Pros And Cons Of Electronic Patient Records Information Technology Essay

A1) In this case, the concept is mainly about storing or safeguarding the medical records of patients. A Patients when visits hospital to seek the doctor they are provided with paper-based medical prescription where in the medicines were written to cure allergies, diseases etc. Each time patient visits the doctor a new medical prescription is provided. Not only hospital managements maintain records of the visited patients but also maintain records in sheets. As there are millions of people in this world, it is difficult for the hospital management to maintain visitors record in their register. Also, it is difficult for patients to maintain their medical records. The medical records can be such as prescription, test reports, x-rays, etc. These medical records are very important by patients and doctors for future reference they need to maintain them and safeguard them. This has become a problem and required to be solved. One of the world’s best companies is Google it has come up with a very good and efficient solution to this problem. The solution given was Google Health, which means current medical record storage system. This Google Health system developed with different features helps users to maintain their medical records by entering their basic medical data. All the medical records of patients are maintained in the repository which is accessible to the doctors. The doctors go through these medical records and then post the relevant information and advice back to Google electronic. This information is also maintained in the repository for further use. All the information’s are maintained in the Google electronic. This is because sometimes access to medical records is not possible due to power failure. The use of Google electronic is free-of-cost. This electronic system is provided with features like health profiles, medications, allergies, doctor’s visits, health advices by the doctors etc. Google’s mission is to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

2. What are the problems with America’s current medical recordkeeping system? How would electronic medical records alleviate these problems?

A2) The concept of maintaining medical records online is best use for patients and doctors. This system is developed for easy-to-use by patients and doctors, but there are some problems being faced by them. Patients can communicate with the doctors online by using this system. Only less percent, of American’s maintain their medical records online. In case of emergency, this problem leads to death. If the patient is unable to reach the doctors online they can switch to another doctor who is online. The source of this problem is absence of online medical records. When the power is off, the connection to the internet is lost and also access to the local data storage system is failed. In such case, access to medical records is also failed, by which the patients and doctors also loose their access. To overcome this problem, the Healthcare Industry has developed electronic medical record where all the records have been stored to use by the users. Medical records are easily accessible after converting to electronic. This electronic medical record alleviates these problems. It increases the likelihood of privacy invasions and makes the medical information accessible to the advertisers. By the use of internet, they can get complete information about electronic medical record system. The use of this electronic medical record system is easy and is quickly accessible by the patients and doctors in less time. It is possible to access medical records even when there is no power.

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3. What management, organization, and technology factors are most critical to the creation and development of electronic medical records?

A3) Management Factors:

It is important to know how records are being handled by the servers. Also, privacy and security is also important. Google helps many of its users belonging to different categories to refer electronic records for their references handle their cases well. Google curtails the information collected and collides with many of the private legal advisors at the time of these conflicts. It launches many of the easy to use formats for the reference. The companies which manage these records must also be able to manage their employees with the sufficient paying. Organization Factors:

Google and other companies who handle such types of records must organize the databases that stores records entered by different users permanently and also to retrieve them whenever necessary. These organizers must be able to update the records or changes are made by the clients in an efficient manner. They must make the users feel confident enough regarding the data entry. The users can trust this website without feeling tensed regarding their insurances and other kind of fear. As the data that is entered by the users is store in the repository.

Technology Factors:

The technologies that are being used by the companies must make the websites store and retrieve the data records to and from the database in an efficient manner. Technology wise are companies are brilliant must concentration on different kinds of transactions done by the user. Technology being the important task in making the choice, the developers must be best at their part and create the best of the all types regarding the medical records. They must also go through all the pros and cons.

4. What are the pros and cons of electronic patient records? Do you think the concerns over digitizing our medical records are valid? Why or why not?

A4) Pros of Electronic Patient Records: Storing patients medical records in the world wide concerned database makes many of the reference to view these records and find solution to their problems. And many doctors of different areas around the globe can be aware of the new technologies being used by many of the senior specialists. As these records are stored electronically, it is easy to use them anywhere on any type of computer, but the only need is the internet connection.

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Cons of Electronic Patient Records: To any kind of data whether stored electronically or is paper based the main thing to concentrate is the privacy and security. These are lacking by the companies who are managing the records. And whenever, there is power cut there is no access to records. Then in such case, records cannot be updated or viewed. Due to lack of privacy measures many of the users feel insecure to store their records in these databases. And they also feel that these companies may use their private information as an advertisement purpose. As these, records are stored in the database which is globally related to all of the users some users have faced problems. The users who are registered with this site have faced many problems as their medical records are misused by many of the unauthorized users. Few more users feel that some of the sensitive information of their may affect their jobs and also their insurance policies. For any information to store, security is the most important factor as it safeguards the information.

Digitizing Our Medical Records : Digitizing is defined as storing the medical records electronically, in electronic gadgets. Once the records are stored electronically they can be viewed anywhere from the world and it can be possible unless there is an internet connection. The digitized records are valid, only if the security of the records is at highest range and is being checked at times by the organizers. If the security and privacy measures are not up to the mark then there will be only few authorized users who cooperate with the company.

5. Should people entrust Google with their electronic medical records? Why or why not?

A5) Google is one of the world’s largest companies. It is one of the best available search engines, which is widely being used by many users all over the world. Its mission is to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. For many users, it may be difficult to agree with its mission, but some do agree with it. Some users may not feel good to give their personal information which they mean to be private, when it is asked by the Google but some feel free to give them. People should entrust Google with its electronic medical records. This is why because, with Google electronic the patients can get treatment from doctors located in different states and countries. The patients can reach the doctors and get the treatment done in their emergency and get their long lives. Google electronic has got features which make the users work easy. The users are provided with the facility, where they are required to enter their medical record information. This information is safe as it is stored in the repository. The people should entrust this concept because, their information is secured by the best security services. No information is accessible to any unauthorised users. And also, this system is so best in its way, that the patients get the required advices from the doctors as and when they request. People should not entrust Google with their electronic medical records, if the medical record information entered by the users is being misused. In such case, people are more worried about their personal information as they are accessible via electronics health records, may lead in losing their health insurances and job opportunities. It is also fear for people that, if they switch to electronic health record could even be more vulnerable to security breaches and privacy violations. Some people think that unless an electronic system has sufficient privacy controls from outside, it is less likely to become universally used. If system security controls are used, it is important that the consumers must be aware of these controls and feel confident of using the system without fear of their information being accessed by the unauthorised user or parties.

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6. If you were in charge of designing an electronic medical recordkeeping system, what are some features you would include? What are features you would avoid?

A6) If I am given a chance for designing an electronic medical recording keeping system, the features that I would like to include are, easy to use by the patients and doctors, quick access to the medical records, reliable to use, fast access to the medical records, facility for the users to maintain their online health profiles and keep updating them, different medical treatment for different diseases and issues, online direct contact with the doctor, a query text where the users can clarify their quires and issues, providing the users with username and password for logging in to access the medical records, providing the users with facility to make their payments, providing them with list of total number of doctors and available number of doctors, the available timings of the doctors, a text space to request for the required doctor to consult, 24 hours access to the medical records, providing blogs where the doctors can write their advices, provide list of different types of diseases and allergies where the users can choose the type and get the required information about it, the most important feature that is necessary for keeping the medical records safe is the security. In the feature security, I would like to secure the information that is being passed between the healthcares providers, by avoiding access to the information by unauthorised users. I would like to avoid features like limited access to the medical records by the users, limited time to seek the doctors, unauthorised access to the medical records, avoid access failure to the medical records.

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