Primary Source And Secondary Sources Of Conflict

Communication is neither the message transmitted also no message itself. This is mutual understanding, exchange receiver. The communication needs in business must be effective. Communication is the essence of management. The basic functions of management (planning, organization, staffing, guidance and control), can not be good, there is no effective communication. Business communication involves constant flow of information. The feedback of business communication is an integral part in a communication. Organizations these days is very large. It is the number of people involved. Organizations at all levels in the hierarchy. Greater number of levels, the more difficult is the work of the management organization. The communication process command and control organization plays a very important role. You can get instant feedback and misunderstanding in a large organization. There should be between superiors and sub​​-organizations, organizations and society (for example, between management and trade unions) to communicate effectively. This is the key to an organization’s success and growth. In any organization, the communication gap is not supposed to happen.

Business Communication is goal oriented. The company’s rules, regulations and policies are communicated to internal and external organizations. Business communication is to comply with certain rules and norms. In the early stages, the enterprise communications is a limited number of instruments, telephone, but with today’s technology, we have a mobile phone, video conferencing, e-mail, satellite communications to support business communication. Effective business communication help in building goodwill of an organizations.

Introduction of question 1

The personal qualities is a person’s personal characteristics of a person. They are what makes a person’s character. They help a person to get along with the new situation. For example, the reliability and quality of patience, employers want a good worker. Other qualities employers value: honesty, self-confidence, flexibility, problem solving skills, kindness, wisdom, leadership, enthusiasm, good sense of humor. Most employers want people who are reliable and easy get along with others. Although the techniques are very important, employers will choose according to their personal qualities, as well as new employees.

Personal qualities

Effective communication: the employer is looking for is to listen to instructions, these instructions with minimal guidance. They hope that the employees speak, write, and listen effectively, logically organize their own thoughts, and explained everything clearly.

Computer and technology literacy: almost all of the work need to know, ranging from beginner to advanced, email, computer software, spreadsheets, word processing, Internet navigation.

Creativity: The ability to solve the problem, you can help your transactions, data processing, to develop a vision and reach a resolution. The employer must ensure that, you can conquer the challenges of employment, critical and creative thinking.

Teamwork skills: the ability to work well with others at the same time to the pursuit of a common goal.

Leadership and management: the leadership of a strong sense of self, self-confidence, and a comprehensive understanding of the company’s goals. These qualities, inspire and encourage, provide a solid foundation for the team. Good leadership ability to provide competitive advantage and maximize the company’s bottom line performance. Although some organizations do not believe this is true. For you, either as a leader or potential leader, outstanding leadership to your personal as well as the key to the success of your organization.

How to success of being a businessman

Knowledge of Business

Businessman, his business should have a thorough understanding. He should be clear that the aims and objectives of the organization. He should have a thorough understanding of the different functional areas. Business knowledge, knowledge of the law should be supplemented by the trade, finance, marketing, trade. Knowledge of all these aspects is essential to solve complex business problems.

Hard work

A businessman should work hard. Nothing can replace hard work. Success and hard work. He should be committed to their work. His work will inspire his employees with the same passion. Their own to escape the hard-working people, will not be able to more work from others.


A businessman to deal with the many complex problems. He had a lot of people to solve their own problems, to seek cooperation. Dependence on others is a necessity in today’s business world. Should be with other people should also have the ability to get cooperation. He should be able to adapt to all kinds of people.

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A processing business to a number of issues. Sometimes, there are conflicting requirements, from a different side. Consumers, employees and the government to be considerate their requirements businessman. He has to coordinate interests. Courage and forward-looking businessman will help him to make an important decision. He should not feel helpless in the face of difficulties. The business is not an easy task these days. Only those people who will be successful will have the ability to face difficulties with a smile on your face.

Initiatives and decision-making power

A businessman solve many problems. He also made the decision. He should have the ability to the matter to be decided at the appropriate time. His energy to guide the Group’s bid to achieve organizational goals. He should take the initiative to solve a variety of problems, they should be seen as a challenge.


