Report On Personal And Professional Development Management Essay

The professional development is designed to develop the practice of the organisational development through building the environment which reflects the professional development plan. Moreover, professional development influences the employees to work with creative thinking because this is way of providing the work meaning. A professional development is increased due to the specific action which is designed to provide a learning centre for the credible evaluation of the profession (Saru, 2007). Learning occurs best among in the professional development of the organisational plan which implemented the professional practice of the organisation. In this report, the professional development plan will be articulated for the practice of the evaluation of the organizational development. Here, this report is the reflection of the professional development which designed to plan the possible outcomes of the professional development plan.

1. Part A

1.1 Issues to Consider in Developing Personal and Professional Development Plan

The most significant factor in the organisation that, organisation thinks employees as core asset to maximise the values of the organisation. Most of the organisations have started to develop the employees to increase the organisation’s value. For an example, the current employees of Tesco are different from the previous employees, because Tesco is focusing on the employees. To develop the performance of the professionals the professional development plan need to take actions to design the organisational objectives. For that reason, as Tesco organisation needs to consider developing the professional development plan to bring the more positive feedback from the employees. However, the professional development is result oriented plan which find to catch the increased organisation’s performance. In addition, the response of the professional development plan needs to consider the development of job performance, organisational effectiveness, and success of all employees. Almost all professional development effort accompanied with the well designed evaluation plan which develops the effectiveness of the employees. Therefore, professionals find huge changes in the organisation culture, which can be found through the ethnographic research.

1.2 Skills and Competencies of Customer Assistant

The customer satisfaction has the major contribution on the sales as the high customer satisfaction of the customer has influence to increase the sales, whereas the low customer satisfaction has influence to reduce the sales of the organisation or even the product. However, the customer assistant has the major influence to the customer through the competencies of professional development plan. The customer assistant is highly liable to make the customer happy by providing appropriate information. An employee may have the good characteristics of professional development which have strong dedicated influence on the customer satisfaction. The professional skills and competencies of a customer assistant are listed in the following (Saru, 2007).

Good communication skills

Ability to do something in efficient way

Good tolerance of extrovert customer

Need to have love to work with the people

Easy to approach can bring better customer service

Need to have honest behaviour, integrity, trustworthiness

Capacity to consider the others

Tolerance for ambiguity and patience

Need to have the good performance to increase sales

Information analysis ability

In the super market chain Tesco, customer assistants have the specific responsibility who only works in the area of customer service, order preparation under the department manager.

1.3 Possible Development Needs for the Same Category

In the Professional Development Plan of the employee development plan, the needs for the possible development of the employees has similar category of the team success. But many employees don’t have minimum capacity to develop the individual needs. Through the professional development of the skills and knowledge the basic development of individual needs is determined by the performance and meets the objectives of the organisation. However, the training and development of the employees has possible development area which is clearly stated in the training needs (Orland-Barak, 2005). However, the team building development and the team building need to increase the unique characteristics which need to the team members. In the development plan of the have the different skills which have the continuous development of skills, different levels of understanding. The development is focused on the training needs provide the universal will apply the same category of the development of the objectives. Most of the cases, the same category of the employees designed to achieve the same category which listed in the following (Orland-Barak, 2005).

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Team members job description

Meeting with the same category of employees


Gathering the additional data

Determination of action steps

1.4 Benefits of Self-managed Learning

The increased result of the employees is determined by the growing pressure for increased results from fewer people. However, the organisation has no alternatives way which is determined in the investment of the learning and development. But, most of the time, the problem is often arise in the development which has the correlation between expenditure on training and development and the development of the employees of the pay-off of the organisational development needs. Most of the cases, the organisational development for professional development to increase individual learning have the integration with the different people to achieve the goals of the organisation in the self-managed learning process. The essential development of the employee has developed for the growth of the professional and personal development. The benefits of the employees are listed in the following (Saru, 2007).

The self managed learning influence higher learning style and strategies.

The instruction is more clear to employees

The problem solving ability is increased through the development of the employee development

Self-managed learning process has the positive instruction to the employee development

1.5 Staff Learning against Original Aims and Objectiveness

The staff learning clarifies the original structure of the objectiveness for the different purpose of the organisation. Most of the staff learning has the overall result which has the capabilities to implement the training and development plan to develop the training. The staff learning process has the specific goals which have development for the implementation of the goals and objectives of the organisation. But, the staff learning of the organisation has some impact on the original aims and objectives of the organisation (Datta et al., 2005). Moreover, when the staffs learning is designed the development of the plan for the implementation of the business objectives. Furthermore, the staff learning is developed when the professional development is increased in the staff learning plan. Most of the cases, the staff has the required skills in problem solving and decision making for the development of the increased development in performance of the organisation which has the developed strategy. However, when the staff learning is assured for the development of the organisation the performance of the staffs contribute to achieve the original aims and objectives. In addition, staff learning provides huge implementation of the organisational activities which has more action to provide best alternatives in the strategic action which brought the competitive advantage of a firm.

