Study Of Mohammed Al Barwani Llc

Omani called Mohammed AL Barwani has lost his wealth in contracting sector but after that he become an international oil millionaire

Owner, chairman and founder of Mohammed AL Barwani LLC (MB) one of the greatest company in oil and gas sector service not in Oman only but also Middle East. Because of his success in oil and gas production in Oman he award honorary friendship for his contribution and leadership, this award for encouragement and support of “international College of Engineering and Management”

Professional petroleum engineer has experience in oil and gas industry reach to 37 years. Under Mr. Mohammed AL Barwani leadership his company MB Holding LLC holds US dollar one billion of investment. He maintains other position like in Oman Air he is assistant chairman, he appointed as a member in “Omanisation Committee of Oil and Gas field”.

AL Barwani Education

Mohammed Ali Mohammed AL Barwani was born in 1951, when he was yang he went to east Africa especially Zanzibar to studied primary school. Then he wants to Egypt to join American College to study the secondary that was in 1970. In 1975 he did Bachelor of Science in America in General Chemistry and Biology forward by Master in 1978 in Petroleum Engineering in United Kingdom.

AL Barwani Experience

Begging his life career were not as oil, and he was not dreaming to switch to a person were oil is the only that is smell. He said “when I start I was not engineer in oil, I had bachelor in general since only, but I insisting my self to find a career in an oil company”. He add that in 1975 I retain back to my country and the opportunity finally came from Petroleum Development of Oman (PDO), this company had the favor of training me until I got extensive experience in oil field, first it send me to Holland to get extra training, after that experience I came to Oman to apply what I trained. Then the company sends me to United Kingdom to finish the master’s degree in petroleum engineering. After that degree I use to work with Petroleum Development of Oman as simple engineer and I was at 26th years old, I work for PDO for 10 years, two of them in desart oil filed and the rest in head office as Function Engineer, and moved in work in all oil field specially Marmul and Fahood.

Ten yeas of experience that Mr. AL Barwani had spent in PDO allow him to collect sufficient experience in oil filed, although of loving his work and dedication to it. He feel that he is motivated and have extra power to give more in this trend so he decided to resign from PDO and thank to run his personal business that was in 1986, so he start working in contacting and construction sector but unfortunately he faltered, soon he sow a good chance of opportunity to work in oil industry because most of working company in Oman where foreign so he decided to take this step in oil field because of his good knowledge and experience in this sector, knowing of all wells, problems and equipment used, chemicals and market condition.

He says “when I started working at the field of oil l did not expect that the bigger the company of this investment, I had my beginning not had much success when I worked in the construction sector in 1982 losing in tow years my capital which was 200 thousand riyal because I was not specialist in construction, but the failure it self was the key to success”.

Al Barwani – The Entrepreneur

Despite the small of company, it was break through of Mohammed AL Barwani company for petroleum service in 1986, one office in Watayah contained 5 employees and with insufficient capital but he own a tragedy carried in his mined, he said ” when the work start I didn’t have actual capital but the capital lies in the extend of experience that I have gain, therefore I establish the company myself, the reason that help me is my strong relationship with customers that I have built it in my privies carrier, I used to contact them at the early days of starting my company to gain more confidence, this has drive to my first contract with Belgian company called “Lemon Pot ” I use to take equipment from them and sell them in the market for a commissions and I gain good profits”. Using that commission he use to supply PDO with advisers in oil field to gain also certain commission because it is difficult to find those experiences, the real start beginning in the equipment through a visit to PDO which was searching for oil drill with special requirement, fortunately he had a good relationship with company how made that kind of drills so he want to Austria but unfortunately he didn’t find the requested one, then he want to united state and he find that drill that was in 1991 and he financed by commercial bank (Oman), after that PDO has run it in Marmul for 2 years using 90 employees. PDO had come with another order of drills from AL Barwani Company and they give them the opportunity to do maintenance for those wells.

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After the first drill another drill came and third and forth, he purchases three drills from United State this time financed by Oman Development Bank by proximately one million and two hundred ryails, and he used the profits that he gain to expand his work till he reach 50 drills around the word, most of them in East Asia. Currently he own a company in Germany called “MB Douche” and has 140 staff contain number of drills. An investment in Hungary reach to 5 million us dollar in one Government Company. In Syria the company has one branch contain 3 drills and he is the biggest contractor in oil sector. In Saudi Arabia he didn’t has equipment but he has 670 engineers. In Qater there are 10 engineers also in Yeman. In his country he has 20 drills around Oman and many of engineers, the company also have engineers in India, China, Malishyia and Mozambique.

