Professional development of Royal Garden Hotel

This report covers the topic and information which are required to build and firm report on continuous professional development of Royal Garden Hotel.

This Report gives a clear picture of the medium term plan of the organisation, recent changes in hospitality business, CPD plan implemented in the organisation, skill audit, include an explanation of what , who, when, how, why the training programme is carried, influence of staff development on productivity, measurement used for the success of staff development, leadership skill and way of improvement.

An analysis of these finding has led to the following key recommendation.

Evaluation of existing skill set and based on that designing tha tailor made finding programme.

Monitoring and tracking the flow of training designed.

Approaching the higher management for recommending desired skill by the employee so that the training team can develop the training programme based on their guidlines.


Royal Garden London is well known as one of the London most desirable hotel. It situated near fashionable Kensington high street. This offers superb shopping, dining and nightlife. It provides superb service with wonderful views from the top floors and from the both restaurant (Park Terrace and Min Jing).

Vision Statement of Royal Garden Hotel

”To be internationally recognised as London’s most flexible 5 star hotel offering value for money where excellence in service comes naturally”.

Conferencing and Banqueting mission Statement

‘To be respected and recognised as a dynamic and effective department ,through teamwork, communication and organisation .working together to exceed our clients expectations while offering great value for money.

Objective and Aim of Royal Garden Hotel

Aim: To be a bench mark in the hospitality management.

Objective: To be a chain hotel in the unexpected area with in few years time.

Medium Term goal of RGH

Providing the intensive training and development programme for the hotel staff , to motivating the work force for achieving minimum 40% of staff retention.

Planning and scheduling the monthly promotional activities.

Hotel has medium term goal is to be achieving 60% of customer satisfaction and good will through excellent product and service.

Source: Human Resource Manager Miss Refa Marry Royal Garden Hotel (15/11/09)

Changes in hospitality business

Information Key to servicing the demanding customer: Royal Garden always takes initiative in tackling the modern customer’s demands with respect to service or providing the technology .Royal Garden strives hard to maintain high standards and meeting expectations of today’s customers who expect to have experience built around their personal needs.

Continuous Professional Development

Continuous Professional Development can be termed as an on going ,planned ,learning process that aids to personal and professional development and can be applied against competences and organisational performance.

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI),which has members from all sectors ,describes CPD as

‘A planned self-development,which embraces professional aims and in many cases is intended to impact on performance .The ‘P’ could stand for ‘personal’ or ‘performance’ as well as ‘professional’ depending on the application or interpretation

Source:skillforce(2006)skillforce organisation [online] available force (accessed on 15 Nov 2009)

Skills and Knowledge required

Communication Skills

Communication is two way process which is to and fro .Thus it takes communication to exchange information to right person at right time at right place whether it is verbal or non verbal communication .Skill gap in this skill will lead to deterioration in service quality .

Up selling product

It is an art through which employees can be more productive for the business to the organisation by conversing the customer who come to the organisation about the product and service offered by the organisation.

Handling complaints and guest relations

This is the skill which is developed with time and experience It is good to have this skill in every employee to increase their guest satisfaction level of an organisation ;this makes an individual an all rounder in handling situation and decision making .

Time management

It is said’ A stitch in time saves nine’ .This skill will result in the smooth functioning of operation of any organisation ; this will also help the individual to multitask efficiently.

Training techniques

Existence of this skill is very essential in every management employee in order to be effective and efficient in productivity.

Leadership Skill

Leadership skill developed not only by corporate level but also by the staff who can play a measure role to motivate team.

Pressure handling

In simple way it can be said that pressure handling is very essential in today’s stressful working environment .eg:Service staff giving personalised service to the guest at the busy shift without getting panic and stressed .

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Multitasking is a skill which inculcates in the people allowing them to perform several tasks at the same time .They are more confident as they can think ahead one step when performing the other.


Technical knowledge : With rapidly changing technology trend it is important to train the staff with appropriate skills in order to save time and run the operation smoothly .Royal Garden hotel has implemented some new technology like :

Product Knowledge

‘Knowledge is power’ a very old saying can be interpreted as if you have power of knowledge u can achieve a lot .Thus Product knowledge makes the staff feel known to the product and confident enough to sell their product and thus result in profitability of the organisation.

Source: Banqueting manager Mr Martin Myre (15/11/09)

Impact of the skill gap

Productivity of staff decreases.

Lack of skills and efficiency declines in the sales of the organisation

Miscommunication can dissatisfy the customers due to insufficient information provided to the staff and restrict the staff from providing excellent service.

There can be potential fall in the standard of operating .

Due to limited resource of time not necessarily the organisation will be able to achieve the set aims and objectives.

