Project Management of the Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games

1. Executive Summary

The project plan is for the the forth coming Common wealth games scheduled to be held during the months of July August in 2014, in Glasgow. The official handing over will take place on the 14th of October 2010,when Delhi in India will handover officially to the city of Glasgow in Scotland, thus appointing Scotland as the Host country for the 2014 Common Wealth Games. It is to be noted that this event “will be the largest multisport event ever to be held in Scotland”

Thus this report includes only of the opening ceremony’s Schedule plan, resource allocation and the cost to be effect.

2. Project Introduction & scope

The recent growth of multi sports as an industry around the world means that the management can no longer be commercials. Events such as the commonwealth games, have a large impact on their communities and, in some cases, the whole country. Thus it is a must to keep in mind throughout the planning process that this is the first time the country is hosting such and event and it shall have an impact to the country.

This is a service based scheduling project according to that the initial concern which I will propose will have the following scope which is needed to be completed to be successful in this event’s opening ceremony.


Prepare the Events list

Find the Human resource by events

Find the Items the need in each resource (Dress, Transport and etc..)

Analyze the risk and exciting of event with professionals

Find the time of event execution

Check the events identification (Traditional,etc)


Check the security availability in the location need to be allocate

Prepare high security zone in VIP guest

Facilitate the vehicle parking

Opening ceremony All task Analyzing

Location & Guest

Prepare the chairs and audience resource

Entrance and Exit point

Guest area allocation

Food and beverage


Schedule & Time table

Event list preparation

Allocate Resource to events

Allocate time to each and Every time /prepare schedule


Invite an media

Provide a food and beverage

Supply the technical need (internet, power)

Facilitate an location in ground area

Physical resource


Event Items

Professional support

3. Objective

To find all resource on time:

Accurate time estimation is vital in project management. The two main reasons for estimating time is vital as: Time estimates drive the setting of dead lines for delivery of project and also the determination of pricing of projects and its profitability can be estimated.

Thus finding all resources on time is very essential to carry on the project without delay as timing is important in an event like this as it has international criticism later on.

To allocate funds according to budget

Allocation of funds according to budget is a vital aspect, as it is an important tool needed in running a business in a proper manner. The allocation of funds should be done in such away that each responsible person can run the area smoothly without any interruption.

To schedule all ceremony event on time without any delay

Scheduling all events without a delay is very important as any delay occurring can cause disruption and run to high criticism. Prior to the main event rehersaling of the event should be done. When the rehersaling is done each aspect should be rehearsed without leaving out any event. Thus the above could be avoided.

Reduce events errors

Facilitate all participant to good service

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A specialized committee should be allocated the above task, of looking into the needs of the participants and giving them the best service. It is a must to keep in mind this is the event of the participants rather than the spectators. Allocation of physical force is a must to keep the reduction of the above.

4. Measure of Successful level and Recommendation for Each task /Plan and out comes





1. Event & activity design

2. Design Dress

3. Allocate the physical resource (music, Dress, Light)

4. Train the persons

5. Task allocate (Sub con)

1 proposal submission

2. Get quotation form 3rd party

3. Prepare the schedule

4. Find the resource

5. Evaluation and selection

1 .Events & Activity test with time

2. Physical resource test

3. Schedule test with time

4Recovery test (Disaster)

1 Fixed the date & time for each activity events

2. Fix all resource on time (physical & human)

3. Execute according to tested schedule

Opening Ceremony

1. Schedule monitoring and evaluating report

1 .Events & Activity test Report with Reasal

2. Physical resource test Report

3. Schedule test with time test report

4. Recovery test plan (Disaster)

1 proposal Acceptance

2. Budget Approval

3. Schedule and Activity and Event Report

4. Resource Supplier report

1. Design Aspect of event and activity (Document and Demos)

2. Design Dress (Dummy)

3. Allocate the physical resource (music, Dress, Light) Demonstration

4. Train the persons plan and schedule

5. Resource plan and resource requirement

5.1 financial requirement analyses

5.1.1 Budget for the opening ceremony

Overall opening ceremony should be allocated in 800 million. In Glasgow 2014 Common wealth Games committee, (Reference in: organization committee Budget allocation document)

According to allocated overall budget allocation in 800 Million we will propose our proposal profitability of our plan would be quite satisfactory.

5.2.1 Variable cost breakdown and overall total

This allocated budget should be dividing via the major Task event wise. This variable cost breakdown is based on the already allocated budget.

Here is the variable cost breakdown:

(All the values based on Millions)


Variable cost breakdown



Actual cost

Allocated cost

Staff cost



Events cost



Media cost & Entertainment






Location &Guest



Food & Beverage









Analyzing of the cost estimation:

Here graph is explained all the variance in allocated cost and actual cost variance.

1 .Staff cost is fixed as I will explain it further in the organizational chart how the staff should be allocated in the project. After analyze I will fix the cost.

2. Event cost is variance because some creative events, equipments and rehearsal cost should vary, that the main reason to increase an additional 50 for it.

3 Media cost should be fixed. There should not be any risk for it

4. Security, food and transport cost should add some additions .because these are depended on the guest and humans to be involved their activities.

Finally analyse all the expenditure additionally allocate a 120 Million for the risk factor wise.

This should be variance cost for this.

5.1.3 Revenue breakdown and overall total

Since the ceremony revenue is coming in as fallowing category based.


Suwannee’s and & Advertisement

Ground banners and Advertisement


Additionally in country has non profitable benefits on tourism.

Total estimation is all the earnings should be 130 Million.

Finally revenue should be in 175 Million.

