Problems Facing British Airways

British Airways is a great employer brand and are one of those companies that virtually everyone wants to work. Thus, the difference is that we provide around the intelligence of the candidate selection and screening – to help the candidates whether a particular job is right for them, from the outset. And allows you to set the team on the spot the best people and fast track them through the interview to offer rapid contribution to the business.

British Airways is the UK’s largest international scheduled airline, flying more than 550 destinations at convenient times, to the best located airports. Whether customers in the air or on the ground, British Airways is proud of providing a full service experience. British Airways group consists of British Airways PLC and a number of subsidiaries, including, in particular, British Airways Holidays Limited and “British Airways Travel Shops Limited

In an incredibly tough trading conditions, we must focus on the hard pulling ourselves through the immediate crisis, while the business to prepare better economic times. Our goal is to fill the disk and competition in the Olympic spirit, how we work and work as a team, and it gives our customers the very heart of our culture.

The structure of the world’s leading airlines Peace Prize focused on improving operational efficiency and financial fit. To achieve its strategic objectives, we must evaluate HR performance in business and make our leaders are responsible for delivering our objectives. In order to become the world’s leading premium airline, we must look at how we work and what we do as a business.

Reuters said one source, stating that in accordance with the plan “British Airways will have a 100% economic interest in that branch is KLM which will have some ingenious bits and pieces of how it is structured to meet the Dutch corporate governance rules and aero-political implications of foreign ownership.

In addition, BP will own only 49% of the voting shares and the remaining 51% shares held by Dutch investors and financial institutions has resulted in a “friendly” shareholders who will hold share equivalents’, which have no real economic value. B. In the meantime, will hold a “B” share, which will have a nominal value, or the right to vote, but who will derive 99% economic interest. He is not sure yet whether the proposed structure would meet the requirements of a number of bilateral treaties that ‘the provisions of ownership and control. United Airways, U.S. carrier, said that the U.S. may be willing to give up any objection to the KLM, the Dutch had ceased to be and still maintain their positions in the framework of bilateral agreements with the Netherlands if Britain agreed to open the British transatlantic aviation market, according to with Reuters.

2. Strategy and objectives:

Providing human capital management (“HCM”) solution for the recruitment process that reflects the full experience of services used by passengers.

More sophisticated, cost-effective solution to HCM to reduce the time to attract and retain new staff and improve the experience of the candidate. Support opportunities at various levels – from school leavers to experienced professionals, with positions ranging from engineers to customer service.

Effectively manage the number of applications received and to be able to quickly find the best candidates. Reduced administration time and labor costs. Make the candidate experience more consistent. Powerful information management is another key requirement, as the ability to store and exchange information of the applicant and the vacancy among the various parts of the organization. Combine all of the recruitment process and the replacement of individual systems that are currently used.

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3. Formulation of the problem:

The main issue surrounding this is that control. Much work has been done on how best to manage human resources. Guide inexact science because of the very fact that people do and what might work in one situation and with one group of people who will not work in another situation.

3,1 Some of the problems facing British Airways these days:

Choosing the right of workers British Airways is very difficult to measure the results of staff costs for British Airways is very high, but compared to other companies and the quality Airways British Airways does not match a price that customers paying for travel. As British Airways to improve their Human Capital Management, product quality, reduce cost and what type of requirements needed to maintain their old employees of the company British Airways?

3.2 Issues:

The huge size of the company and the diversity of their operations means that there are many different ways to start and develop a career in British Airways. The influx of applications for each position and the ability to effectively treat each application on an individual level.

3.3 Methodology:

To collect data There are many techniques as



Web sites, etc.ƒ˜

Thus, we use interviews to collect data.

4. Select data:

Secondary data research:

Human Resource Management:

Relevance Susan Heathfield (2008) “Human Resource Management is a feature that focuses on the organization of recruitment, management and guidance for those working in this organization. Human resource management and organizational function that deals with issues related to people such as compensation rental, management, organizational development, safety, welfare, benefits, motivation, communication, management and training. “

Three 4,1 HR activities of British Airways:

In British Airways There are 3 main events the following to achieve future strategic objectives. This

4.2 Recruitment and selection by (HCM):

Recruitment and selection of the most integral part of any organization. For recruitment and selection of British Airways using HCM (human capital management). HCM is a complete solution for the recruitment process that truly reflects the experience of a full British Airways service. Effective management of the volume of applications from external candidates, internal candidates and staff moves. He has the ability to address specific forms of application, which can be selected very quickly, and the ability to measure performance and results achieved.

4.3 Training of British Airways over (TIS):

By Decenzo, David (2005), learning to learning what to look for relatively permanent changes in personality and improvement in productivity. Tata Interactive System (TIS “training solutions include expenses for food, sales training, process training, product training, curriculum development, assessment, soft skills and technical training, in particular.

By Alan Samuel, TIS: “BA has joined the growing number of large and reputable employers in the UK and Europe, who chose TIS to design and develop electronic learning materials for their staff. After just five years working in the UK, TIS is nearing completion of its 600th e learning project.

4.4 Remuneration of British Airways:

According to Michael Armstrong and Helen Murlis (2007), the purpose of the remuneration system is to increase the effectiveness of organizations, groups and individuals. British Airways offers a very attractive reward packages, such as monitoring wages across various industries in which we engage, and to conduct regular checks to make sure our salaries are quite competitive to attract and retain caliber of people we need. Compensation and benefits includes both financial, and without finanacial.

