Personal Definitions of Success

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Many people in this world has a different definition of success views, many people think that success is access to great wealth and held in our career, the most senior position. Some people at home through the network to create an interest and there are opportunities for commercial activities around the house as their base and they become a large network marketing organization. Some people define success for others are to have good health and good fortune. To be successful, there are also friends and family members with strong ties. Some definition of success is about personal achievement, such as getting good grades, sports awards or in a job promotion.

In the specific definition of personal success is inseparable from the people, a person to succeed is to rely on the help of friends and family will be a success, and their people must be to have the strength to believe and to obey. Therefore, in order to pursue personal success but also want to implement it, we must first come up with their own personal definition of terms of personal success. Everyone has a different definition of their own, the success of each individual is subject to different objectives, based on the interpretation of some of the individual growth, previous work experience, and we should learn from individuals with different motives.

Personal success will change our whole view of life in all periods. For example, what work will be regarded as our most successful post-graduate work, after 5 years in our work, what kind of house to live is the most successful? Therefore, the definition of personal success we will constantly change, so do not blindly pursue the success of previous versions.

Personal successes are a measure of the ability of individuals and have different ideas. A person has accumulated a certain amount of wealth is a measure of a defensive, but marriage is a success will mean that after more than a few people, as the years passed the measure, this can only be maintained by the two partners on each other’s feelings . Personal success is rarely achieved and unexpected surprise. Most people advocate the definition of personal success, plan it and set a goal for he is also in real life to realize their ideals.

Once we have identified their own personal success, the next step is to set goals that will lead you to your definition of success. We must have real ideas and realistic plan to achieve those goals. According to their plan is flexible, will be very enjoy the process, which is that successful people get everything.

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First, a successful person should have leadership skills. We must have a concept and idea, to others we must ensure we have the ability to lead, although not formally nominated volunteered to lead but we can guarantee is that we can do to. Leadership team is to give us a chance to identify our strength is only an opportunity for us to verify and test our abilities. Leadership is not a position, nor is it a title. This is our life a process of interaction with people, this is the beginning of a successful person.

Experience in leading business consulting company that has led a successful and capable people in a complex environment is also very effective leaders, to show their ability and with the action to prove their ability. A successful person have above average performance, it will be displayed in the six key areas.

The first is that a successful people they have a personality and have personal skills. Second, they are also very attractive. The work of teammates and subordinates with good communication would make great trust in their subordinates. Third, they are most concentrated in the main aim is to achieve results, in the final win. Fourth, they also have innovation and improve their organizational capacity. Fifth, they know how to attract, motivate employees and management personnel will not be selfish and have the ability to develop other leaders. The focus of the sixth is a successful person that they are in their organizations have the ability to achieve good results under field, and is in charge of their business.

A successful person has effective leadership, character and personal skills. Character and personality are the foundation of leadership. If there is any character flaws, which will eliminate them in the leadership process of the support received. On the other hand was successful and the moral foundation of leadership, they should have a positive image and a good example, even in difficult times they face leadership.

A successful character of people is also important, they need honesty, integrity and courage. They must have a positive image, there will be control of emotional intelligence, good nature, in the team have excellent communication skills and presentation skills, a high performance level required is very responsible and they must have self-confidence and modest.

Successful and effective leaders need to have good communication with people and establish a direction to that goal. Leaders will be attractive as a focus, they will share with others their unique and inspiring the future of their will. They will strongly influence others and their decided choice. This is why a real leader they can exceed their goals and be satisfied with the benefits. A leader to conquer hearts and their thoughts, successful people they must be good communication is a also a visually attractive and people’s focus.

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They should change the values of followers, let them blind pursuit of a thing, this has a transformative effect. If a leader’s influence is abate, as they were unable to in real life get satisfaction, real-life interests will affect people’s psychology.

A winner should have with attractive path. Definition of successful people have a basis of appeal, there is a clear and ambitious goals and have a strict plan of action. Winners must also understand the competitive environment, it is necessary time to focus in the future, have a clear strategy and clear strategy. They should be creativity and innovation to gain competitive market advantage, have entrepreneurial spirit, the face of risk did not back down, to communicate more with people and motivate them and determined in accordance with their own goals.

Successful people need to have willed innovative wisdom and some effective leadership organizational ability. In addition to achieve the result of get effect instantly, efficient leaders will have worried when his leadership didn’t utility future will increase achievements. He depends on innovation to face competition advantages in competition stand, but also promote the organizational change in the competition to get good grades.

Efficiency and successful leaders to meet company crisis situations, effective leadership will show company’s situation and problems, good let employees ease and concentrate on my work. Active help company to deal with the crisis, think more new measures, innovation and reform the way of working.

In the company needed resources, system and working methods to mobilize and updates. The bad influence company culture, the more employees promote knowledge interchange, also in their ask questions to provide timely and effective feedback. Make a private and clear managers and management staff in order to motivate and punishment, depth, fair and effective manner. No matter what happens on the surface of the company and trouble, should be in on the road to progress for the firm.

A successful person should have the ability to be attractive, incentives and governance professionals and will teach and develop other leaders. A successful and effective leadership is to know they are a people who have the potential, the potential is also surrounded them. Successful they also understand that talent is in the social key source of competitive advantage. For this reason, their duty is always to find and retain the best talent.

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Successful business leaders do not rely on the formal system will not be limited to the control and command. They build lasting relationships between colleagues and trust, and made them trust and respect. In respect of successful leaders is a good listener, they have to listen to my colleagues complain and operational difficulties. They should also promote cooperation between groups and confirmed that mission success, as it will make employees more trust and respect. A successful person will share their powers and delegated responsibilities to colleagues and colleagues will celebrate the victory.

A successful and efficient leader must be held in the company’s activities in the field of charge. In many cases, leaders on the basis of assessment of the essence in terms of their personal charisma are not the extent of their abilities. If they do not charm, this will result in the loss of the company and the company has a great disadvantage, especially in the global economy and the network society highly competitive environment. So a winner must have a good positive image, that the interests of the company for the first goal.


To the end of, the most important is a man of success they must have the necessary skills, they must in real time and make the best decisions defining moment. Therefore, the successful and efficient strategy, leaders must lead all the processes, and gain a competitive advantage. At work to have new ideas and concepts can also be flexible and fair use. They also can promote the company’s progress and situation of the company sank to start the same innovation. They also know how to identify the best financial options, they must help the company figure out the most economical expenditure. The most important thing is, we must know how to make the company operational excellence and increase productivity.

Conclusion, a person of success in leadership has got a good achievement, the study also proved that they have the ability of the management, they will make things develop smoothly, also can obtain satisfactory results. Winners will meet stakeholder will let them get them some this benefits, they also very successful conquered the hearts of the men of and the thoughts of others, they also makes people trust, respect and appreciate them.æœ-读

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