A businessman should assume responsibility for a variety of to activate his subordinates. As a leader, he exercised all the powers and responsibilities. He should bear the responsibility of passing the buck on to others. Subordinates the clues of the action should not be disappointed. These qualities will the confidence of employees, they will face things, more courageous.


A merchant should be according to the circumstances be adjusted. Frequently changing circumstances, there may be one. He will face some challenges courage. He should not lose heart, should be able to adapt to the new environment. A busy operation can not be carried out under static conditions. Changes in the business activities of all types for all to see. Changing business world needs the vitality of the businessman. So good businessman, just according to the necessities of the situation, should be able to.


Another significant the businessman quality is a mixed one, with the ability of any person within two minutes. He must be allowed to introduce yourself to an unidentified person in a very short period of time. Therefore, a businessman, sociable nature, can be easily won many, many popular confidence.

B) 8 question

1)How to success for being a businessman?

2)What are the personal qualities for being a business man?

3)]Does personal qualities important in a businessman?

4) What are the most important things you want me to remember while I run your business?

5)Will I be given a ‘mentor’ to guide my success?

6) Is there anything you’d like to tell me about this position?

7)When did you first realize that you wanted to be a businessman?

8)How big is the threat of new entrants?

9)How much power do your suppliers have?

10)What differentiates your product from the competitors’?

Introduction of conflict

Conflict is an inevitable part of interpersonal relationship. It is how to approach and management, can be constructive or destructive conflict. Conflict think the important thing, when people who hold different views. We live in the community and the family could not see, because we do things. Daily conflict, sometimes small disputes, sometimes violent battle.

Each of us according to our own unique personality and cultural background of the conflict. People have different motives, beliefs, values ​​and goals. Two people can perceive and explain the same situation is very different.

When rescue workers to respond to major emergencies, we have found work elsewhere. They may be from another village or city in our own country – or from another continent. Two people may speak the same language, but a controversial, you may find other response is the same. The other way to deal with conflict may confuse or offend us. Our day-to-day work, the problems and contradictions is natural, the key is to find the right way to overcome these difficulties continue to productive work. A tool to overcome their own views and prejudices, so we can see the other person’s point of view.

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In order to resolve the conflict, we must know their roles, and how we see others. The most common forms of conflict resolution, negotiation, mediation, community meetings, conflict transformation and peer mediation. Which way is best, depending on the nature of the conflict and the parties. Experts in conflict resolution to provide a reasonable proposal – Summary – how peaceful settlement of disputes, the two sides find acceptable. Each conflict is different, people will react in their own way. But with the desire to solve the problem and a deep understanding of the parties and dispute the root cause, you will usually be able to resolve conflicts before they become violent.

Sources of primary conflict

There are many reasons or reasons of the conflict in any work environment. Some of the main reasons are:

Poor communication: different communication style may lead to misunderstandings between employees or between employees and management personnel. The lack of communication, promote conflict “underground”.

Different values​​: any workplace by individuals who see a different world. Conflict, there is a lack of acceptance and understanding of these differences.

Different interests conflict, their personal goals, and ignore the organizational objectives and organize workers personal ‘fight’ well-being.

Scarce resources: In many cases, the employees feel that they have the competition available resources to do their work. Environment of scarce resources, which will lead to conflict – despite awareness of scarce resources.

Personality clashes: All the work environment by different personalities. Colleagues to understand and accept each other’s work and the way to solve the problem, a conflict will occur.

Poor performance: When one or more individuals in the work of the unit does not perform – potential – this is not a solution does not work, conflict is inevitable.