2. Part C

2.1 Evaluation of Different Approaches to Learning

The learning is way to make acquisition of new skills, which increase the knowledge and capabilities. Moreover, the learning process is completely involved with the human performance of the improvement. But, the learning and adaption performance differ in the context of the approaches of learning which has the positive impact on the human performance improvement. The learning approaches can be different in the needs approaches, expectations, situation, and problems. Datta et al (2005)Stated that,

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“Many performance issues that organizations and individuals face, however, do require the acquisition of new skills, knowledge, and capabilities.” (Datta et al., 2005, p 135-145)

Expert has provided approaches of learning as action learning, abstract learning, concrete learning, and reflective learning approaches. Individuals learning methods and techniques have the overall adapted to all of the cognitive learning style brought to the experience. The learning objectives environment bringing the environment learner reflects upon that experience, extraction of the personal meaning, the concepts and skills open maintain the knowledge of the activities. The approaches of the learning suggest that, the learning process continues with the help of the transition steps which brought the performance management through the application and reinforcement of the job.

2.2 Document Development Activities

The primary professional development plan designed to facilitate active process of turning experiences which is designed on the basis of the planning activities to develop the learning outcome which different behavior to consider the activities of concerned jobs and life. On the basis of the development activities to help the unconscious activities the professional development is considered as the different factors which has contribution of the performance management (Baker and Sinkula, 1999).. The document development activities have the implementation of the plan which has several distinctive activities. In that case, the document development activities is designed through the planning of the development plan, action research, study of the particular sector, visitation of the collaborative activities on the conferences, service development plan, community service action. Moreover, another basic requirement of measuring the activities is to plan the practice of the professional development. Furthermore, the leadership development plan has the document development activities to increase the leadership development programs. However, document development activities need to consider the development plan which develops peer coaching, post secondary courses, professional development and improvements plan to increase the activities of the professional development plan in the organization.

2.3 Communication Styles in the Professional Development Plan

The communication styles in the professional development plan have different categories that are given in the business including the professional development plan. The professional development plan communication styles are developed in the professional development concerning the development activities to avoid the communication plan. According to the researcher of the professional development plan in the business has communication progress which has the two typical aspects (Biggs, 2003). These aspects aspect are individual level of receptiveness and the other is level of straight. I will choose to select the individual level of receptiveness by noticing the speaking styles of the person or it may differ to persons. However, the persons are more decision role which has the compared with the comfort of the emotions. This responsiveness has the specific information and the comfortable emotions to deliver the message within professional development plan. In this pattern of communication is to develop the strategy which has the complete determination of the communication mix. In this communication style, the professionals are not allowed to show their feelings, emotions or even expression. This communication is good due to the specific determination of the communication perspective which really influences the behavior of the professionals within the plan.

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2.4 Problems in Elaboration of Professional Development Plan

The present business condition suggests that, the business is growing and the increased business condition contributes to demand of the professionals in the organization. For that reason, the organization hires various professionals to increase the values of the organization. On the other hand, the communication systems have pricing techniques which is developed in the communication system for the professional development plan. The elaboration of the professional development increased significantly due to the active patronization of the professional development by the firms. Moreover, like other business in my business, huge difficulties arise to make professional development which increases the professional development into actions. In the professional development plan, the employees are concerned with the people who do not have the willingness to learn. For that reason, the professionals make chaos against the professional development plan (Lee and Bruvold, 2003). On the other hand, the quality of the products is lower when professional development is increased. Because, the quality of the professionalism is completely depends upon how the people understand the current situation to overcome the business operation of the professional development, Major portion of different organization have problems when developing the professional development which has the complete integration of development plan.

2.5 Effective Professional Development Management

As in charge of the whole line I need to manage the professional development depending on the professional experience in the professional activities of the organizational development plan. In the effective management of the professional development the noticing ability is considered as the observant. This represent that, the people cannot do anything when the noticing ability is increased to develop in the learning area. The development plan needs to make sense to all the people who have the definite action to resolve the coherence of the development activities. On the other hand, professional development plan is taken to provide the meaning of the work related plan which has the personal development activities. For an example, Tesco is not a place of job, it also a place of learning centre (Biggs, 2003). So, the learning practice may influence to decide the better option for the organizational development in the competitive business. When the professionals know the fact the working meaning, the right career goals and objective, and the meaning of the career the professional development is highly dedicate to increase in the activities of the operation plan. So, the management of the professional development plan has the positive attitude to develop the activities of the organization.


In brief, the professional consciousness has been developed from the recent decades due to the increased demand of the business. This is happening for the reason of increased demand of the organization which needs the particular knowledge to the particular sector. For an example, Tesco provides the decision role over the organization which has the considerable action in organization to increase the professional dedication for the achievement of the particular knowledge. In the current business, the organization is much more different for the development of the professional actions just for the specialize knowledge. This professional development has been emerged through the self managed learning in the improvements of the lifelong development strategy which make them responsible for the professional development. Finally, the organization needs to cooperate with the professionals for the professional development plan which has the active operation in the operation management.

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