Performance management


  1. Process

Performance planning

Performance monitoring

Performance development

Performance evaluation

Succession planning

Ans. 1 Performance planning means the different steps or stages which are used for the organisation success. In which the manager discuss all things like future plan, goals, targets and objectives with their all company members. It play crucial role in organisation because it is used to setting the organisation goals and objectives to achieve its objectives. Moreover, it play significant role to make a good relationship between the employee and their manager and supervisor. The company that I have chosen can create a performance planning for the organisation success. They can create a performance planning by helping the employee and manager and supervisor to understand their jobs and organisation objectives. In addition employee can communicate with their supervisor or manager about their performance and supervisor can make performance planning for goals with the help of employees. Furthermore, supervisor can check that employees have all types of resources that are require for the organisation success. Moreover, there goals should be smart which help them for organisation success. Last but not least, supervisor communicate with their management about the company goals and competencies and career development activities about the employees.

Ans. 2 Performance monitoring means checking or measuring the performance of the employee and giving them feedback to employees about their work, office support and some guidance on their work performance toward to reach the organisation goals. Moreover, it means the organisation work and project are monitor continually. The company that I have chosen can complete the performance monitoring by assisting the company to measure its progress by taking reviews with the employees whether they are doing good work or not. In addition, they compared their performances against their standard and element they set for the organisation goals. They can do every day monitoring that gives a lot of benefits. We can check how our workers are doing their work whether they meeting the organisation goals or not. Furthermore, we can check problems in the work and we can make some changes in work to reach the organisation objectives and goals. We can also change unrealised and standard problems. Last but not least, Monitoring continually we can identified some unacceptable problems in work.

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Ans. 3 Performance development means the improving the capacity of work performance of employees by giving training or providing new skills and higher level of responsibilities, it is very important for the company to improve the work process. In addition, company should provide development opportunities to the employees. Moreover, company can identified the development needs of employees. The company that I have chosen can complete the performance development by encouraging the employee’s performance. Furthermore, they can strength the skills which are related to job need employees for the development. In addition, company helps their employees to keep with them. Moreover, they are introducing new technology which are used for the company development and helping the employees for work. Due to performance development, every employees can identify their strength and performance because of resources and capability framework which are provided by the company to them.

Ans. 4 Performance evaluation means to review the employee performance after 12 month. It is very important for company because it is used to review or evaluate the company annual performance whether the company making profit or not. It is used to review the job performance. It is used to evaluate the past performance. The company that I have chosen can complete the performance evaluation by discussing expectation and accomplishment of organisation. This can assist the company to improve its retention of staff by HR development strategies, policies and development. In addition, we can improve it by the expertise and experience employed in the organisation. Last but not least, the company can improve it by comparing and rating the employee’s performance.

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Ans.5 Succession planning means that the process of checking that business is going or running successfully without the people. This is very important because if the business is not reliant on the person and owner knowledge they will get the better sale. These type of planning are complicated and emotionally difficult. The company that I have chosen can complete the succession of planning by developing the chance of business growth and challenging. The company can assist to improve the retention of the staff by asking the right questions and put realistic value on the business. Moreover, they can improve by setting the achievable time framework for employees to make plan. Last but not least, they can do it by providing the best resources to the employees.

  1. Progressive warning system


Ans.2 The progressive warning system means to assist the employees to understand the problems at workplace for the improvement of the company. For the new employees it means

If the employees did mistake the employer ask first why this happened and give verbal warning to employee. If the employees did simple mistake the employer give them written and verbal warning. For the serious mistake employer give suspension order for short term and may be discharge the employees. The employee know that employer consider their small or serious problem by when the company profit goes down and when they did wrong work and when the company work is not improving.

Ans.3 Progressive warning system for new manager means to correct the employee performance problems. It means for the new manger first they discuss the problems with the employees and ask them why this problem occurred and how. If the simple mistake is made by employees the manager will discuss problems with the employees which are not good and unsatisfactory. They warn the employees to take action which are lead to further action. If the serious mistake is made by the employees manager warn the employee and take action. Manager will put the copy of warning letter, time and date of its issue to the employee’s personal file. The steps that manager must take when the serious problem occur first they give the verbal warning and second they give the written waning which is reason for the continuing mistake. Moreover, they give the final written warning which is put in employee’s personal file and if they did mistake again the employee will be dismissed.

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Ans.5 Personal grievance means that employee can complaint to management. Every employees have right to pursue personal grievance. Before the personal grievance employee first tell to representative that there is done within 90 days and then them complaint. If they employee lost money and if there is some discrimination between the employees they can bring personal grievance. Unjustified dismissal means the employee believe that they have unjustifiably dismissed. They can use the personal grievance against the employer and representative. Constructive dismissal means if the employee who feel that they have been facing the employer to resign or leave the job they can use personal grievance. Some example of the constructive dismissal means employer will tell employees to leave the job or u will be terminated.

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