it try to let the people who can enjoy the healthy, full of nutrient, fast and nice food.

They have a lot of choices at Dubway such as steak and cheese sandwich, meatball sandwich, roast beef sandwich, turkey breast and ham sandwich and etc. Coca-cola, Pepsi, Coffee and etc drinks also available at Dubway.

Any photo makes customer has their choice to decide what flavor they likes, then, these photo should be colorful and looks freshness. However, these photos supposed to be attractive from customer. Use some of words to advertise such as “eat fresh”, that compare with McD or KFC will be more attractive. Because of customer prefer the food freshness. some more the name of every flavor let customers have their easier. Eat fresh this slogan is to obviously promo the product with the fresh ingredient. The nine picture of sandwich is the most popular order from customer.

2.4 Conclusion

Advertising is one for the important things that present product or services of the firms. Advertising helps to keep the consumer informed about the any new product are available and trying to make a connection to the potential consumer. It helps to spread awareness about product or services that are use to consumer and potential buyers.

In a successful business, advertising play an essential and important role. Advertising can increase the sales of product and service. In other way, advertising also increase the popularity of your product or services.

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