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The question of globalization (or macro environment) has become one of the most acute nowadays. It would be important to focus on the fact that the ideas of globalization are not really new and their relation to the marketing science in contemporary world is really clear. Some consider that the question of globalization is not actually new but revolutionary, as it erase the borders between the states, providing common monetary system, common legislation common trading area. It would be very hard to define whether globalization eroded a state or enforced it as it provided different influence on different countries. It goes without saying that some became more assimilated and some not. It is essential that globalization is one of the most widely discussed questions in the present day world. It would be important to note that sport events such as the Commonwealth Games are promoting the ideas of globalization and this could not avoid the impact of the macro environment on the credibility of the Commonwealth Games. This report would examine the potential negative impact of macro-environmental forces on the credibility of the Commonwealth Games 2010 and how they could be resolved.


From the very beginning it would be essential to focus on the fact that on the credibility of the Commonwealth Games 2010, which were held in India were severely impacted by the macro environment forces. Among them it would be important to mention social, economical and political. It would be important to note that this impact could be hardly called positive. But at first it would be essential to explain what are the macro-environmental forces and what is their importance for the Commonwealth Games as a sport event.

First of all it would be important to speak about the political environment, as very important impacting factor: “Retail marketing decisions are substantially impacted by developments in the political / legal environment. This environment is composed of laws, government agencies and pressure groups that influence and constrain various organizations and individuals in society. Legislation affecting retail business has steadily increased over the years” (Yuvarani, 2009). It goes without saying that the government and other political structures has to become the guarantor of the human rights and laws observation. It has great important for such a significant international event as Commonwealth Games, as it guarantees that the fair attitude and equality observed in the country, as well as legal protection as foreign sportsmen and members of the committees and support teams as well as local ones: “The first is to protect from each others. So laws are passed to prevent unfair competition. The second purpose of Government regulation is to protect consumers from unfair retail practices. Some firms, if left alone, would adulterate their products, tell lies in their advertising, deceive through their packages and bait through their prices” (Yuvarani, 2009). Speaking about the Commonwealth Games 2010 in India, the first thing it would be important to note is that the country was not actually ready to such an event; especially when it comes to the political environment. It won’t be a secret that India is the developing country, with prominent perspectives, but the same time with the huge problems, high level of corruption (political as well), well grounded and centuries grown stereotypes and prejudice and poorly developed legislation. The result is that the level of political environment and organization within this area did not correspond to the norms and demands of the international event, which the Commonwealth Games 2010 was supposed to be. The question of corruption was raised by the representatives of the international media and organizations. Another important issue raised was violation of the human rights during the preparatory period: “The HLRN report concludes that the entire process related to the CWG has been essentially underscored by secrecy, unavailability of information, and unconstitutional activities, with evidence of long-term economic, social and environmental costs for the nation, and specifically for the city of Delhi. The CWG process, from the time of the bid to the continuous colossal escalation in the total budget, has been characterised by a lack of public participation, transparency, and government accountability” (HLRN, 2010). It goes without saying that these facts illustrate the Commonwealth Games of 2010 from the negative side and make a significant threat to the credibility of the event as a whole

Another significant macro-environment factor is social one: “In recent years, the concept of social responsibility has entered into the marketing literature as an alternative to the marketing concept. The implication of socially responsible marketing is that retail firms should take the lead in eliminating socially harmful products such as cigarettes and other harmful drugs etc. There are innumerable pressure groups such as consumer activists, social workers, mass media, professional groups and others who impose restrictions on marketing process and its impact may be felt by retailers in doing their business. The society that people grow up in shapes their basic beliefs, values and norms” (Yuvarani, 2009). This factor was also among the most impacting in the Commonwealth Games 2010. The cultural and social background of the country is quite a contradictory ones. As it was mentioned earlier India is developing country and this reflects on its socially and culturally. The discriminatory practice is a typical event in the country, but people are trying to attract international attention to this problem. It was important to note that the Commonwealth Games 2010 were used for this purpose too by the society of India and it is actually not surprising. This macro-environment force has a close connection to the previous one, as corruption and social exposure of the Indian citizens severely impacted the Commonwealth games and undoubtedly attracted huge international attention. There were observed primary violation of Children’s right and using this most unprotected individual labor force. There were observed extreme social mistreatment of the people, who had relation to these games (workers, those who were resettled etc). It would be important to note that there was also observed sex slavery and prostitution boom.

