Present And Future Of Electrical Engineering


The report is all about the past, present and the prediction of the future of electrical engineering in the branch of electronics which plays an important role in the improvement of electronic devices as well as the new technology, electronic engineering is a broad and challenging discipline because it is composed of different kinds of electrical components such as electron tube, transistors, integrated circuits etc, therefore from all these electronic components the most vital components are transistors as they have amazing characteristics compared to other components, transistor sizing is the most challenging when electronic engineers start to design thing like computers, electronic machine etc. Basically transistors make electronics engineering to become more efficient when it comes to the production of electrical appliances because from the past until nowadays, the usage of transistors had been increasing rapidly which shows that electronic engineers always makes life become easier.


Electronic engineering in the past was not interesting because during that time it was hard to invert electronic material because there was scarcity of resources that was taking control over humans’ life. Electronics today is taking a lead because the economy and society benefits from electronic engineering, as this is seen by anyone living on this planet. Many companies use electrical appliances such as computers, laptops, telephones etc. which lead to a good profit to their companies and thus this result in a huge growth of the economy worldwide. Electronic components are more easily to be improved and this predicts that in the future things like plasma, laptops, internet are going to disappear because the electronics creates new technological devices every second and the way electronic engineering functions create hope of amazing changes that people might not believe because things such as Identity documents for the next years will be regarded as useless papers. The society also benefits from electronic engineering because nowadays many health services uses electronics for example such X-rays and other electronics devices to detect for other diseases. Professional electronic engineers have good ethics because they also create strong educational activities by creating fair regulations that must be followed strictly to ensure that protection is sustained towards people’s life.


Electronic engineering is a branch of electrical engineering that deals with the implementation of applications, principles and algorithms by using non linear and active electrical components such as transistors, diodes and integrated circuits to produce electronic machines, televisions etc which is more related to other field, for example radio engineering, telecommunication, control system and many other [1, 2].The transistors are the best electronic components that has become more useful after they had been inverted and transistors have different function because of their size. They have different physical characteristics.

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2.1. Design and application of transistors in circuits

Transistors may have N-P-N or P-N-P structure which function as a switch both N-P-N transistors and P-N-P transistors consists of three regions: collector, base and emitter. The base is the transistor’s main lead, without it, the transistor won’t function, the collector is the positive lead and the emitter is the negative lead. Therefore the N-P-N and other transistors are may be used to control the flow of electrical current, power flow through the transistors from the power supply to the relay controlling the flow of electricity. Sometimes NPN transistors may usually work as amplifiers by controlling large amount of current [3]. Figure is on the appendix.

2.2. Electronic components

There are many electronics that are widely used in electronic engineering to invert special electrical appliances. Symbols of some electronic components are represented on the appendix.


3.1. The past of electronics

Electronic engineering has evolve from technological improvements in the telegraph industry long time ago in the late 19th century , Transistor is a well-known electronic component that is inverted in 1948 at the Bell Telephone Laboratories followed by integrated circuits in 1960, electronics is often considerable to have started when Lee De Forest inverted the first vacuum tube in 1907 within 10 years, all of his electronic device was found in radio, transmission and receivers as well as system for long distances telephone cells [1, 2],electronic engineering was interesting because many things that are inverted during the 19th century are now improved to produce better materials that are very useful. Electronics play a significant role when it comes to telecommunications because the beginning of electronics is more likely based on communication and it is also improving because after the invention of radio, telegraphy and other past electronics appliances the first purely electronic television is inverted in 1928 by Philo Farnsworth [2], therefore this trend shows accurately that electronics always strive to progress from generation to another. During 1930s television had become more popular because it was recognized by millions of people to the best thing that was transferring information easily.

During the past the computers that was inverted they were not programmed like the one that are being used now because they were very big and it hard to find because they only found at the laboratory of High institution and these computers was using big transistors that was storing less resources, therefore the most benefit from early computers is that they were better in terms of information transmission when compared to televisions. During the First World War electronic applications had tried to play a vital role by creating electronic weapons for defence but the most successful electronics weapons are the one that was produced when Second World War take place[5]. Hence electronics had created a wonderful social awareness by providing people with strong electronic weapons to protect their life against their enemies.

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3.2. The present of electronics

Electronic engineering nowadays is a challenging field because there is a lot of competency for producing desirable electrical appliances which benefit the whole world. Electronic engineering is the best because many things that are being used all over the world to create peace, economic growth, excitement and employments are produced by electronic engineers. Information technology today is based on electronics because information is transferred from one place to another by using electronic materials such as cell phones, digital computers, advanced television such as plasma and other useful electrical appliances, therefore all of this benefit the country because it maintain people’s rights. Electronics is more useful for health services and educational purpose because today at universities they are using computers, power point during the lecture time and this help students to adapt, gain knowledge and skills in the electronic and technological environment. People all over the world are getting proper health care because there is variety of electronic applications on medicine e.g. X-rays, Ultrasound detectors, medical research and expands other diagnostic test which save human lives.

Since the invention of radio television in the past other previous century the electronics industry has been increasing drastically with the beginning of computer technologies and cell phones the electronics industry is regarded as the world largest and fastest growing manufacturing industry. Therefore this flowing of electronics it release hazardous material that affect the environment because when electric product become cheaper they tend to rapidly become more useless and some of these materials are dumped everywhere which lead to pollution [6].


Electronic engineering will always proceed to develop amazing things because educational level of electronics is improving each year which means that the economy will succeed more toward the following years because many people who are studying will invert new things that can become more useful than the present electronics devices. Technology is also faced with a huge change because electronic engineers are always trying to improve their skills. Cars the next following years they might use electronic components and electricity to move because petrol and other oils are regarded as dangerous pollutant on the environment. Electronic engineering it might be bad when it comes to domestic employment because the many things that are created by electrical engineers makes life easier to a specific person even other professionals might lose their jobs because the engineers work it shows accurately that one day an electronic doctor can be inverted to save doctors from their work because other disease might infect during the working times. Therefore any person must try to be preparing for the next electronic generation because new desirable things are coming such as cell phones that can be used to drive cars. Laptops will be replaced by electronic engineers because they are big when compared to cell phones.

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The diagrams representing the trend of electronic engineering


Electronic engineering in the past was poor but it has evolved rapidly. Nowadays people are used to electronic systems, therefore this shows accurately that electrical engineering as whole it will dominate toward the next four years because without electrical engineers lot of things will disappear like a mist for example the economy depends on electronics to fulfil its profit which means that when electronics drop the whole process all over the world will subside resulting in lack of employment, poor health care and other technological system will disappear. Electronics for the next twenty years it might program people to function as electronics because the introduction has already began by computers e.g. people are using computers to improve their thinking capacity and to get lot of information. Really electronics is the best thing that symbolise peoples’ intelligence because amazing things are taking place because of electronics e.g. the night is changed by lights which symbolise that everything it might be created by electronic devices.


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