Al Barwani keen to have a market in all word markets and his wealth in all part of the word to make shore that the profit come in, but they are different from market to market and from season to season to make shore that it didn’t stopped due to that his staff base has expanded reaching to 4000 employee 3000 of them were Omani working around the word, from that Hough expanding company capital jamb to exceed 100 million Omani riyals.

A Charismatic Leader

As chairman for his companies he understood that the opportunity available in Australia and increasing in business growth outside, he achieve excellent success this time acquire one Australian company call “Century Park Drilling Ltd” in 2007, the final deal of acquisition was sign in 2008, this company is a leading in oil services, marketing and gas drilling services in Asia pacific. After the deal is finish the name has change to MB Century Ltd, therefore he had added anew project to his company (Mohammed AL Barwani Petroleum Services) in New Zealand and Australia.

Estimate to his success record and add value to his business partners he have win number of new project. In February 2008 his company sign with PDO a counteract to develop and advice the level of production in number of oil field for 15 years, those field contain more than 500 million barrels and it produce now 2000 barrels per day.

Another company of AL Barwani calibrate this success because of his good management “The Mining Co” it calibrate a the first production of copper and revival of mining activity in Oman as first company produce this mantle after more than 12 years of stop, this due to his good motivation of his staff that create team spelt for more than 400 employees, which lead the company to produce currently 2000 tons of copper per day, and expected to employed 150 employee during the coming period, this drive to expand the capacity of the station to produce 3000 tons of copper per day.

A leader of group of companies concerning on social responsibility is one of his priority this fact is still committed to the society, economy and environment.

During 2008 they successfully participated in numbers of conference, workshop and exhibitions like in exhibition of west Asian oil and gas. The gallery environment and discover the opportunities for training and employment exhibition. This has lead to improve the companies’ relations as leader in providing oil well and gas exploration services.

Century operates international: I point Jakarta, Indonesia as international head office which look for new opportunity in Indonesian and Indian markets for geothermal programmers, oil and gas strategically this pace monitors and control working opportunities of drilling activities in these regions. Currently there are 5 devilling rigs are working to support the customer requirements.

Australia: locate head office to “century” in Brisbane, operating by 4 rigs currently to focus on opportunities “Australian marketplace of oil and gas spicily (New Guinea and Papua). The exit opportunities are ongoing located in Surat, cooper, Daly, Otway, Pertu, Gippslaud and Canning in Australia.

New Zealand: in this aria there are 2 rigs current it is well design, geothermal drilling, drilling logging are includes, maintenance, reservoir engineering, steam field operation and steam field engineering.

Future strategy ounce MB decided to acquire the Australian company “century” they have loony texmstrategy which ” century” are fits for it the drilling operation in middle east and Oman are controls by this company also it has operation in drilling see tore in Indonesia, Australia, New Zeeland and India. It also has under taken number of big projects in number of countries like in Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines pupa New Guinea and Bangladesh. This acquisition has one main goal which is get easy to login to these countries markets and to knowhow their company are working another advantage from acquires “century” is to new if there is an opportunity in developing business of no drilling like pumping services, wire line , well test, mud logging coil tubing and drilling fluids. While century will also gain other opportunity from MB sued as provide necessary equipment and manpower to improve its business within there customer and existing markets where drilling services is there experience

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In tern of geographical diversification this acquisition will provided to mbps new business which is cunantey located in Oman and will help in mitigating the risk in ” century” side in each country, on other hand mbps will be able to identify its customers base and try to maxims it and not dependence one controller customer. The drilling business by MB after acquisition of century will reach the international level size fleet because of it will gain from economies a higher margin and higher ability to manage acquiring down side because of less utilization of market environment or rigs. Over all opation cost will optimize because of his expansion us will as customers requirements and over head costing. Significantly the day rates have gone up in world markets, there four MB in writs to take them the advantage because all belonging contract has long term contracts, a wards last 2 years before. Most of century contract were from medium to short term but still the rate are higher. In different contract Century in power to work as logistic and remote because it has experience in difficult locations and swiftly mobilize of the market condition.

