Recruiting And Hiring Employees

Interview a Manager either in hospitality or tourism industries that are responsible for recruiting and hiring new employees. Write a new report on what the new Manager look for in a new employee and how he go about recruiting and hiring people.

2.0 Introduction Question 1

What is human resources? Human resources are important in hospitality and tourism organizations by the unique characteristics of a service, which are present by specific challenges in designing, marketing, maintaining, and also monitoring service quality in a hospitality industry. This service in the hospitality and tourism industry involves an interpersonal transaction that can take over between a customer and a compile human delivery system. Human resources management practices prerequistsite to improve the service quality in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Definitions of human resources management as the implementations of the strategies, plans and also programs that required attracting, motivate, develop, reward and also retain the best people to meet in the organizational goals and operational objectives in the hospitality management.

3.0 Answer Question 1

Report Of Hiring And Recruitment

3.1 Objective

Now a days, employers have the advantage and also the disadvantage on how they choosing new employees. Most of the employee will hand out their resume to the Human Resources department. In the same time, the manager will stands out and selecting resume that who works diligently to create a resume that potential employers notice.

3.2 Problem Statement

Why interview a manager that is responsible in recruiting and hiring new employees? For these times, I had interview Mr. Adrian Yip who are manager in Ritz Carlton Hotel. I had write a report about how Mr. Adrian Yip look for in a new employee and how he go about recruiting and hiring people. In the report, we can get to know a lot of knowledge on it.

3.3 Findings

3.3.1. What does human Resource Manager look for new employee?

Managers can’t determine all the employee. They do not know how about the new employee during the interview and hiring processes. Even some resume have write down how their personality are, but as a manager, they can take the risk what will happen to the hotel or the workplace in the future. Some things aren’t visible till the employee is on board and interacting with the manager and his own staff. Most of the hiring decision is based on the manager sees during the interviews sections, when the employee giving out his best behavior and showing out his skills and qualifications to the organization. Even though sometimes, the quality of the workers working relationship is based on the attributes a new employee shows in the early stage of the employer-employee relationship. From what I have interview from Mr. Adrian, He told me that there are some attitude that can see based on the employee such as Expertise, Enthusiasm, Loyalty, Communication and also Relationship skills.

3.3.2 – Expertise

Expertise’s means expertness characteristic of a professional person. Expertise’s are the key to getting the job more better and expertise. If an employee can demonstrate and also know how to do the work well and nice, the manager will be pleased the employees to joined his department and the organization. Managers will always look for new employees who can perform well and also capable of performing the job duties with limited orientation and training. In the same time, employee can get promotion without an extended period time.

3.3.3 -Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm brings out the means of great excitement or interest in a subject or cause. With the Enthusiasm attitude, the employees probably are nothing more discouraging than the employee who are seems not interested with the new job. Managers always look for an enthusiasm new employee. Even the job consists of repetitive duties, enthusiasm are about to starting a new job with the new co-workers that should be show through from the first day. Managers have high expectations on the new workers. They expect their new employee will be eager, excited and also learn more about his role in the organization and what he contributes to the departmental goals.

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3.3.4 -Loyalty & Commitment

Loyalty means Loyal to the employers. Most of the employers have high expectations on their employees. They always hope their employee loyal to the company and also loyal to their boss. Loyalty and commitment are very important to a company. Managers want new employee to exhibit, even if the employment relationship is new. Exhibiting loyalty means giving new job chance before deciding to move on. It also same for commitment. Manager will hope that their new employee has think careful with his decision before they join the company and formally accepting the offer so that he will not regret because of the first days that aren’t going along smoothly.

3.3.5 -Communication

Communication bring out the means exchange messages, or information, by speech, visuals, signals, writing, or even behavior. Communication are requires both sender and recipient. Communication requires that the communicating parties share an area of communicative commonality. Communication process is complete once the receiver has understood the message of the sender. According to Ruth Mayhew, ( Communication is a huge factor in any burgeoning relationship, but especially a work relationship. The manager looks for a new employee to communicate openly and honestly about the job duties, expectations and the employee’s need for input early in the relationship to ensure he’s performing the job duties for which he was hired. Likewise, a manager looks for new employees to be receptive to communication from a leadership perspective, which consists of positive reinforcement as well as constructive feedback.

3.3.6 -Relationship Skills

Relationship skills are also very important for a Manager to hiring a new employee. Relationship skill will improve the relationship between the employers and the employees. It also build even stronger, more positive and productive teams in the company, cope well with the stress and challenges of their work and also produce better outcomes with very difficult clients. Managers also look for a new employee to show how well he fits into an organization’s culture. The manager don’t want new employee who other employees view as standoffish. Although the existing workforce usually is asked to welcome new employees, but usually is how a new employee to be more cordial and even look for ways to form workplace relationships that will help the employee get accustomed to the new job.

3.3.7. How does human resource manager recruiting and hiring employee?

Recruitment bring the means as a process by which the best qualified applicant for specified job vacancy that could be found in compliance with all federal, state and also the local regulations to employment. The responsibility for the recruitment of the job applicants for the employment varies that are depending on the size of the hospitality organization. Mr. Adrian also says that every Manager have the opportunity to analyze and revise the position and also determine the qualifications of an employee. As a Manger, we should remember what technical skills will the employee need to carry out for their job duties? What type of job behaviors will they need? Think about the past employees in the position. Time invested in thoughtfully planning the recruitment and selection process can make the difference between a good or poor hiring decision. The key to successfully developing such a program is to follow a proven recruiting process for the positions that a manager need to fill. Resist the temptation to omit steps, because shortcutting the process can shortchange the results.