The natural pressure of the workplace environment, as well as the conflict between colleagues either personal reasons, this pressure to enable them to establish and develop the work environment will only further weaken next. In many cases, the conflict in the workplace seems to be the fact that in life. We see that different people have different goals and needs, has entered the conflict. We have all seen, may lead to the often intense personal hatred. Understanding of this issue, and to take positive action, they can help solve this problem, a place where they really want, while creating a comfortable working area, so that their organization. In addition, it was agreed that these major sources, the party can solve a lot of problems, and it brings to the surface as well as to obtain benefits, and they may not be the first to think of. Specifically, through the understanding and agreement of the source to resolve conflicts, team members can develop stronger mutual respect, and a new belief in their work together. A team in a big advantage is its diversity of resources, knowledge and ideas. However, the diversity of the conflict. With the growing number of corporate restructuring work teams need training in conflict resolution will continue to grow. Team conflict is not necessarily destructive. The conflict may lead to new ideas and methods, organizational processes, and to deal with the problem of interest. The conflict, in this sense, can be considered positive, because it is conducive to the surfacing of the important issues, and to provide opportunities for people to develop their communication and interpersonal skills.

Workplace by individuals who have their own point of view to see the world. Some employees have a strong belief, they are not willing to compromise. These beliefs can conflict with colleagues, resulting in conflict. For example, if a person is strongly opposed to diversity in the workplace, may be difficult to accept his other workers. In order to avoid conflict with these workers, he must try to accept or initiate more tolerant of those different values. In dealing with conflict, the most important and consistent element is open, honest and clear communication. Few people regard themselves as poor communicators, it is the bounden duty of management, particularly those that require their employees, how they communicate feedback, and how, in the case of conflict can improve. Important that the staff can be assured of recrimination, to say the truth, no two people are exactly the same freedom. Therefore, the personality conflicts in the workplace is inevitable. An employee may have a reserved personality, while another may be more outgoing and forward-looking. Problems, the two do not understand or do not respect each other’s inherent nature. For example, employees may feel more outgoing personality is more introverted workers contempt, if not more with him. He might think it is a very small, not only is the personality of the staff. In addition, his practice handling the project may be analytical, and she is intuitive. Conflict when the two do not understand, and respect each other, “bigger, more complex distributed organizations, the heavier the parties to communicate effectively, it is difficult to achieve exactly the right person. Addition, the working group loyalty can be a powerful, territory, another group often browse hostile invasion. lot of time and energy is wasted in the address this is not a normal conflicts. competition for limited resources is also a factor in conflict. typical example here is usually normal budget requirements exceed the available funds which may be the most common source of conflict and the most familiar in all tissues When you create expectations and did not realize, may lead to a lot of negative did not honor the commitment to the customer, voluntary overtime, less than expected wage growth and the allocation of resources to different departments do not have to explain a great deal of – These are some simple examples, leading to a conflict between the customer and the company, the employees and management personnel and departments.

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When the personal or political parties into a process of negotiations to resolve the conflict, their table in a certain direction, in their efforts to resolve the conflict. The most basic in both directions to enter into negotiations, insist on cooperation or competition. Cooperation with the interest-based negotiations process, which leads to the parties to seek a win-win solution. The controversial cooperation between the parties to a negotiated settlement is more likely to develop relations of trust and mutually beneficial solution options. Mutual benefit and win-win approach is considered to be a constructive process. Win / win approach is to change the conflict from adversarial attack and defense, cooperation. It is a powerful change in attitude, change the entire communication process. A person will always be a common solution to the problem, can make the difference. Your readers may be man – redirect conflict. First of all, you have to convince yourself. Creative solutions are effectively snuffed out. The losing individual or group may reject the leaders. They have the powerful long-lasting negative emotional reactions. The approached to the conflict is collaboration. Its mean mutual solve problem. The participants must have skills for communicating and working in groups effectively. The participants also must have attitudes that support a climate of trust to work through problems. The participants have to use effective problem-solving strategies. This will help them to solve conflict easily

In conclusion, I want to repeat that not all conflicts can be resolved. Sometimes, trying to solve this case, will make things worse. The initial information collected and the conclusions to for whatever reason, this relationship is to save, then it may be the best possible recognition, and do whatever you can separate the two sides. I also know more about the primary source of the conflict began. I give some example on primary source. Moreover, I learn about extra knowledge about more about conflict and how to solve a conflict.

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