Areas of skills /Expertise required



Skills at a satisfactory level



Rating required to achieve

Action to Achieve required level

Target date of completion


Communication skills





Cross training in different work area

Day to day briefings

Training with the help of HR

3 month

1.Senior management are responsible to brief staff regarding effective communication

2.Service staff must observe and adapt communication skill

3.Be knowledgeable about hotel facility and current facts.

Upselling of products

Moderate level




1.Briefing about updated product knowledge

2.Food and beverage selling target should be shared with the service staff to act upon.

3 month

1.Senior Level management are responsible for briefing staff member about selling target .

2.Other service must be upsale with the help of other division staff such as dinner promotions

Handling complaints and guest relations

Moderate level



5 and evaluation should be conducted.

2.Guest satisfaction survey should be used as a source to review and analyze the complaints

2 months

The supervisors should consider the complaints forwarded by the staff and guidance should be given to do so and should be trained on optimising customer satisfaction.

The management should always take immediate action over the complaints .

Leadership skills

Moderate level




1.on job training

2.Providing a sense of responsibility to the staff for running the operation smooth

4 month

Staff must be trained in such a fashion that they feel free to handle challenging job and responsibility offered to them .

Time management

Moderate level




Delegating of task as per capability and shift

2 month

The daily work should be distributed among the staff which will make the operation go hand in hand

2.Senior staff should set a time plan which makes the staff to perform their work by giving 100% toward s their work

Training of staff





1.Training schedules with HR

6 month

Periodic training should be carried out with the help of human resource department .






Cross training

Responsible for completing more than one task ,from one or more department

1 year

Supervisors must give cross training to line staff such as shifting commie chef to al a carte kitchen from banqueting


Business objective of dept


result area


performance indicator


Training programmes




Result from training



Gaps to be addressed

Increase product quality 80% within 6months

Up selling of product

Monthly food and beverage cost sheet and monthly SALT

Brand service standard course, SALT(satisfaction and loyalty tracking system) programme, intermediate kitchen management

Moderate level 3

GBP 130 0/-

High level 5


Communication gap, knowledge gap

To achieve an targeted room sales percent .i.e.83% within 3 month(front office)

UP selling of product and training techniques.

Monthly review of room sales sheet and on Q training sheet

Faculty of operations

Room business

On Q property management

Foundation front office management

Low level 2

GBP 1000/

Hjgh level 5


Knowledge gap, service delivery gap

To achieve the goal of increase in GSTS up to 89% on monthly review(food and beverage)

Multitasking complaint handling and guest relation

Monthly GSTS result sheet

Personal development course, foundation service management, Train the trainee, essential training skill.

Low level 2

GBP 1500/-

High level 3


Rating gap

Performance measurement

Service delivery gap

Signature of HOD

Signature of manager

Signature of Supervisor















Benefits expected

Evaluation and review


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TO improve the technical skill of the employee

Technical staff would be aware and trained on technical aswpect involved in the organisation

1-2 week

Practical traning room based, on job traning

In house


Out door

Internal resource(seniors employee) or Hiring the training from outside resources

Training rooms, Projectors, trining material, demo articles.

Trainer and training material cost

All level of the technical staff will be available to serve the specific technical purpose and increase the higher level of efficiency within the technical group

Direct feed back demonstration


Improvement of various function involving in each division

The respective team would be prepared to handle various assignment based on the same


On job training, training room based, online training

In house or outdoor institutions

Internal resource (senior employee) or hiring the external resources

Training rooms, Projector, training material

Trainer and training material cost

All the functioanal aspect and terms will be clear and hence the better working pattern can be expected from the staff

Employee feedback return on investment, performance appraisal


Familiarising the processes involving in each process functions

Each employee would be aware of the processes involved and to be followed during any assignment.

3-4 days

On job training , training room based, online training


Internal resource(senio employee`s)

Training room, Projector training material

Trainer and training material cost

Based on the process training the RGH staff will be prepared to deliver the product and services in the standard manner


Satisfaction review ,

Staff feedback, Higher management review feedback


To improve the inter personal skill of the staff

Improving and developing the interpersonal skill and mutual bonding within the division as well as with the customers.

1-2 week

On job training, training room based, online training

In house


Out door institutions

Internal resource(senior resource)


External Resource

Training room, projectors, training material

Trainer and training material cost

Post behavioural training individuals short comings with the respect to the interpersonal skill are expected to increase .

Senior staff feedback. Customer feedback


To providing supplementry training for improvising the capability

Giving the add-on skills and knowledge for improving the productivity of the employee


On job training, training room based, online training

In house OR out door

Internal resource(senior resource) OR external resource

Training room, projector, training material

Trainer and training material cost

Some additional skill improvements can be introduce to the staff for improving capabilities of each employee

Rgh College on Q training result sheet a salt

Influence of staff development on productivity

Staff related practice to improve productivity Perceived impact of staff related practice

All employers surveyed were read a list of staff related practices and asked to identify those they thought would have a positive impact on productivity in their workplace. Based on the survey between 67% and 97% of employers tentatively identified all of the practices as having either a positive or very positive impact:

Providing training skills to increase staff productivity (97% positive/very positive).

