Services to club members and casual flyers


The Long Ridge Gliding Club is gliding club that has been running by its members. It is an organization who is not running for the purpose of profit. The extensive grass airfield which is located on the top of a ridge nearly 400 metres over sea level.  It is a perfect place for having the enjoyment of ridge soaring and cross country flying. This club is also a best place for practice of ridge soaring and flying. The gliders launches by using a winch machine which can move forward with force to them from a standing start to approximately 110 kilometres per hour, 300 metres above the flying field, in just 5 seconds. The club is established in a set of old farm buildings with naive but comfortable facilities for members.  A bar and fundamental catering services are supplied by the club steward and inexpensive bunkrooms are available for club members.

Services to club members and casual flyers:

Different types of services are provided to different type of customers. The Evaluation of different services can be done by using following factors or services:


Club Members

Casual Flyers


They can get benefit of Bar and Catering Services

They can get Trial Flight gift Voucher


Club Member

Public Member

Product Range

High Quality

Medium Quality

Design Changes

In favour of Club Members

According to numbers of booking


Fast decisions

Dependable Service


Fast service with high quality

Close relationships between flyers and club

Volume Per Service Type

Most Service are high volume

Most service are low volume

Profit Margins

Medium to high

Low to Medium

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Competitive Factors:

Charges Relaxation

They get benefit in Charges.

£6.00 winch fee and 40p per minute if they are using club’s gliders

They get charged £40 for per flying session.


High facility provided

Medium Facility provided


Members know the total schedule of club therefore they take benefit of time. They have to wait only 2 to 40 minutes for another flight.

Members do not know about the club Schedule therefore they can’t take benefit of time. They have to wait one or more hours for another flight.

(Different Services provided to Differente Customer)

Five performance objectives

The Long Ridge Gliding Club provides many facilities to their club members and public members. The club members and casual flyers both expect good performances from the gliding club. These services can be categorized in following performance objectives:


Safety is the most important service which is expected by both types of members. In safety they expect extra parachute, helmet, googols, etc. All these facility is provided by The Long Ridge Gliding Club.


Casual Flyers expect that Club will provide better facility in small time interval. They do not want to wait much time for having enjoyment of gliding. Club Members also expect the same service related to time. The Long Ridge Gliding Club provides good quality of service to their club members in all respects. They can wait in bar or in reading room.

Distance between Launch Point and Club Administrator’s Cabin

Both types of members want that distance should be less between the Club Administrator’s office and the launch point. But The Long Ridge Gliding Club’s Administrator’s office is located away about 1.5 km from launch point.

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Same Quality of Service

Casual flyers want the same type of quality which is provided to their club members. Casual Flyers do not want to wait longer time. They never expect to wait one or more hours for a single gliding session. Club members also want the same service. The only difference between the provided services and expected services is that club member’s needs fulfil by The Long Ridge Gliding Club but Casual Flyer’s expectations do not meet to the expected service.

Lack of Knowledge

Casual Flyers so not know about any type of knowledge either it is related to the facility or related to the knowledge of gliding and soaring instructions. Club Members know all about these facilities and instructions. The Long Ridge Gliding Club does not provide the other types of facility. It only focuses on the flying sessions. (Performance Objectives)

Advice to the chairman

I would like to give advice to the chairman of The Long Ridge Gliding Club that he should enable different type of facilities and services in their club. He should provide a cafeteria, gaming zone, etc which are related to entertainment so every member can get benefit of them in free time. He should charge for those facilities which will be growing their business. He should enable newest technology in their organization for not only customer’s safety but also for growing their business.

Chairman should try to locate their office near to the launch point. The club timing should increase by the chairman so more customer can get benefit of The Long Ridge Gliding Club. He should take a step forward in order-winning direction. He should raise performance of order winning factor.

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