Quality Management Plan Example

“Quality is an experience of the customer. Product quality awareness comes from your design specifications and the manufacture standards achieved for the product. Service quality perception comes from your service process design and the customer contact impressions” (Quality,n.d).

As all we know that quality is very important part in every business. Personally I think quality matter not quantity. If we talk about the quality of a clothes in clothing store. That’s very important because without quality product we can’t   interact the customer or we can’t expand our business in future. If in clothing store we provide quality product to our customer which is little bit high in price. Customer can easily spend money on quality product.

In New Zealand there are mainly two seasons winter and summer. Summer is for short time period and winter for long time period. So we will provide wool clothes for winter and cotton cloths for summer to fulfil the needs of the customer. In winter season we will provide jacket, wool caps wool cloths and so many things in different varieties.

Quality management

The main principle of quality management is to ensure the business will meet or exceed owner’s needs and expectations. In our business we want to create a good relationship with our customer. For that we will manage that entire thing which can affect our business like bad customer deal that can affect our business. Next, we will also careful about the quality of the product that is most important for our business. We will careful for our stock when we purchase from India.

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Quality must be viewed on an equal level with scope, schedule and budget. In quality we can also say that when we build our clothing store we will use good quality of interior to decorate our store. Decoration of the store is also equal important like good quality of product.we will also use good quality of furniture in our store to interact more customer. (Quality management,n.d).

To maintain quality in product you should careful about some important things which are given below:

Customer feedback: In clothing store business owner should regular feedback from the customer so they can know about the quality of the product. We will also take customer feedback to better our customer service.

Keeping change in variety: In today era fashion is keep changing so clothing store should always update with new variety of stock so they can fulfil the needs of the customer. In our clothing store we will purchase of stock according to customer choice.

Customer satisfaction: customer satisfaction is very important in business if we want to grow up in market. For customer satisfaction we will provide variety of product to our customer. We will also provide good customer service to our customer.

Project quality assurance:

In plan Quality we say that we have to make the plan for our business and quality of the business. For this plan we have to know about what kind of product customer want.  I will also try to find in winter season or summer season we can purchase good quality of product.  In winter season we will purchase good quality of wool cloth which can protect the people from the winter and for summer season we will stock a cotton cloth so customer can buy that clothes.(quality management for project,n.d).

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Provide good quality of customer service:

If we are talk about quality good quality of customer service is very important. If we have good quality of product and varieties of product. But our customer service is not good. Then we can’t develop our business. For good quality of customer service we should deal with customer properly and take care about the needs of the customer.

Quality plan

The main principle of quality management is that the product the fulfil the needs of the customer and which give some profit to the owner. For good relationship with customer we  have to provide good quality of the customer service. To meet this requirement we will give training to our staff and other business partner. Moreover, provide good quality of product is very important for the customer to meet this requirement we make a plan in which we will contact with different dealer in India which dealer meet our requirement in good quality of product. We will purchase clothes from that dealer.

Further, in quality plan we will stock good quality of product in different verities so customer can buy what they want according to their taste. Sometime product are good in look but not good in quality but we have to stock in our store because some customer like that product (Quality plan,n.d).

Quality control and its goal:

The goal of quality control is to improve the product that meet the requirement and quality of type product. Quality control also includes that the project performs in its efforts to manage scope, budget and schedule. Business owner should change product or service according to demand of the customer. Rework is the action taken to bring the rejected product or service into compliance with the requirements, quality specifications or stakeholder expectations. Rework is very expensive that’s why business should do quality planning and quality assurance to avoid the need for rework. Rework and all the costs may be in big amount but it is refundable by the donor and the organization may end up covering those costs. Business man should set their management very carefully that produce the outputs and the decisions that were taken that lead to the faults and errors. Changes are taken place to the Change Control methods of the project. (Quality plan,n.d)

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