Role Of Professional And Managerial Skills Management Essay

Management can be defined as manage all organisational function that are sales, finance and marketing, etc. Management can be decision what to do and then perform through their stuff. And a manager can be explaining as someone who is responsible for the management of whole organization. He has also power to move stuff to do things. Armstrong M. (1999) That means a manager main task to lead the whole team in an organisation. Manager is attention to deal with their stuff and all kinds of customers. Manager has responsible to communicate with people, team builders, innovation and supervision of stuff and successfully develop every project within dead line.

The main managerial skill concerned with planning of every project in organisation, direction of the work, allocation of responsibility, controlling, implementing, monitoring and evaluation, etc. Javed (2009)

Here identify some professional and managerial skill or experience in following areas:

Communicating with other people

The great deal of manager and most of the time he spent to communication with internal and external all people and stuff. For communication of other people or stuff or customer, first need to influence of those people, listening and asking question, writing report and presentation skill.

For influence people by manager there are many basic influencing skill are available. The most common influencing method is attracting people by given ideas that are conveying the manager’s enthusiasm. For this reason people feel to taking part of this project. Another method that are observing and listening of other people what they want to say. Try to draw the plan in other people’s point of view. And at the same time join own view with their. And another common method is asserting that means explain the views in direct ways, clearly and always assertive statement. Swinton

Another communication method is report writing in logical structure where reader can find sequence of section in every view and continuing in from introduction to conclusion. In this report should be included from introduction, the analysis, the diagnosis and beneficial recommendation and then planning for action and at last conclusion with executive summery. This report should be written in plain word in familiar word without any ambiguity that can be readers can easily understand.

For communication it needs to be better presentation. For good presentation, there are techniques are available that are first need to collect information, then decision what need to say. Then need making structure of the speech. And it also remember of the timing of the speech, no more time taking that are look like boring. And at last deliver the presentation with pace and in conversational way.

Team work / Team Building

For successfully develop any project in every organisation in need to a sound team group. To build a group, this is responsible for managerial body. It is need to first identify the group behaviour that means who are work together for a specific project. And also determine the functions that are carrying by team member. There are many major function accomplish by team member that are decision making, information collecting, action taking action and summarizing the work , setting of standardization and work together with co-operatively.

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For develop or building a team group there must be follow some stages that are first need to create forming of the group. By forming it can be realize the dependence on the manager or leader. And also understand the acceptable behaviour from the team member. Then need to storming, norming for increase the cooperation and at last performing the problem for solved.


Controlling means monitoring and measuring the performance, always compare that work are running according to the plan and also taking action if necessary. Barnett . And control means compare the planning and actual performance. For good control of team group it needs to take plan with aims and objectives, monitoring regularly and take activity for reached to the correct destination.

Time management

Time management means controlling the most valuable resource of company that means good scheduling of time for compilation of the project. By proper timing management, it can be possible effective project planning. Timing management can remove wastage of time, good preparation for any meeting with other people, approaching plan with effectively in every moment. It can also help to allocate all kind of resources especially form time. Time management is most important for long term project schedule. Blair Some time poor time management is the cause of failure of the project by over confidence.

Managerial skill in Motivation

Motivating for his stuff is the basic responsibility of a manager. Without motivating properly, it is nothing would be created. For motivating of employee is more challenging work for a manger. In motivation, there are include recognition, work achievement and all over responsibility for employee.


By using flexibility, it can be assured how and when project will be done. It can give the overall effectiveness of the project. In flexibility there are include schedule flexibility, flexible place and work cooperation and careers flexibility.


Supervision means monitoring the day to day operation and maintenance for project improvement that are related in administration and management of the faculty. Here also prioritized for provide training in stuff if necessary or co ordination of the stuff. Always need to monitoring requirements of the stuff and review work flow that means its progresses.

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Innovation leads to the commercial idea of the manager that is important requirements for successful development of project. There are mainly two role of the innovation of the manager that are operational innovation for specifies the area of company and chief innovation to secure the resources of the company.

Meeting deadline

A successful project depend on its objectives, complete in target date and target budget with maintain standard strategy. That are deadline is the part of every project.


Co-ordinating means the task are carried by the stuff and mesh together for to achieve the project goal. Co-ordination need because individual work needs to be synchronized. And this synchronization is done by the managers that need to be skill and experiences. In co-ordination it involves planning, organising, monitoring and communicating.

Managerial Effectiveness

A management style always is proactive or supportive for every stuff and customer. And reactive behaviour of a manager cannot expect. Management style are very from one organization to another organization McCrimmon(2007)

In old management style

Manager does not want to share his knowledge with other stuff. He thinks that he only knows everything.

All innovation conducted through the manager, and does not like the team work

All controlling power is conducted from manager. That his main job is control the other stuff.

In new management style

Planning and deciding all projects effectively.

An effective management style always tries to prioritising that means classifying the significance of the work.

Organising the whole task that are synchronisation the work.

Delegating other people when he have not enough time

Co-ordination is also controls from manager that are individual action are sequenced properly.

To identify the managerial effectiveness it needs to be understood the skill or behaviour and project result. The measurement of effectiveness and performance therefore compare expectations about achievement and behaviour with actual results and behaviour.

Analysis the managerial effectiveness

The ability to acquire the successful result is called managerial effectiveness that means ability of the leaders. To find the result effectively, here describe the manager skill and experience that he apply for achieve desired result. To make a effective manager, need to combining of technology, stuff, and proper skill and experienced to make proper model of a leadership. In proper skill means technical skill in specialized training of a unique task include skill stuff to motivate and delegate roles to solve problem quickly and communicate properly with all other team member.

And an effective manager also has knowledge about conceptual skill that means understand the every components of the company that how they are work together. He has ability to visualize a future course of action based on present company. Also have a concept about the interrelationship of the company among different stuff. Heller (1998) As an example of managerial effective can be say that a project of marketing spearheaded. In this project, a financial manager can be better understood the result then the marketing manager. So it is need to specific choice for overall performance of the company. Managerial effectiveness also creates the product competition against rival company and increase opportunities for future enterprise.

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Attitude, value and behaviour of change agent

A change agent is someone who supports the change that are undertaking. But also need to understand the detailed operation, process, system and people in a specific are that the change will be implemented. Newton (2007) The attitude, value and behaviour of a change agent are reflect are describe at the below:

Change agent can understand the difference between the request state and present state. Beer (2003) Agent can be understand, how can operate an organization. The starting point for change is really how the organization operates and to know how process actually work. Only individual with direct and current experience of the process can provide this understanding. Change agent has ability to develop team group and can be synchronize together customer and create effective working team group. They also communicate with the outside of organization to maintaining appropriate network skill. They can handle all uncertain environments and can tolerant of ambiguity. Change agent has strong communication skill to communicate with other team member to reach the project goal. They have strong interpersonal skill that means listening to others problem, information collection, and selection idea and arrange meeting.

Evaluation of an effective change agent

Change agents are look like leaders who conduct the company and its team group without regarding the conventional hierarchy. Sometimes this change agent is free from their daily routine task for maintaining soundly leading of the company and driving change. They develop new procedure for train the stuff and act as main role model for better ways to work. Change agent spends their half of time in a project to advising manager that how to improve performance, auditing progressing and look up areas that are undergoing in change.

For evaluating of an effective change agent, it needs to articulate the change. Change agents are accepted by others as trustworthy and competent and try to motivate people to change. Find out who people listen to and change agent lead with the power of their ideas, but this may be not be stuff with other formal authority to lead. Take close look at new employees who have come from outside the circle of traditional competitors. They may not be infected with the same mind- set as everyone else.

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