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LSG Sky chef have more than 300 airlines in whole world and it includes 214 airports which regulate 200 customer services centers in the 51 nations and they produce and prepare the food around to 591 million in a year. LSG Sky Chefs officially newly open in Auckland, New Zealand. The customer service center was built based on a long-term agreement with Air New Zealand.

This building located on 2,500 square-meter production area where near to 500 employees produce 17000 meals and some 7000 fresh-food products each day for international airline customers like Air New Zealand, Emirates, Korean Air, LAN Airlines, Qantas, Singapore, Air Calin and Virgin Australia, Qatar Airlines, Emirates and China Southern Airlines as well as for local retailers. I am the Administrator Manager in LSG Sky Chef Auckland.

Purpose of Information: – Information is very important for an organisation to perform their smooth functions and working. It depends and relates with different level of the firm and it helps through providing the data to the employees who are working on different levels of organisation so that decisions can be made to ensure that the business remains competitive and successful. Information has been created to support the whole range of administration of organisation. It can be seen in all parts of the world an all types of industries both public and private sector.  It helps the organisation for take good decisions which helps for data storage and proper management.

Scope: The scope of the business information is very wide.

Form: The forms of information in the organization are written below:-



Oral: – LSG Sky Chef is a big industry who prepares the food for airlines. It Has many source for information. Oral is one of the forms of the Information, in which information shared with verbally with other staff and departments.

Written:- By writing we can shared the information with other departments of LSG Sky Chef. Written communication is other form of business communication. It is important for LSG Sky Chef and managers create written communication skills for touch with other employees and visitors.


Structure: Structure can be divided into below categories:-

Financial, Graphical, Hand Written, Filling the Forms, and Word Information.

Financial: – Structure of information of LSG Sky Chef creates in the shape of money as well. Many documents related with the finance given the information of the funds, Budget, Turn Over of the LSG Sky.

Graphical:- Graphical information also gives many information related with LSG Sky Chef’s Profit and Loss year by year.

Hand Written:- Hand Written also the other way for gives the information to other employees and departments of LSG Sky Chef, in which they shared information with hand written notes.

Filing the Forms:- Internal Forms, Enquiry forms gives many information about the LSG Sky Chef’s Structure. All departments have different forms of source of information which are connected with their work.

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Word Information:- LSG Sky Chef provide many information about their working on the Internet and Online. Website of the LSG Sky Chef also gives much information about their working of departments. It may be relates with internal and external information.

Presentation:All the business information is present and shows to other people in the organization by arranging the meetings and it is perform through the Internet, E-mails and Templates and Notices etc.

Meeting: – Head of departments and  Manager hold the meeting for discussing the issues of the LSG Sky Chef, in which they get the information related with work and solve the issues face to face.

Internet: – Internet provides many information about the LSG Sky Chef. On internet we can also see the other branches of the LSG Sky Chef in the other countries.

Notices:- Notices on the Walls and Notice boards also provides the information about the present situation and new notifications of the LSG Sky Chef to the employees of the related departments.

E-Mails:- Through e-mails LSG Sky Chef’s employers and employees remain in the touch of the new regulation and new changes in the information of the Departments.

Resource of Information:- We can get the information from many resources and measures which includes Internet, Personal meeting  and media.

Internet: – Internet provides many information about the LSG Sky Chef. On internet we can also see the other branches of the LSG Sky Chef in the other countries.

Personal Meeting: – Head of departments and  Manager hold the meeting for discussing the issues of the LSG Sky Chef, in which they get the information related with work and solve the issues face to face.


Integrity: Data of Information cannot be changed before the approval of the higher authority or Administrator of the Organisation because it always being a matter of respect and integrity of the organisation.

It always checked and assessed by only an authorized person or member of upper authority of organisation with approval of the organisation.

Confidential: All the information always remains confidential. Information always based on external and internal. The internal information should not be disclosed to anyone. LSG internal information always be confidential, they cannot share with other persons. Internal Information includes Finance, Future plans.