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When hiring a new employee, as a manager there a lot way we must take carefully when hiring a new employee. When employee come to interview, the head quarters employees must take action in everything such as, background, attitude and also the personality in the resume. As a manager, he needs to know the level of the experiences and the skill that have by the employee. Hiring an employee, the manager also need to to define the job of the for the employee. Job analysis are very important, it is the primary tool in personal management. Definitions of Job analysis are to help the manager to recruitment and selection for the right man for the right job. Job analysis have advantages, it helps manager to understand the scope of the training required field. It also helps the personal manager to undergo the performance more effectively. Job analysis carries out in two ways, job description and job specification. Job description is very important when a vacancy was advertised. Job description helps the supervisors in assigning work to the subordinates so that it can be guide and monitoring in the performances. Job description it helps more in recruitment and also in the selection procedures. Job specification is the statement that translates the job description into human qualification position. Job specification helps manager in hiring appropriate people for an appropriate position. In a job specification statement, the content in it have job title, educational qualification, physical and other related attributes, physique and mental health, special attributes and also relationship of the job with other jobs in a concern. The advantages of Job specification is to help in the preliminary screening in the selection procedure, so that it can help to giving justification for every job. Furthermore, the management department can take decisions regarding to the promotion and also giving the benefits to the employees.

4.0 Conclusion

As a manager, there a lot of thing that he need to do. The manager not only need to take care the employees, but they also need to manage and also look for new employee and how he go about recruiting and hiring people. After the write the report, I get to know that as a manager, we need to know everything in the hospitality industry. We as a employee think that a manager hiring and recruit an employee are easy as ABC, but in opposite they work more then we expect. With the hiring and recruit method, it helps the manager to get better employee. As a manager, we can’t simply hire employee so that they can’t ruin down the whole hospitality industry.

1.0 Question 2

Find FOUR (4) example of external communication in the hospitality and tourism industries. Evaluate the effectiveness of each of this example.

2.0 Introduction Question 2

Definitions communications are activity that conveying information through the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, visuals, signal, writing, or behavior. External communication requires a sender, a message, and a recipient. According to D.Alyson (2012). External communication is the way to provide a message in between sender and recipient. There are a lot of external communications such as email, telephone or website, newsletters and also press releases.

3.0 Answer Question 2

In the hospitality industry, communications are very important. There are a lot of communications such as Websites, Email, Newsletters, Telephone calls, and more.

3.1 -Websites

Websites now day are very important. Most of the people use websites to buy things, they use it to promote, sell or even buy products. Most of the Hospitality industries have a company websites that are common form of external communication. Most of the company will hire a professional designer to design the website. A website may can have advantages and also disadvantages for the customers. Some of the website are probably theft that cheating because many Fraud. As for advantages, customer can get the things they want fast and easy. They just online and go through the website and search for what they want.

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3.2 -Press Releases

Press releases means it is a recorded communication that are directed to the members of the news media for the purpose announcing something. Most of the press releases are recorded statements that a company distributes to media outlets such as newspapers and radio stations. According to Sheldon Reid, ( most of the releases are required to contain strictly newsworthy information regarding to the company services and products.

3.3 -Email and Newsletters

Email and newsletters are also very important in now days. Everyone start their communications with e-mail and newsletters. In the hotel industry, company usually use email and newsletter as common form of external communication and that they are who as receptionist also are using the emails to sends message and information for example payment, booking room and so on. In addition, they are also using newsletter to notice through the company website and subscribers can be free to cancel their subscription if there are newsletter fail to meet with the expectation. Besides that, the company also can be influence by the emails and newsletter for example these are customer failed to receive a message or information and sometimes the customer cannot be connect the websites or using the emails. A company can release mass emails to a target audience such as consumers or shareholders. These emails can also take the form of electronic newsletters that the company distributes on a regular basis. In most cases, individuals can choose to subscribe to these newsletter notices through company websites. Subscribers are then free to cancel their subscription if the newsletters fail to meet expectations.

3.4 -Telephone Calls

A telephone call is a connection over a telephone network between the a party and the another party. A company use telephone calls to reach individuals in its target audience. Telephone calls may consist of prerecorded messages offering sales information and opportunities. This strategy may cross into the field of telemarketing, in which services are offered directly through telephone calls. There are several effective of telephone call communication in hotel, the front office staff are very important in hotel line. Their position is to handle customer complaint and also customer requested, most of the Front office staff have friendly voice and very professional when pick up the phone calls and also answering customer question and complain. As a Front office staff, they usually answer the customer question with the sentence such as ”Good Afternoon, May I help you?, what can I do for you?”. As I learn in customer service class, employees also have the experience in waiting and pause method when talking with the customer.

4.0 Conclusions

Communications are a very useful. It can communicate from 1 place to another place. Without communications, things will get worst such as people can’t communicate for certain time just because they need to wait for the letters that send from a place to another place. After the technologies have become more modern, people can communicate from every place even now days we can webcam. It also a kind communication. Communication can help a lot people in many ways. So communications are very important in hospitality industry.

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