Project Manager Description Roles And Responsibilities

The job description of the Project Manager is to plan, execute, and finalize projects according to the given deadlines and within budget. And also handling resources and gathering the efforts of team members and third-party are role of the project manager. The Project Manager should define the project’s goals and quality control throughout its life cycle.

The project manager should keen on the successful initiation, planning, execution and finishing of a project. The project manager works based on production of a product or service in the construction industry, architecture, information technology and many different occupations.

The project manager must have a combination of skills including an ability to ask Sharpe questions, identifying unstated supposition and solve the conflicts that occurring between individuals as well as more methodical management skills.

Key duties of the project manager are the identifying the risk that directly affects the success and the risk should be measured both formally and informally throughout the whole lifecycle of the project.

Risks came from uncertainty. This must be focuses upon as the main concern. Most of the issues that concern the project come into the point in one way or another from risk. A good project manager can reduce risk through carry out a plan of open communication make sure that everyone has an opportunity to give their opinions and concerns. Everyone`s opinion should be taken in a way that if it benefits for the project.

Project managers use the micro project management software to organise their tasks and workforce. These software packages will help the project managers to produce reports and charts.

Roles and Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the project manager

Planning and Defining Scope -the ability to target the result of the project and deriving the planogram to run the project.

Activity Planning and Sequencing-after deriving and working according to the plan sequentially

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Resource Planning -while working according to the plan the process of accessing the resource

Developing Schedules -organizing the program for the development of the project

Time Estimating -completing the process of the project within the allocated time

Cost Estimating – calculating for the completion of the process in the project within the estimates budget

Developing a Budget -allocating the investment for the project

Controlling Quality -managing the standards

Managing Risks and Issues -resolving the risk and issues

Creating Charts and Schedules -prepare charts and schedules for the tasks

Risk Analysis -checking and derivating the problems of the risk

Benefits Realisation -aim on the profit

Scalability, Interoperability and Portability Analysis -calculating the non functional requirements of the project

Documentation -creating the records

Team Leadership -coordinate the team

Strategic Influencing -effective of the influence

Customer Liaison -contact the customer

The main duties of the project manager

Creating a plan, explain his plan to the team and adjust the planning according to the team members opinion

Arrange the meeting and present the munities of the meetings

Allocate required resources , recruited the people and spread the task to each groups

Prepare daily report and submit to senior manager.

Project manager should have a clear communication with all related people. He cannot take any decision without the team member’s satisfaction. He always updates his knowledge according to newly technology and understands the weakness and motivation of team members.

Project manager skill

A Project Manager is a important person in the successful software project. a project manager has to consider the following the basic skills to carry on the software project as successfully.

A good human resource manager-this will help to coordinate his team. A strong interpersonal skill needs to maintain the team. He should have a strong relationship within his team and the other teams working on the project.

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He should work as a focused manager- considers the positive aspects from his team members. He has to avoid any unwanted behaviour from his team members.

He should be always in a clear mind and make others also as same. For this he should show confidence in himself and others.

Project Manager must have good presentation skills. He is the person who is communicating between the customer and his organisation. This skill will help to update, convince and win the customer about the procedure of the software development.

Project Manager has to impress the leadership skills in all his team members. So it will help to handling negative situations and coming out of it successfully. Also this skill use to deal each situation with less energy.

Project Manager has to have good technical skills. Therefore his team members do not lose confidence on him and do not cheat him in technical issues of the project. he no need to do much of the technical work with his own hands. but those skills need to understand how his team members are doing and are they in the right direction. It is very important during the development and implementation of software project.

He should make sure that everyone believes the improvement has no end and is a continuous process.

Project Manager should have good presentation skills and strong communication skills too. Because most of the time project manager` s communication skill tested during project lifecycle.

Project Manager should be a well estimator. Because he should be able to estimate the performance of everyone, the skills of each team members and the abilities.

And last but not the least a Project Manager should be patient. He must understand himself, his team members, management, customer and other teams. He should have a clear knowledge of his works because he is going to speak to his customer. The instructions he is going to give to his team members and the he is the one taking the final decision. He must know the issues and effect of each of the activity he carried out during a project lifecycle.

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Leadership is very important to the project manager. He able to communicates the vision of the project outcome and get the support for that from stakeholders within the project team and outside.

He should motivate the each members of the project. For example motivate the project team to make the contribution required of them for the successfully completed project and motivate the team members to work hard when they expect their efforts to produce a excellent project. Giving rewards based on individuals performance.

Team building is the very important task of the project manager. The team has the right mix of skills to complete the project. When he builds the team he should able to handle the conflict within the team.

Well communicating is the important aspect of the project manager. The project manager allows the flow of relevant information about the project to others those who are interested in project in various stages. He must keep the organisation and any external clients those who are dedicated to the project.

Qualities of the project manager

There are some qualities that were important to the project manager. Such as

He should aware about the politic

Having a positive presence and confidence

Handling the risk

Tactically solving the problem and innovative

Strategically thinking power

Being a good time managing

Be a open mind person

Aim to goal directed

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