Security: There is always security for the Information; it should not be share with any one. The term information security is always protected by harsh measures which always frequently checked and changed on time to time. There is confidential information which cannot be shared with anyone except higher management of the company. Different and most effective software are used to protect the information of the organization. All staff of the LSG Sky Chef always kept their stuff with proper care and security. All rooms are secure with proper access cards. No other visitors can enter in LSG Sky Chef Building without proper ID card or authority.

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Only authorized persons are allowed to keep the information and they have passwords for dealing with such kind of information.  Encryption is the most effective way to achieve data security. To read an encrypted file, you must have access to a secret key or password that enables you to unlock and open it. In LSG Sky Chef all security lockers and doors and computer access always be opened in emergency in the presence of the Head of Departments of the LSG Sky Chef. Only during their presence gives the authorization to open the lockers in the emergency.

When information is saved in computer, and then it should be protective with password. Then the folder where it is made must have a password and this password always remain with authorized person.


Circulation is the processing of information to all the staff members in the organization. Circulation of the information needs:

Human Resource

Material to circulate


Technology – Computers, Emails, Etc.


Filing the information is to store information for long time for company needs. An Organization needs to keep data for future reference and data is stored in Computer hard disk or server. Paper documents filed in the files and kept in the safe and secured room. One can also select online storage capacity to store information data online.


Milestone for information needs depends on nature of business information and its scope. We have to check the information on every interval. For a large organisation the information scope is unlimited and the company may have milestone on the large scale. Milestone can be checked by the nature of information, if the information is related with finance then the milestone for this information are 5-6 times in a month.

Task 2

Internal Sources of Information

The sources of information that which relates with internal matter of the LSG Sky chef is called Internal Information.  There are different types of internal information such as financial, personnel, marketing, purchasing, sales and administration. Internal information sources can be defined as follows:

Financial Information: Money related information is identified with the execution and benefit and loss of the organization. This information will incorporate on the amount you pay to staff of the LSG SKY Chef, the expenses of rates and the charges that you pay as a business.

Personnel Information: Personnel information is information held by the company on their employees. Every worker of the LSG Sky  expert  much learning about their territories. This information must be unreservedly accessible to the representative at whatever time that they ask for it. Faculty information can be utilized to screen to what extent a representative has worked for an organization and in the event that they are qualified for a pay increment because of this in view of the LSG Sky Chef strategy.

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Marketing Information: Marketing information is used by the market team to identify what products or services offered by the business are most successful. The marketing team can collect information from different departments such as sales to promote certain products or services based on current success rates

Sales Information: . This information needs to be passed to the financial controllers of LSG Sky Chef to ensure that the cost of your good or service is less than the sale price

Administration Information: Administration information links very much with personnel information but also involves communicating with external sources and storing information on customers to build successful relationships with them.

Bottom of Form

External Sources of Information

External information sources are: Government, trade groupings, commercially provided information, database and research.

Government: Information provided by the administration is certainly originating from a solid source as this is the administering body that they business works inside. LSG Sky gourmet experts additionally have the control of the legislature. Government gives all offices to the LSG Sky Chef. LSG Sky culinary expert need to utilize vital legitimate data from the Government to help maintain the business effectively and lawfully

Trade Groupings: A trade grouping is a group of businesses that operate within the same sector and not within the same location. Many outside business are dealing with the LSG Sky Chef and they provide all food material.

Databases & Research: Companies can research information that might help them increase the sales and level of interest in their business.. LSG Sky Chef can make money creating this information by analyzing currently available sales stats in particular airlines.

Task 3

Review of Sky Chef


Approved Certificate


Company needs some upgrade machines which help the company to finish the product in effective and efficient way. We have to increase the storage facility and for that we have to get some extra place. And secondly increase parking space. Also need more staff for working moreover, need furniture for sitting?


  • All information is recorded and authorized by depot manager and also under the company policy.
  • Every document is kept and backup file is ready.
  • Whenever repair action is needed it must be done as soon as possible because it can damage the quality of product. And most important policy is the privacy policy.
  • All the members have to contact daily and give feedback to everyone.


Our Business is growing very well. Because, suppliers and buyer’s feedback is good, no complaint of in a service and product. The future of the Company’s safe from financial point of view. Recommendation to this company is just to improve the marketing and communication strategy as more advertisement should be done, comes out with more offers. We are making more name and fame in a market.

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