Some Major Components Of Human Resource Management Management Essay

This report comprehensively discuss in the matter of some major components of Human recourse management such as, HRM major Function, important Training methods and Job description for the Manager of a Quantity Survey Department.


List out the various functions of human resource management and explain four of them in detail.

Human Resource Management is management function that helps manger’s plan, recruit, select, train, develop, remunerate and maintain members for an Organization. Hence some significant HR functions help to achieve the HRM objectives actively such as, to help the Organization reach its goals, maximum development of human resource, to ensure respect for human beings, to develop and maintain a quality of work life etc.

The major HRM functions are given below;

A brief description of HR functions is given below:

Human Resource Planning

HR planning is a very important element under the human resource management function, within the HR planning process can be study significantly about existing personal resource and which are required for future, There are some demerits when human resource over and understaffing in organization. If overstaffing, company will face some loses due to has to pay excessive salaries. Also understaffing, the company loses customers, orders and profit of sales. Further describing it as follows; (refer to diagram 1.01)

Diagram 1.01 Human Resource Planning

Training and Development

The training and development function provide employees the skills and knowledge to perform their jobs effectively. Generally provide training for New or inexperience employees, and which training required experience employees also can be get training by this function when they going to change the job. As well as for the large organization need often development programmes to prepare employees for higher level responsibilities within the organaization. Especially this function is very useful for employees to perform their jobs at acceptable levels.

Performance Appraisal

Particularly, this function based on monitoring process to identify the employee performance that it is at acceptable level, Usually human resource professionals, they are responsible for developing and administrating performance appraisal systems, however supervisor and manger are the responsible for a actual appraisal of employee performance. As well providing a basis for pay, disciplinary action and promotion, performance appraisal information is necessary for employee development because knowledge of results is essential to encourage and conduct performance improvements.

Job Analysis

It is a describing a nature of job and specifying the human necessities, as skills, and experience required to carry out it. Its final product is the job description, manly job description derive work duties and activities of employees. Job description give very important information to employees, personal peoples and managers, hence it is a great influence for personnel programmes and practices as job satisfied

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Briefly explain the various Training Methods available and critically evaluate them.

There are important training methods which important to success the goal of human recourse management process. The goal of training is for employees to improve the knowledge, skill, and behaviors, and apply them with day-to-day activities.

Given below are the very important methods use commonly;

Presentation Methods

This method conduct by resource specialist for conveys the information, principles or theories. Presentation methods depend with several techniques.

Classroom instruction (Traditional)

Distance Learning,

Audio visual techniques

Classroom instruction.

This is very popular methods if there new technologies like interactive video and computer assisted instruction. It is involves having the trainer lecture a group. Generally lecture based on question and answer period, as discussion or case studies.

Distance Learning.

By this method provides information regarding new products, policies or procedures and skills training to isolated companies (geographically). It includes synchronous learning in which trainer and other trainees at other locations. As well as this method includes audio, video and document conferencing.

Audio visual techniques.

This technique includes with slides and video, hence usually use together with lecture to show trainees real-life experience and example. Video is also a most important part of behavior modeling and, naturally, interactive video training.

Hands-on Methods

Especially here trainees are involved very actively with learning activities, this method includes with;

On-the job Training


Business game and Case studies

Behavior modeling

Interactive video and web training

By this method can be develop the specific skills of trainees, and understanding how skills and behavior can be adapted to the job, experiencing all aspects of carrying out a task, and dealing with interpersonal issues that arise on the job.

On-the-Job Training

This methods useful for newly hired employees, and also when required new technology for experienced employees to upgrade their skills. As well as useful for cross training employees within a department, or transferred, promoted employees to develop their skills and knowledge to set for the new job.

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By this way trainees can be used for determine their outcomes of job as a mirror immge to identify what would happen actually. Simulation helps trainees to see the impact of their own decisions in an artificial or risk free environment.

Business Games and Case Studies

By this methods can be develop employee’s management skills. Generally case study is a detailed report of a situation that trainees study and discuss. Cases help to develop higher order thinking skills of employees, such as ability analysis and evaluate information. It helps to encourage trainees to take appropriate risks by practicing in weighting and acting on uncertain outcomes. Through business games trainees collect information, analyses it and build decisions that influence the outcome of the game.

Behavior Modeling

This is one of the most effective techniques for teaching interpersonal skills. It focuses on one interpersonal skill at each training session typically within last four hours such as communicating ideas and coaching them. Every session presents the rationale behind key behaviors, a videotape of model fulfilling key behaviors, practice opportunities using role playing rating of a model’s performance in the videotape and a planning session dedicated to understanding how the key behaviors can be used on the job.

Interactive Video

This method consist combination of advantage of video and computer based instruction. Instruction is provided one-on-one to trainees through a monitor connected to a keyboard. Trainees use the keyboard or handle the monitor to work together with the program. Interactive video is used to educate technical measures and interpersonal skills.

Group Methods

This method directly helps trainees share ideas and experiences, to build team or group identity, and also get understand the dynamic of interpersonal relationship as well as would be identify their own strength and weaknesses. Hence group method can be categorized under some techniques as follows;

Adventure Learning

Adventure learning based on development of teamwork and leadership skills using structured outdoor activities. Adventure learning shows to be best matched for developing skills related to group effectiveness, such as self-awareness, problem solving, conflict management, and risk taking.

Team Training

Team training, it is coordinates the performance of individuals who work together to achieve a common goal, Team training is very important issue when information should be shared and individuals affect the overall performance of the group.

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This training method is training an employee to do a distinct part of the organization’s work. This is good for managers and employees, because of it gives more flexibility in managing the organization to get the job done. However, employees also can learn new skills, makes them more valuable.

Coordination Training

Coordination training, trains trainees how to share information and decisions to maximize team performance. This way is especially important for commercial aviation and surgical teams, they can monitor different aspects of equipment and the environment however should share information to make the most effective decisions concerning patient care or aircraft safety and performance.

Team Leader Training

This training will help experienced managers from traditional organizational backgrounds make the transition to a style of leadership more suitable to empowered, high-performance, self-directed, or self-managed work teams.

Action Learning

Action learning will be help to training team get actual business problems, work on solving it and commit to an action plan, also responsible for carrying out the plan.

By M. Naveed Gujjar MBA Finance, NUML Islamabad 2009


Create a Job description of a Manager of a Quantity Survey Department who is attached to a high rise building project.

Title of the position :-

Commercial Manager (Senior Quantity Surveyor)

Department :-

Estimation Department

Reports to :-

Construction Project Manager

Overall Responsibility :-

Particularly handles the budget of deferent construction projects and quantity surveyor’s department, to be make estimates on the cost of manufacturing products, obtaining construction projects, and providing construction services.

Key areas of responsibility :-

Managing the cost of large scale projects,

Determine the cost of materials for the projects,

Feasibility studies and recommendation on how to make cost-effective moves.

Minimizing expenses without compromising quality,

Preparation of cost plans,

Preparation and pricing of Engineer Instructions,

Participating of progress meetings,

Preparation of Accounting,

Dealing with Stakeholders and directly with client.

Consult with :-

Construction Project Manager/ Client

Quantity Surveyors

Junior quantity surveyors

Measurements assistants


Term of Employment :-

2 years and renewable as project basis

Qualifications :-

Minimum qualification is Bachelor of Degree or Diploma in the field of quantity surveying from a recognize institute,

Minimum 5 year experiences as a quantity surveyor,

Knowledge in MEP works,

Well communication skill in English,.

Computer knowledge and with latest softwares relevant to field,

Driving license.

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