Risks when Installing Hardware Components

explain the potential risks when installing hardware components

  • Equipment damage

“If you are trying to get a piece of equipment out of the computer system you need to make sure you take it out gently and safely as if you do it roughly then you could be at risk of damaging the equipment you are trying to get out. Some of the ways in which equipment might be damaged include: turning a screw too hard and stripping the thread, dropping a component, bending a pin in a plug or socket or loosening the cable in a plug to avoid damaging it you need to ensure you take the equipment out slowly and carefully.”

  • Electrostatic discharge

“Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) is the sudden transfer of electricity from one object to another. Examples of this are: Lightning, the shock you feel when on a trampoline and then touch the pole or the crackling and sparks when you remove your clothes from a dryer. ESD is usually caused when two objects rub, touch, slide or are separated. ESD can damage a component without you even noticing. A tiny charge or electricity that you can’t see or hear is a damaging as a bolt of lightning to components. Nowadays components are much smaller and efficient as so they are more delicate and sensitive to ESD than before. You can prevent this by following 3 rules: Assume that all components and assemblies are sensitive to ESD, Handle ESD-sensitive items only when you are properly grounded at a static-safe work area and store and transport ESD-sensitive items in static shielding containers.”

  • Damage to components
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“Not responsible treating hardware components can cause physical damage. When ICT professional do not follow the safety rules and endanger hardware components to be broken or damaged, can cause a serious issue and have a big problem with finishing upgrading hardware components. To prevent the physical damage to devices and cabling you should take every care while upgrading computer system and follow all the safety rules. The most important rule is to use proper tools which overcome the risk.”

  • risk to data
  1. data loss & corruption

“This is very common issue while upgrading hardware components (especially Hard Drive). You can lose your data or corrupt it. Data loss can be caused by damaging or formatting hard disc so then the data which was on this hard drive cannot be used any more. It is possible to recover the data but it’s very expensive and time-consuming so the best way is to prevent data loss. Data corruption is when some of the files are changed or damaged. You can still see these files in the system but you are unable to read them. There is a way to protect your data by backing up your computer system. Back up your computer means that you have saved the copy of your data. The best way is to have 3 copies on 2 different types of storage devices for one back up. This is called 3 2 1 rule. You can use a back-blaze software which backups your computer in the real time and moves it into the cloud.”

  1. Service loss

“Service loss is when somebody who provides you service have got some issue for example when you lost your internet connection which was not caused by your mistake or computer system problems. It’s impossible to prevent service loss but in companies are costumer services which helps you solve the problem remote or sent the service to your home to fix the problem.”

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 explain how the risks can be avoided

  • checking health and safety regulations

“When installing hardware, you need to make sure you are following the health and safety regulations. This means that you need to report any accidents, take reasonable care of your own health and safety when moving heavy components, not cause any electrical hazards, and make sure that workstations meet safety requirements. You always need to make sure you follow these regulations as they can prevent and harm or injury caused to yourself or others around you. ICT professional needs to protect himself and the working are while working witch computer systems. There are some safety rules that must be abided to avoid any accidents:

  • keep your work area clan and tidy
  • always unplug the computer before upgrading
  • use appropriate tools for your work
  • do not keep any drink near to the working
  • always wear an ESD band and anti-static mat while upgrading hardware components
  • Follow your check list to avoid oversight something”
  • secure back up data

“As a precaution, you should always ask the user about any data on the system and carefully back up the data if there is any possibility that the upgrade might result in this important data being corrupted or lost. Back up your computer means that you have saved the copy of your data. The best way is to have 3 copies on 2 different types of storage devices for one back up. This is called 3 2 1 rule.”

  • use of antistatic equipment

“You should always use any anti-static equipment that is provided such as:

  • anti-static packaging
  • wrist straps
  • anti-static mats
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If none of this equipment is available, you should ask why not and whether it can be provided.”

  • Anti-static packaging

“Anti-static packaging protects components when they are delivered. It is a special type of plastic bag which has shielding built into the plastic to keep static electricity away from the contents of the bag.”

  • Anti-static wrist strap

“An anti-static wrist strap is used to discharge static electricity from the wearer’s body. It is a band that fits around your wrist with a cable that must be connected to earth – this is usually a special main plug with a connector for the cable. The cable has a resistor at one end to give you extra protection when using it. If the cable is not connected to earth, the wrist band is not effective.”

  • Anti-static mats

“Anti-static mats are used to protect components that you are working with. They are often found on a work bench – you use them to rest components on when you are dismantling a system. The mat needs to be connected to earth or it is not going to do anything useful.”

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