Performance Management System in British Airline

As a business grows and takes on more staff, the management of people becomes a bigger issue. There will reach a point where it is right to introduce a staff performance management system. In addition, a number of organisations have recently introduced performance management systems; as reaching demanding government targets has meant developing performance management cultures across departments. In this paper we will discuss about the performance management style in British Air line. We will define Performance management in British Airline as an integrated and strategic style to presenting sustained achievement to corporation, in this situation BA, with developing the performance of the staffs through improving the abilities of team and individual participators. We will describe that system of a performance management sets out to make aim and objectives of BA to make sure that BA is successful and staffs perform to the maximum probable standard. This research will also recognise any complications with BA in the type of developed performance. It is compulsory to make whether systems of performance management will enhance BA because they impact every person in the corporation.

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Performance Management System in British Airways

Chapter 1 Introduction

1.1 Back Ground

In current management, different corporations focus the significance of performance management. Why is performance management so essential to organizations? Is performance management a compulsory exercise to corporations? Performance management is a method to management which staffs and managers are unified to achieve aims of corporations. Aims are described, and results are then recognised to obtain the aims which were apparently described. Promises of managers and staffs are achieved, to obtain the recognised results, and results are observed. In fact, performance management is a continuing method that continually calculated, observed and managed the general performance in a corporation.

Performance management has become gradually more essential from the generally extensively applied performance appraisal system to an incorporated and continues method of these days. Performance management in current human resources (HR) practice is no longer depends on the merit rating form as the only dimension. Though, performance management describes aims, and recognised results to obtain aims. Staffs and managers are dedicated to obtain the recognised results, and observe results. Studies confirm that organizations that applied performance management fares excellent in terms of non-financial and financial features than those corporations that do not exercise performance management. Therefore, the recognition of performance management and its styles for current corporations is compulsory in deciding and guaranteeing its aggressive benefit in the ever modifying environment of business.

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Style of Performance management in British Airline is incorporated into corporation at various positions, to achieve the broader concerns of corporation where as simultaneously obtaining the similar aims. Dissimilar standards of incorporation which performance management focuses to achieve are; vertical incorporation which connect the business, objectives of individual and team, functional incorporation which connect various parts of BA, integration of HR which connects development of business, development of HR and reward in order to obtain a coherent manner to controlling staffs and lastly the incorporation of individual requirements with BA to make the excellent performance. Basically, systems of performance management focus to make a shared consideration about what is to be obtained in the BA.

1.2 Introduction

This world is modifying. Both organizations and people currently compete in an international place of market. Consumers desire quality services and goods at aggressive prices. If the produce of a company cannot struggle, it will have not market. But this is main issue that as a corporation how to develop productivities and struggle with other corporations? Human resource management (HRM) must be utilised. HRM present to the practices and strategies required to carry out the individuals, or personal, features of a management level, containing recruiting, training, appraising and rewarding. As the most compulsory section in HRM, performance management should be focused. Performance management is applying through nations such GDP, people and corporations. Performance management is about to achieve the excellent performance from people, but goes further in that it also focuses to achieve the excellent performance from the corporation and from the people as a whole.

Performance management derives from the approach of management for human resource as an integrated and strategic method to the management and improvement of staffs. The method of evaluating, identifying and improving the work performance of staffs in the corporation, so that the aims and objectives of corporation are additional successfully obtained, as at the similar time benefiting staffs in terms of identification, getting response, catering for work requirements and giving guidance of profession.

Through process of performance management, strengths and talent of staffs, with areas which need developments are apparently recognised. This will make sure that staffs are ready for development of career. Planning of Performance is the early phase for Process of Performance Management, manager are really connected setting of goal and defining the job. Description for responsibility of job for all positions of employees is recognised throughout this early phase. Therefore, staffs are cleared of their aim and they have an excellent consideration about the direction of the corporation. The great participation and involvement of staffs, levels of performance are then recognised. As a consequence, both the staffs and managers are capable to make the aims through presenting the plan and the exact aims.

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Once strategy and aims are made, feedback and observation are carried out to make sure the success of staffs in obtaining expectations of performance. The performances of staffs are assessed and recorded. Managers will then present response and compulsory training to staffs. The communication will be two-way and continuing. Expectation of job will be assessed and modified if compulsory. If hopes are completed, staffs must achieve identification and be supported. On another hand if performance falls short of anticipation, staffs shall be directed to re-enforce effectual approach to develop about obtaining stipulated aims.

1.3 British Airline

British Airways is the biggest international passenger airline in the world. The important performance of British Airways and its subsidiary undertakings are the action of domestic and international charter and scheduled air services for the carriage of passengers, mail and freight and the provision of supplementary services. British Airways which originated as Aircraft Transport and Travel started its maiden every day international scheduled air services between Paris and London after World War 1. In 1939, government of UK combined Imperial Airways and British Airways to make British Overseas Airways, which became a state owned company. BOAC’s main operation was long haul services and British European Airways was established to serve continental European and domestic market.

Both BOAC and BEA expanded their business geographically over a period of time and BOAC begun its operations to New York (1946), Japan (1948), Chicago (1954) and west coast of the US (1957). At the same time BEA expanded its network to Belfast, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Manchester. In 1970, BEA started its charter airline services, BEA air tours. BAOC and BEA were merged together in 1972 under British Airways Board and in 1974 British Airways were formed.

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In 1976, British Airways started its first supersonic passenger service jointly with Air France. British Airways was privatised in 1987 and was merged with British Caledonian. In 2002, British Airways Citi Express was formed by merging British Regional Airlines and Bryman Airways which were wholly owned subsidiaries. Other two wholly owned subsidiaries of British Airways, British Airways Regional and Manx Airlines were also merged with British Airways Citi Express making it a single entirely owned regional subsidiary airline.

The Airline had a total of 373 aircraft in operation as of September 30, 2001. In UK, the Airline presents most of the working services it needs for the managing of cargo and passengers. At international airports, apart from JFK, the subcontracts of Airline provision of the majority of its ground handling needs. Ramp, runway and facilities of terminal are presented through operators of airport that charge airlines for implement of these facilities, mostly through landing, parking and passenger charges. Services of navigation are presented to aircraft through nations through whose airspace they fly or through international bodies like Euro control. Charges of navigation are normally based on distance flown and weight of aircraft.

1.4 Research Aim

This research observes the system of performance management which has become part for human resources of British airways. It defines the method related and the various kinds of performance management.

1.5 Research Objectives

This is the major objective of this paper to points out the requirement for rules and directions to govern performance management in British Airways because of modifications that have taken place in the company in current years. In the method of implementing and designing a latest style of performance management, the managers should play a task in the process of design, in educating staffs about the significance of the style, in deciding on financial and non financial measures of performance. One more objective of this paper is to identify the idea of performance appraisal and also observe the normal performance observing and mechanism of assessment in BA.

1.6 Research Questions

What is a Performance Management?

What Are The Components of A Performance Management System?

What Is Performance Appraisal?

What kind of Performance management in BA?

What is the roll of Performance Management in BA?

What is the consequence of performance management in BA?

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