Developing a work place culture where people work together better (95%).

Encouraging workers to be innovative (93%)

Developing and training for better managers (92%)

Encouraging usage of new technology (89%)

Conducting team building activities (80%)

Rise in workers’ pay rates (85%)

Post staff development, following improvement was noticed:

To achieve the set aim and goal the employees work together as a team as the abbreviation T.E.A.M stands for Together Everyone Achieves Much

The communication channel is improved within the teams .

The staff has positive approach towards their work

Since the process and skill were high-lighted, the work / assignment were handled go more efficiently.

Through the team building activities and programme , the team bonding and the understanding level within the team members has been better and a sense of responsibility for team is seen more.

Management and employee feedback

Management employee feedback acts as a vital performance appraisal tool by which the forms can draw a picture of employee’s development.

The employee feedback brings of a firm brings to its notice of the short coming based on the following.

Difficulty face in improvement of skills

Employee retention can also be decided on the basis of feedback concern employees require training and development programme .

Satisfied or dissatisfied level in the job .

Royal garden hotel employee feedback analysis


Percentage (%)

Is banqueting bar is well equipped


Is First time done work is always right


Does Royal garden hotel follow training and development programme

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Do you receive a appropriate training for the job


How is the overall working environment

Excellent (because staff turnover is 20%)

Profit analysis

The main aim of profit analysis is to get familiar with the actual cost involved for department against the actual sell which leads to improvisation in the firm.

The profit analysis can be calculated for the food and beverage department for the year 2008-2009 and can be predicted for the following year according to the data availability

Cost benefit analysis

It is the information available in the form of chart with differences in cost individually for food and beverage costing for the food and beverage department

The plant food cost sell for the year 2008 was 30% overplanned net revenue of great Britain pounds 2656649 the actual cost of sell percentage for that year turn out to be 3465% over the actual net revenue of GBP is 2172788.07 thus taking in to consideration the cost benefit only for food it is approximately 0.75% for the year 2008.

In order to gain extra profit external strategy such as strategic alliance niche marketing, bench marking etc can be used and finally get increased revenue in the out come

Return on investment

Return on investment is method that takes into consideration the investment and the average annual profit from the project.

Return on investment = Gain from Investment-Cost of investment/Cost of Investment

The ROI table mentioned below is an example which is carried out in Royal Garden Hotel for calculation of return on investment-

ROI(Return on Investment) Calculation



Net Benefit(NB)

Compares benefits to cost of the initiative.

NB= Benefit – Cost

Benefit Cost ratio(BCR)

Ratio for benefit returned for each dollar invested.



Percent in net benefits for every dollar invested.

ROI%= (NB/Cost)x100

How plan fits with local and national workforce development aims and objective?

Local Objective:

Offering existing offers such as tariff rate according to the tourism season by initialising the quarterly trading plan, change in the service industry style with objective of increasing the business in volume 35%

National work force objective: Productivity-raising growing of productivity to full fill the government and new marketing strategy.

Local objective:

Change is constant, in order to obtain 35% of customers service satisfaction and fame. Change is required traditional and formal style are swooped and made more specific, target, more relaxed.


Leadership is a management skill having a ability to motivate a group of people towards a organisation goal.

Using leadership characteristics list belowmto determine leadership skills in an organisation. It can be use to know about leadership skill and how to be improve it.

Rating (1-5)

1 is need to improve or develop this characteristic and 5 is applies to me.

Leadership character


How to improve

Self motivation


Attend practical training room

Innovative and creative towards work



Effecting working relationships


On Job Training

Time Management



Decision Making



Risk Taking


Demonstrative Training


Affect on budget:-

High risk is forecasted in terms of financial loss as the hotel investment in huge amount for the training and development of the employees which leads to implementation of CPD plan and strategies. The similar loss applies to the new strategies brought in action with the help of guest satisfaction level and on the failure of meeting the planned goals.

Process-engagement risk:-

CPD plan is a continuous process in achieving the best result for product quality and service quality. It can lead to a stage of high risk if the process of CPD lack in any of its elements.

Change trends of the market:

Kurt lewin developed a model for change. In which she introduced it as a process of unfreeze, change and refreeze. Thus change in a market trend produces a level of risk of firm which results in downfall in productivity of service and product.


The firms face lots of risk at every stage of PLC (Introduction, Growth, Maturity, and Decline). The firms should take some steps in order to prevent risk. The form should set up specific aim and objective which can be achieved in targeted financial period.

The training and development staff should set up appropriate strategies to minimise the cost incurred in training e.g. (online training)

The organisation should conduct market survey to have a better understanding of the current trend or fashion in the market , on the implementation which would create a competitive edge for the organisation.


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