Strategic human resource management, options and evaluation


Human resource strategies are taking the is very vital for an organization, different type strategies may produce different type of result. There are two strategic issues facing human resource management which may critically influence operation of an organization. Outsourcing can be defines as a subcontracting work to a related organization or a company that specializes in and is more efficient to produce the output rather than completing in internally. Outsourcing also commonly are one of the organization provide sources or service for another organization, involving an agreement to exchange payment or other services. Besides the outsourcing strategic, total quality standards also are the best strategic that being used by human resources management. Total Quality Standards are best known as an organization effort to continually improving their business and product in the way to increasing business and reduce unnecessary practices. Total quality management is also aim to improve the quality into a service, produce or knowledge in order to continue meets the customer satisfaction.

2.0 Advantages of the strategic

2.1 Outsourcing

Outsourcings are benefits to most of the business activities, one of the benefits are common being known by the company are its cost low and perform high quality product. Outsourcing meaning that organizations may not have to worry about the labor problem, wages problem and quality problem from the product due to different in lower price source are able to be found in different countries. The company may except that an external expert may do it more better quality output and more cheaply than company do it internally.

Therefore, company can reduce their cost fee thought the outsourcing strategies in order the company can streamline its cash flow problem. In addition, an organization can have high quality output and lower cost in same time. Companies get advantage in kill two birds with one stones.

2.2 Total Quality Standard

The core benefit of total quality standard is helpful in meeting the competition. Total quality standard are extremely helpful in understanding the competition of the environment today. Nowadays, there is increasing importance to organization in this full of the competitive environment which quality improvement is important to ensure consumer satisfaction.

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This management can prevent and detect more effectively in what kind of error-prone is occurring in the product or service. For instance, organizations able make a better vision to reach their future goal and able keep up with the times changing. Furthermore, an organization able to identify and eliminate the weakness in the business in order to provide high quality services and produce to their customers. It’s can be done through the decision making process in order to measure what are the necessary thing are need to be proceed to make the company produce a high quality output.

3.0 Challenge of the strategic issue

3.1 Outsourcing

Although there is numerous of benefits are toward to outsourcing strategic, however one of the biggest challenge that outsourcing facing is hard to synchronizing the deliverable. It can be arise if the companies do not proper select a right partner for outsourcing, in case stretched delivery time frame will be occurred.

Furthermore, this may lead more problem approaches including time-consuming and quality of output may influences into substandard quality output, organization may confronting more operational challenges and cost pressure. If the outsource company does not supplying on time, it may deal a great damage to the organization reputation. Due to these problems, organizations are more likely to regulate these internally rather than an outsourcing partner.

3.2 Total Quality Standard

Total quality standard sometimes may face the employee resistance issue. In carrying out the total quality standard strategic, some company may require adapt new mindset, new goal, new attitude, and new method for perform their jobs. For instance, managements does not reflect well or not effectively communicate with team, it may occurs when employee are confuse to new idea and conflict among each of the teammate which lead to employee resistance.

In addition, when employees are refuses to program it may become unproductive for the business and may lower the morale of an organization. It will critically influence the operation of an organization and may form a serious trauma that may affect an organization for need some time to fix it.

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4.0 Evaluation and Recommendation

4.1 Outsourcing

Organizations need to ensure that the business objective should able to fit appropriate collaborative outsourcing company. As an organizations that need to understand what can accommodate and need from the outsourcing company that you choosing. It’s the role for organization to do essential research before starting outsourcing relationship to the company. Organization should get more information from the outsourcing company and interview the company in order to understand more details regarding how flexible and reliable their service is supply to the organizations.

Apart from that, an organization should arrange for constant communication. An organization should periodically to ensure the outsourcing provider is functioning regularly, hence organization should regular contact with their outsourcing company as well as able to control situation and guide decision when problem is occurred. When organization is staying awareness, they may prevent physical problem and able to solving it immediately. In addition, it builds up strong relationship among the organization and provider.

Organizations should define their service in the agreement very precisely. Sometimes, an organization with the outsourcing conflict among their service and souring relationship occur into trouble when the objective of the service is too narrowly, broadly or ambiguously (suggested by Alexandra P. Woolcott, 2014). Hence, it very vital that organization should make sure the Service Agreement on what should the outsourcing company need to provided. Service Agreement should state crystal clear and objectively in order avoid loophole among each of the party.

4.2 Total Quality Standard

An organization should make sure quality improvement is measurable. Organization should establish the degree into how process is implemented and the result is able to meet the main objective and company strategy. This is helpful for organization to set a goal for future and ensure where all departments in organization are willing work as one to reach the high quality standard. Therefore, an organization should do the research and analyze through market data in order to predict decision making more accuracy and allow to prediction the threat on past history (based on the suggestion by Philip B. Croaby, 2014). In term to make sure the quality improvement is measurable and comparable, organization should compare on the benchmark on the market for the sake of organizations able adopt innovative concept into quality management to perform the better output.

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It’s important for every employee in the organizations involve in quality improvement. Regardless of the bottom line or top management in company they are all playing an important part in providing high perform of quality in their service and produce. All employees should take part of their responsibility to ensure customer satisfaction. For instance, organization should do the communication within their all departments to allow each of the employee get a better knowledge and skill on how should the total quality processes are needed to be done in order to achieve the high quality output.

Moreover, there’s a core benefits to thrust the total quality management more effectively is continuously improvement. There’s many reason why the organization should continuously improvement, it’s due to today market are become pressure of competition. Continually improvement in total quality management drives an organization to boosts to be creative in looking of the ways to become competitive edge in the market and more effective in meeting on customer requirement (based on the suggestion on Chartered Quality Institute CQI, 2015). It’s make an organization more competitive to growth successful in the market.

5. Conclusion

These two strategies are being commonly used by many organizations today. It’s no matter how huge of the organization is and how small of the cooperation is, it also will beneficial and useful to each of the organization to fulfil their demand. Human resource management should acquire these strategies to organization in order to make organization growth rapidly to keep up with the time.

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