5.2 physical requirement analyses

Physical resources Allocation:

Location & its resource

Allocation of resources will be predicted according to the requirements. Initially we analyze the location and its requirement. Location already decides and its resource should be available. Only need to identify repair and reconstruction points of it. After initial assessment all the reconstruct part and modification done by government .that mean I am not going to put its cost and allocation, Because it’s up to commonwealth standard achieving through the under supervisor on government and Olympic committee.

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Ceremony Entertainment and Events

Other Ceremony entertainment and cultural and traditional events some expectation in physical equipment items, this is contributing with the one of sub contractor and service provider. Already that ceremony entertainment and event design committee proposal send to sub contractors to get quotation from them. It’s basically going under the allocated budget. Because initial easements already done by entertainment and event committee.

Services and Supply

All other services should be contracted out to sub party. All sub contactors and their services should be evolved by physical resource evaluation committee. Food, transport, security, Entertainment an equipment supliers, electricity…etc… All these suppliers have to submit their proposal under evaluation committee satisfactory.

Standards and Quality of services:

This part should be maintained by the commonwealth country sports comate members. Their already provide the standards which have to be maintain for us. Evaluation committee evaluate all these under maintain of these standards.

5.3 Human resource requirement analysis

We get divide in major in all HR resource in two categories. One is Project staff and organizing committee other one is out sauce persons who are the consult of the Events and activities. All the outsource consultants are working with us a part time.

5.3.1 Work break down structure

Opening ceremony

Food and Beverage


Events & Activity

Location and Ground Requirement


Physical resource


Traditional Dance

Human resource

Event items

Events Actors

Creative Dance


Music items




Lightning relevant Event

Area special feature

Ground Decorate



Power supplier


Ground suppliers


This work break down structure should be view ad all Major activity tasks have to do in this ceremony process. This may provide a series of work brak downstrcture for planning and all implementation Events in ceremony.

Each and every circumstance of the ceremony project and objectives this should be evaluated.

This is providing a benchmark by which quality for the project process can be assessed and level can be successful.

6. Scheduling and Time plan

6.1 Recommended timings from October 2014 to the opening ceremony

We are plan out to start as 15th of Arial 2014 in the project. We can finalize it 20 the July2014. If it can be execute 23 July 2014 to on word. Execution plan is 2 days final set up preparation .and Ready for final execution on opening ceremony on 23rd July 2014

6.1.1 Gantt chart and Key Milestone

6.1.2 Risk Analysis in Time Frame

We decide to finish all the work and ready for ceremony in 1st 20 the July2014. That mean we handle finally 3days risk mitigation on the final execution.

And other thing is most of the activity task going on par rally. Not depend on other task .that plan should be mitigate the time risk of the project.

And other thing in Resource evaluation and physical resource allocation we get finish mid of September. Lighting, music, ground setup, activity basic set up. That is very impotent to reduce the Technical risk and the man power risk and also can mitigate the Disaster recovery in the ceremony time.

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7. Task and Person allocation

7.1 Task and allocated Team Structure

7.2 Organizational Breakdown structure

Project manager

Supply manager

Program manager

HR manager

Coordination manager

Admin coordinator

HR supply assistant

Event and Activity Designer

Resource finder

Evaluation Committee Coordinator

Service supply assistant

HR coordinators

Media coordinator

Security Coordinator

Physical resource supply assistant

Project manager

Food & Beverage coordinator

Secluded and Time maker

Physical resource coordinator

Additionally have a consultant on the ceremony event and activities as fawning professionals

Artifact and designs



Dancing and songs

8. Work procedure

8.1 Procurement management approaches

The Procurement management plan should be defined to clearly identify the all task and the responsibilities for Procurement from the beginning to the end of the project .The project manager will work with the project team, contractors, supply department, and other key players to manage the Procurement activities. In order to our team structure all the managers (program, HR, Coordination and supply) responsible for their department wise activities to beginning to end of this project.

Every department should be submitting their request as fallowing format. Supply manager have to be responsible to check with purchasing for each and every Items and service.



needed by/ date













Authorized to approve purchases for the project team:

Project manager : warnapriya wijesundara

Supply Manager : Lasantha balasuriya

Purchasing officer : nalin weerasingha

8.2 Contractors and subcontractors managing

Then first step in the contract approval process is to determine what items or services will require Procurement from outside. Then each and every department managers need to request what are they need service and items from project manager. Manager will evaluate it with an head of department managers and suplymanager the call to get quotation from out side vendors. And also need to finalize this with evaluation committee members with Olympic committee member in commonwealth.

Vendors must have as fallows:

Before start all the contractors should be need to register in the government ministry of import and export and construction in Scotland.

Vendors have to submit their proposal include their service, cost and Items and their history of customers.

All the Item and service need to up to evaluation committee standard.

8.3 Standard of maintain sub contractors Evaluation for Each project

This section will explain the evaluation for the each and every service with vendors. Based on the following decision criteria Procurement manager, project manager, Purchasing manager and the international committee member evaluate all service and Items: Here is the area as we get evaluate:

Ability of the vendor to provide all items by the required delivery date



Expected delivery date

Comparison of outsourced cost versus in-sourcing

Past performance

9. Conclusion

To conclude this proposal this project based on organizing the opening ceremony on Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games we will estimate all based on as initially 800 Million Dollars. After revenue analyzing we will think to take a 135 Million. As our suggestion is it can be done 755 Million.

Our risk factor is 120 Million. The 120 Million is vary on the Glasgow 2014 Common wealth Games evaluation committee suggestion and request.

This shows that the ratio of profitability of our plan would be quite satisfactory.

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