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Opportunities to reduce travelƒ˜ tickets and travel discounts

Generous holidayƒ˜

funded pension and privateƒ˜ health insurance plans

Profit share schemeƒ˜


staff share schemeƒ˜

Superb sporting and socialƒ˜ amenities and the opportunity to join BA Clubs

Subsidised staff restaurantƒ˜

5. Improvement British Airways Aims at the expense of effective personnel management:

British Airways uses different procedures to achieve:

5.1 Recruitment and selection:

The purpose of recruitment and selection of staff for British Airways is to choose the right person who can do the job. For the purposes of the present British Airways uses two main processes of selection.

British Airways selection include up to three stages depending on the post for which you are applying for. The first stage includes the application form, and if you meet the first set of criteria here, you will be invited to the second phase of 1 day assessment. Evaluation methods used British Airways include group exercises, interviews, psychometric tests, presentations, fact-finding, and one-to-one role-playing games ..

Group exercise:

Group exercises look at how you work with other people, in particular, consideration of your influence, communication and teamwork skills.


Interview about you and about your experiences. You will be offered examples of how you behave in different situations, based on examples from work, university, school, club or home. We will not throw in a “killer” or “trick” question to you, or ask questions relating to see how you behave when caught unawares.

Psychometric tests:

Psychometric tests timed exercises that look at your abilities and potential. Test the most frequently used to focus on the verbal and numerical skills. It also includes an assessment of personality which is another tool designed to learn a little more about you. This adds to our understanding, but not exclusively on the basis of decisions you will be successful or not, in the end.

5,2 For internal and external recruitment:

StepStone i-Grasp in the Decision:

StepStone is a leading global provider of online software and services industry HCM. StepStone i-Grasp provides organizations with tools for complete control over all aspects of external and internal HCM processes for recruitment. Allow customers to use their own websites brand career, covering both external and internal candidates.

Since the implementation of StepStone-I understand, the candidate of experience has become faster and more reliable. British Airways is now specifically targeted application forms, which can be selected very quickly – it gives you more flexibility and improves the experience of the candidate. C

StepStone i-Grasp, they can select individual forms with one click. British Airways also use the functionality, which allows for CV is attached to the applications – is another simple but effective way to improve the experience of candidates

Human Capital Management:

comprehensive HCM solution forƒ˜ the recruitment process that truly reflects British Airways, the full experience of service.

Effective management of theƒ˜ volume of applications from external candidates, internal candidates and staff moves.

In the first three weeks toƒ˜ live were 3085 applications.

Ability to deal with specificƒ˜ forms of application which can be selected very quickly, and the ability of candidates to include a summary.

The ability to measureƒ˜ performance and results achieved.

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faster, safer, betterƒ˜ experience of candidates.

ensures that the employer brandƒ˜ shines in the market.

Ability to attract and retainƒ˜ the best talent.

British Airways recruitmentƒ˜ processes usually require a personal interview at our premises.

British Airways will never askƒ˜ for money or ask you by e-mail / scan or otherwise transfer copies of personal documents.

British Airways currently doesƒ˜ not offer sponsorship

5.3 Education:

The main purpose of this training is to minimize errors. British Airways with the help of these 2 basic educational processes

Computer training:

Computer courses, which will be used more than 50,000 British Airways staff worldwide CBT Systems, a leading provider of interactive education software for information technology training. This is a significant investment in computer education in British Airways will allow more than 50000 employees worldwide access.


TIS serves three segments – Corporate, Education, and Government. It offers its customers innovative solutions in the field of education, including:

• Web-Based Training and educational programs – to help achieve learning goals

• Modeling – offer an impressive learning experience

• Electronic Performance Support Systems – to provide workplace support

Solutions • Software – to use technology in teaching

• Game-based learning – to strengthen the interaction of student

5.4 Awards:

British Airways offers a very attractive reward packages. We closely monitor wages and various industries in which we engage, and to conduct regular checks to make sure our salaries are competitive enough to attract and retain the caliber of people we need. Your reward will depend on your individual employment agreement. Although it depends on the specifics of the typical benefits include:

Opportunities to reduce travelƒ˜ tickets and travel discounts

Generous holidayƒ˜

funded pension and privateƒ˜ health insurance plans

Profit share schemeƒ˜


staff share schemeƒ˜

Superb sporting and socialƒ˜ amenities and the opportunity to join BA Clubs

Subsidised staff restaurantƒ˜

6. Two HRM models used in British Airways:

6.1 Best practice model:

The best practice model of a model practice, which is based on job security, challenging the selection of staff, decentralization of power and working together, extensive training and motivation of staff. both British Airways using its model for future benefits, because it provides great benefits, employee motivation, and safety of workers, training new and existing employees to improve performance.

For the future benefit British Airways with the new pension scheme of the respiratory tract (NPA).

The normal retirement age forƒ˜ the crew raised from 55 to 60 65 in the beginning and after 5 years.

The normal retirement age forÆ’Ëœ pilots has been increased from 55 to 60 – 65 if countries such as France and the United States to remove restrictions on older pilots flying over them.

slow rate of accumulationƒ˜

pensionable salary increases noƒ˜ more than inflation

increase in their pension uponƒ˜ retirement a sum of 2.5 percent per year

company and employees to shareƒ˜ the impact of changes in life expectancy

6,2 David Guest model:

David guset model is more elaborated and well furnishied models from Harvard, from which the high quality, staratigic management, long-term goals, objectives and high commitment.Britisg Airways also using thish model for customer satisfaction and best quality for our customers.

To implement the model, David Gusest rough Airways using I-Grasp the decision to StepStone.

StepStone provides software and services for the full spectrum of HCM, which allows organizations to use their technology to attract, retain and develop talent.

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