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And finally is economical macro environment force, which also strongly impacted the sport event: “Total purchasing power is a function of current income, prices, savings and credit availability. Marketers should be cognizant of major trends in the economic environment. The changes in economic conditions can have destructive impacts on business plans of a firm. Economic forecasters looking ahead through the next decade are likely to find their predictions clouded by the recurrent themes of shortages, rising costs and up and down business cycles” (Yuvarani, 2009). Again this issue has close connection to the previous two ones and as it was mentioned earlier India is a developing country and despite the huge economical book too many people there living under the level of poverty. This determines the purchasing trends in this country. It goes without saying that the Commonwealth Games 2010 was really important event for India and the Indians, hence the vast majority was unable to buy the tickets on the sport events, thus there was observed bad ticket selling and attendance was really low. It would be important to note that the economic conditions of the country determine the challenges and threats and from the economical macro environment force these games were poorly organized. The economical development and conditions of the country required definitely new approach to this issue that is why it is not actually surprising that the event met significant challenges in ticket selling and attending of the event

Conclusion and Recommendations

As it is seen from the Analysis chapter the core problem of the Commonwealth Games 2010 was that India was not ready to such an event, neither politically, or socially, or economically. The event was striking, but the organizational level was extremely poor. The same time there were a number of lessons observed that could avoid this mistakes in future. The government of the country should devote more attention to the social and political problems of the country and such a magnificent event requires from the leaders special attention to this forces. The country and the government holding the Commonwealth Games should be the guarantor of safety and security of the foreigners and the citizens. The Marketing specialists should thoroughly investigate the purchasing ability of the target group, relying not only the statistical data but individual and professional experience, taking into account not only fast economical development of the country, but the conditions people living in. And the most important is Human Rights. The Commonwealth Games as any sport event is celebration of equality between the nations thus violation of the human rights is direct hit on the credibility of this event as the one, assisting equality and peace. It goes without saying that such event as the Commonwealth games should assist establishment of intercultural connections and discrimination practices, sexual slavery and violation of primary human rights is not the best idea to establish such connections. That is why legal question should be under the strict control of international Human Right protection organizations and governmental forces.


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The setting of the Problem

The raised issue is to analyze with the help of marketing mix tool how the delivery of the sport event could be improved in the Commonwealth Games. It goes without saying that understanding the reasons and suggesting an effective solution would help to improve the situation with social image of the Commonwealth Games as an international sports event, avoid repletion of the raised problem and increase credibility of the events on the international level. The detailed analysis of the problem and choosing of the strategy, which could solve the question, would undoubtedly benefit to the event and managerial team

Analysis of the Set Problem

It goes without saying that the set problem with the delivery of events is mainly dealing with HR i.e. standardization and lack of coordination. It goes without saying that this point is very significant as it equally touches all the other points of the 7 P strategy: the core of them are the process, the product, physical environment and price. It won’t be a secret that the negative impact on these points of the strategy could even cause the failure of the project (Commonwealth Games in our Case). Analyzing the current situation happening at the object and the possible solutions the managerial team came to the conclusion that a number of measures dealing with standardization and implementation of the newest techniques of the coordination and standardization are necessary to provide effective task performance of the situation happened. The employees task performance turned out to be a severe catastrophe for the whole project as it lacked managerial coordination, support and controlling eye. That is why only a complex of the problem solving measures could improve the current situation. It goes without saying that core idea is that the technical executors on the place need a strong leader, as effective could help to reach the desired organizational effects. But the same time managerial team should not forget about the difficulties he/she could meet: “However, providing effective leadership with the aim of delivering better quality services is not without its problems. All organizations are under pressure to cut costs, become more efficient and so forth. In particular, any manager attempting to improve service delivery may encounter difficulties connected with the changing nature of some service jobs and employee satisfaction, the practice of empowerment, and staff incentive schemes based on customer satisfaction” (Nasaw & Carnegie, 2006). It goes without saying that strong leadership is not the solution of the problem and there were developed a complex of measures that would help to decrease the problem and fulfill the project in time. These measures could be effectively used in the future as preventive measures and avoiding such situation.

