Performance appraisal for human resources


Usually as everybody thinks that working in human resources has one hard moment. It is hard to recognize when the job is successfully completed. However, human Resources activities and initiatives are usually a long term activities and it is hard to see any result immediately. As we can give a description, for Performance appraisal which may engage too many things such like identification, besides measurement, along with management of individual performance in business enterprises. Business enterprises frequently carry out appraisals designed for managerial, which is a assessment concerning a staff work circumstances, together with promotions along with rewards, also or even developmental, which is a assessment concerning spiraling the staff profession talents, together with counseling along with teaching principles. On the other hand, we can add here that dissatisfaction in the midst of appraisals is widespread. Moreover, on the same subject as it has been disclosed frequently that Human Resource proficient’s, as well line managers, in addition to staff voice frustration. Furthermore, we can find also that a lot of workforces comprise trouble through appraisal that might explanation for the little life extent of the standard appraisal scheme.

Etihad Airways Performance appraisal system:

Etihad Airways is the National Airline of the United Arab Emirates. The airline was set up and started commercial operations in 2003, in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE. Etihad started with an initial paid-up capital of AED500 million, with the twin objectives of creating an airline that would put up with the UAE flag and expand true Arabian hospitality to their guests. Their name reflects this spirit: ‘Etihad’ is Arabic for ‘united’, and for this reason a representation of the bonding along with the seven emirates that constitute the UAE. So far, Etihad grew at an extraordinary rapidity, accumulation more or less one new route a month. In June 2007, Etihad achieved another milestone: 42 destinations. By 2010, Etihad plan to touch 70 international destinations.

The performance appraisal system in the Etihad Airways has a vertical chain of dialogue and reviews must be strengthened, for which the performance appraisal system will play an essential role in the case of Etihad Airways. The prime responsibility for action to preparation failures in performance will lie with supervisors and managers at all levels in the Etihad Airways. Additionally, the Etihad Airways is taking into consideration establishing transparent liability mechanisms and will define the policy framework for exercising responsibilities of both management and staff.

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Etihad Airways has created and implemented a system that provides tools for employees, supervisors, human resources professionals, and senior leaders to plan, monitor, and evaluate career development opportunities for all employees at and above the director level. In place for many years, such system includes metrics and quarterly reviews of employee ratings, promotions, attrition/hires, developmental opportunities, officer appointments, and assignments to help achieve a diverse workforce. Staff at Etihad Airways motivates supervisors to develop career paths for their employees, including those who may have been who may have been overlooked or underestimated.

On staff development, performance management and career support, at Etihad Airways states that the Performance Appraisal System (PAS) has been revised, and a process has been initiated to identify center organizational competencies. Moreover, more systematic approach to mission assignments is being implemented.

Analysis Adopting Appraisal:

Performance appraisal is a critical activity of Human Resource management. Its goal is to provide an accurate picture of past and or even future employee performance. To achieve this, performance standards are established. The standards are based on the job; related criteria that best determine successful job performance, where possible, actual performance is measured directly and objectively.

The primary footstep in the performance appraisal procedure is recognizing the subject that is to be considered. Therefore, it is clear that supervisors should recognize the phases or even aspects of performance, which might find out efficient employment performance. At this point, we can find that such progression looks straightforward, other than it may be rather complex. On the other hand, whether a considerable measurement is lost, staff self-esteem might put up with for the reason of staff that performs fine on such measurement might not be accepted or even satisfied. As we can conclude this subject, whether an unrelated or even minor measurement is incorporated, staff might recognize the complete appraisal progression the same as worthless.

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The performance appraisal system in Etihad Airways of research has a vertical chain of conversation along with reviews might be strengthened, keen for the same the performance appraisal process will play a vital role in the case of Etihad Airways of research. The prime responsibility for action to preparation failures in practice will depend with supervisors as well as managers at every level in the company of study. Additionally, the Etihad Airways of research is taking into consideration establishing clear accountability mechanisms and will fix the policy framework for exercising responsibilities of both management and staff. Etihad Airways of research has created and implemented a way that gives tools for staffs, besides supervisors, as well human resources professionals, along with a high level leaders to develop, monitor, moreover, evaluate career development chances for every staff at plus above the director level. Furthermore, in order for many years, such plan includes metrics along with quarterly reviews of staff ratings, besides promotions, as well attrition/hires, addition to developmental opportunities, along with officer appointments, also assignments to assist gain a clear labor force. Staff at Etihad Airways of research motivates supervisors to pursue employment manners for their staffs, in addition to those who might have been who can have been overlooked or even underestimated. On staff development, performance management and employment assistance, at Etihad Airways of research states which the Performance Appraisal System has been evaluated, in addition to a case has been initiated to determine center organizational competencies. Moreover, more systematic approach to exercise assignments is being implemented.


The new world of work demands employee performance instead of loyalty creativity instead of compliance, and earned rewards instead of entitlements. The role of the Human Resource function is not limited to the policies, practices and systems under its control. That role is important and certainly can contribute to an organization’s success but human resource is in a position to influence the way people are managed across an organization.

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At the end we can get to say that the Human Resource professional must maintain a thorough understanding of positions and needs across such firm, to help each individual experience the right job fit. Moreover, this should bring into the light yourself with the talents and capabilities of each person in your organization. Keep excellent documentation of testing, job applications, performance appraisals, and performance development plans.

While there is some evidence that performance appraisal adjustments have been done because of initiating a performance appraisal, it needs to be emphasized that these studies have looked at particularly specific aspects of the system rather than at the whole system that may have been implemented. Very little research has considered the outcomes of a complete performance appraisal in action. A possible explanation may be the difficulty in evaluating such systems.

The evaluation of high performance is principally dependent upon the measurement category selected besides these are in move derived from the underlying thought of performance appraisal. Although, within a given approach to performance appraisal, the execution of specific strategies along with structures might be also similarly than others to provide high performance appraisal, there are no guarantees which this will be the position. Performance appraisal is subject to effect from a difference of factors within not only inside elements like as performance appraisal, structures, processes and evaluation, but also external elements that are far less predictable. High performance appraisal, hence, irrespective of the concept to managing adopted, actually depends upon the alignment of inside systems via the larger system within which the business enterprise is located.

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