Project Manager Key Leadership Qualities Management Essay

In a project, Project Manager is the one who is responsible for the whole project. In another way, he is the leader of the project team. So Project Manager is doing a major role in the project because everything depends on his arms. But every project manager cannot complete their project successfully because project manager needs some key leadership qualities. Otherwise they cannot complete their project successfully with expected quality. It means a project manager needs some qualities to deal with their project team, top level management and the clients. So below are brief clarifications about the key leadership qualities that should be including in the Project Manager.

First of all a project manager needs thorough knowledge and skills to become a good project manager. They are not only their field knowledge or skills. According to Schwalbe (2007) mentioned, they are mainly Project Environment Skills, General Management Skills and Soft Skills. According to the Project Environment Skills, actually project environments are unlike from project to project, organization to organization and etc. So a good project manager should know how to adapt and manage that situations and how to change according any environments. Otherwise they cannot survive in this industry and they will become failed project managers. Under General Management Skills, a project manager should consist of knowledge of important topics related to financial management, accounting, sales, procurement, contracts, marketing strategic and tactical planning and likewise different knowledge and skills according to general management skills. It will give great favor to be successful in their projects and become a good project manager. According to Soft Skills, if a project manager needs to accomplish high performances on their projects, they require some soft skills. Otherwise they cannot achieve such things on their projects. They are effective communication, good leadership, motivation, negotiation, using influencing and take things to the organization or project and problem solving. Every single thing above mentioned will help to become a good project manager.

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Also there are more leadership qualities that should be consisted in a good and successful project manager; they must have to use these leadership qualities. Otherwise they cannot become an effective and unique Project Manager. As stated in University Alliance of Bisk Education, Inc. (2012), Communication ability is very important for the project manager because he is the one who goes and talks with clients and takes projects. If a project manager doesn’t have any communication skills, he cannot talk attractively for their clients. Basically lots of customers are very tough. If a project manager has a good communication skill, he can be friendly with his customer and can take that project easily with their expected way.

As stated in Project Smart (2012), also a project manager should be well behaved and have to show self-commitment to his project team. It means first of all a project manager has to demonstrate the competence to his project team. As result, the project team members will work harder because they cannot neglect their responsibilities when their project manager is working well. So it will make the whole project very accurate because all the team members are doing their responsibilities.

Be a good listener is a very good leadership quality of a project manager because it will favor to collect good ideas from their project team members. It means a project manager should be very friendly, pleasant and should listen to their team members and it will plus mark for their project because if any project team member can have good idea for the project. So he/she will tell that idea to project manager when he is a good listener. As a result, a project manager can complete their project successfully with great ideas from their project team members.

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A golden rule for all project managers in leadership situations is to make sure their performances or actions are reliable and integral. The project manager is the one who is responsible for the whole project. So if there is no integrity, then whole teams members will be in risk because even the most responsible person also not in the right track. So it will effect for the whole project and the organization. Integrity is very good leadership quality should consist in a project manager.

As stated in Bright Hub Inc. (2012), Motivation is very good leadership quality that should include in a project manager because motivation can change people anytime. It means if a project manager motivates their project team members and they will definitely work well. The project manager can motivate their project team members in different ways. It means if there is a team member who is working hard and a project manager can motivate him/her in different ways like project manager can increase him/her salary, can give some benefits and etc. Also a project manager can organize a lunch or dinner for their team members. As a result, all the project members are impressing about their project manager and do their work well for him without falling him into trouble.

Project managers need to have wide range of skills and knowledge. But they have to understand which specific skills or knowledge is important in different situations. Otherwise they cannot survive in those situations. So it is very important factor when dealing with such situations in industry. The project manager doesn’t need any special knowledge or skills about the all the knowledge areas of the project. As an example, IT project manager doesn’t need well knowledge about Information Technology or don’t want to be expert in that area. Just only need enough knowledge how to build a strong project team and how control and monitor them and complete a successful project. According to Schwalbe (2007) mentioned, Uniqueness is also one of the main leadership qualities that should consist in a Project Manager because it will depend on the lots of skills that should be included in a project manager. It means as above mentioned combination of all the leadership qualities can be executed in their own different ways. It is called uniqueness. So clients will impress about project manager and organization, when their project are done in unique style. So they will give more projects for their organization.


In conclusion, key leadership qualities required for a project manager in order to complete a project successfully.

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