Conclusions from the Analysis

The situation on the objects dealing with the delivery of the sports events was really complicated. Hence the managerial team and the technical execution team are ready to do their best in order to improve current situation. According to the held questionnaires the core problem lies in the time shift managerial and technical execution department perform. That is not actually surprising as employees need support, strong motivation and empowerment from the managerial department, which role is core significant in such projects: “Empowering employees entails sharing information about the organization, offering rewards based on the organization’s performance, and giving employees the power to make decisions. Empowering employees involved in service delivery offers benefits from a customer-service perspective” (Nasaw & Carnegie, 2006). It goes without saying that lack of empowering and emotional intelligent leadership alongside with the coordination, which happened during the Commonwealth Games. Now this coordination, alongside with the top methods of motivation should be used for further avoiding of the happened problem in future and fulfill the event according the set time. It goes without saying that the core significance in the changes would play the recommendations that include the solutions, which are aimed on improvement of the situation. Understanding the role of the motivation methods the managerial team focused on them and included several other ideas that could be helpful in training and communication between the members of the technical execution team and managerial department. The following chapter would provide recommendations for the solutions of the set problem.

Recommendations and Possible Solutions for the Described Problem

For the recent years it has become very popular tendency to involve the members of the team to the decision making, expecting that their experience would influence the developmental characteristics and efficiency of the company. HR managers should be well aware that using the most popular tendency makes the company a successful competitor on the contemporary market. The role of manager as a supporter to the staff is very important; here are defined the ways manager can promote successful task performance: “They identified that a manager can achieve service quality through their employees by considering the following:

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workplace design – ensure that the place where employees deliver the service is a pleasant one

job design – ensure that the job is designed to motivate employees

employee selection and development – recruit only employees who complement your organization and match your customers’ needs

employee rewards and recognition – reward and recognize good practice from your employees

tools for serving customers – provide your employees with the means to serve and solve customers’ problems” (Nasaw & Carnegie, 2006)

Setting performance objectives per employee is an important part of task management which allows achieving Strategic Goal by dividing it into a number of sub-goals. The team leader or manager must do some steps to set individual performance objectives (VIP Quality Software, Ltd, 2010). It is essential that task performance objectives strongly deal with work activity progress and individual development.

Before getting a reasonable position at the technical execution department team each employee goes through the procedure of dealing with his task performance objectives and working activities. Appointing and conducting a meeting with a candidate team leader describes what kind of job tasks and work activities he or she should deal, while working at the technical execution. Each employee has a list of personally oriented responsibilities. Correlating with working activities, the politics of technical execution dpt. expects from the team members strong personal qualities and interpersonal qualities. Dealing with human factor during their work, every employee should develop interpersonal skills; promote decision making and problem solving working activities. Individual performance objectives are developed according to employee major functions and responsibilities with the help of managerial team and the leader: “As a manager you should offer effective leadership

creating a service vision – tell, share and demonstrate the vision you have for how you want the service to be delivered

synthesizing the vision – ensure that the way in which you communicate your vision is consistent

clearly articulating the vision – make sure that you do not allow others to block or hinder your communication

promoting commitment to the service vision – create and ensure opportunities to promote your service vision

implementing the service vision – ensure that you actually implement the service vision” (Nasaw & Carnegie, 2006)

Assessing wok activity progress team members could hardly avoid taking into account certain individual developmental objectives. As it was mentioned earlier, according to the interviewing and questionnaire, the majority of technical execution dpt. team members set as the most important developmental need “promoting personal and professional development”. It is essential that in our age of computer technologies, corresponding to the reasonable position at your department is very important meet the wishes of their employees to promote their professional and personal skills, as the members of technical execution dpt. team closely connect with outer environment, dealing with people that are not members of the company developing strategies for further promotions. HR specialists of the company should understand the necessity of involvement the newest technologies, suggesting the newest training and educating programs that deal with contemporary technologies of the technical execution science.Promoting innovative educational programs there should be taken into account psychological attitude of the participants to the program. We live in quite difficult times, where old methods should be combined with the new ones. The innovative ideas in the training process should be undertaken rapidly as their main aim is raising efficiency of the department and that has a serious impact on the developmental process of the whole company.

In the end I would like to make several recommendations for those who seek for successful task performance and organization of effective working process. We should not also forget the fact that we are working with people and they need also certain psychological treatment and understanding. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs would play a good advantage for further development and making appropriate plans meeting the individual developmental needs, task performing and working activities together:

Physiological Needs

Safety Needs

Needs of Love, Affection and Belongingness

Needs for Esteem

Needs for Self-Actualization (Simons, Irwin and Drinnien; 1987)

It won’t be a secret that psychological aspect produces a serious impact on all the spheres of human life and personal and professional development in the company is not an exception

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