This will lead to a better tarn over for all MBPS business and contract. All Century working team in clouding CEO and management will becoming part of MB Group, those were have long term experience with the organization and blend of skills in financial, technical and planning, also in term of safety, health and environment record. Century has best practices. Century has conducts for its employees the profitable training programs; it includes specialized courses and job experience. Century has approval by authorities since it is the only South East Asia and Australian contractor in oil and gas drilling using competency standards in wational drilling industry, those standards are approved by industry and government recognized standers of competency. Century has optioned approval to give qualification in drilling rig manager, certificate 3 in drilling, certificates in drilling, certificate 2 in drilling and derrick man. 750 of century manpower were working in New Zealand, India, Australia and Indonesia.

Mohammed AL Barwani as leader

He said, “Leading provider” to MB Petroleum is the expression of reputation to lead the outcomes of world class on safety, in the same hand the ownership of leader in field and none filed.

In “regional provider” expansion knowing in MB Petroleum is haring the biggest market share and requirement services in Oman markets as will as Middle East. Obtaining huge number of rigs in one market not means that we are leading the market but is kind of significant positioning that company operate such as, heavier rigs, working Germany, hoists in Oman and in New Zealand the geothermal services. Commercially, the delivery of safety outcome will service in the long term only. If we took computation from Exxon, Shell and Oxy in safety performance we find that those companies has increase the demanding those who provides service to us should reach the requirement expectation in future to gain competitive advantages and to compete their competitors.

Mr. AL-Barwani believes that his company (MB petroleum) is on the write way to meet the future strategy that expected in safety, environment and health of commonly and staff as well. This will change past practices to new generation of leadership to guide the company business in more modern way.

Mr. AL-Barwani believes that team building is most imprinting in achieving business satisfaction, redefined leadership as identify the right track of achievement for MB Group, using right people in right position and place from top management to sample staff. He also delves that sustainable review for MB group with the customers satisfied their need will in hence profitable relationship.

Pima field: one of BM Group petro gas Rime LLC signed a contreet by Mr. AL-Brwani with petroleum development Oman (PDO) to cluster number of small oil field “probably 18” belonging to petroleum development Oman (PDO). This service contract for 15 years mined to raising production level of Rime field.

Rima field

In 15 June 2008 Mr. Mohammed AL Barwani the chairman of MB Holding signed contract to developed 18 oil filed owned by Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) in the Rima area in Oman disert, in attendants of Petrogas Rima LLC and Oman Oil Company. In behalf of PDO Mr. John Malcolm the managing director while Oman Oil Company represented by Ahmed AL Wahibi the Chief Executive officer. The contract was signed at Ministry of Oil and Gas in attendants of the Minister of Oil and Gas Mr. Mohammed AL Rumhi accompanied by some other officials.

This contract of 15 years of services that MB Holding signed with Oman Oil Company and petrogas Rima LLC to raise the production level effectively of this small field, this desert oil field contain under the ground more than five hundred million oil barrels but currently it produce two hundred thousand per day only. Oman Oil Company and Petrogas Rima LLC agreed to follow a work programme as part of contract services of Rima field to cover all development trends from under ground studies and exploratory to construction facilities and engineering through to maintenance and operation. The contract term show that Oman Oil Company and Petrogas Rima will rewards financially depending on levels of production request by Rima fields and the service agreement cover it also cost of production levels that involved in.

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Mr. Malcolm Petroleum Development Oman managing director said that “This contract will develop our future relationship with Mohammed AL Barwani group. It is a good example of how Petroleum Development of Oman dimensions the relationship with local companies in term of size expanding and expertise. This contract sends a message to other companies in Oman that working with PDO has no limit of successful opportunities that increase the wealth for PDO stakeholder.


In Oman Economic Forum which was held in 13 & 14 April in Muscat (Shaungrla Hotel resort) the chairman of MB Holding Mr. Mohammed AL Barwani was browed with his award. The MB chairman whose name identical with gas and oil in the Sultanate of Oman was between the three winners in the forum held under support of the minister of National Economy Mr. Ahmed Abdullah Macki.

The Economic Forum was held by “AL Ikhissad Wal Aamal” group alliance with the “Ministry of Commerce and Industry”,” Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry” and “Investment Promotion and Export Development Center” in Oman to a word Oman and Gulf economic personalities and business leaders.

In respect of their success and achievement in their working sector, while the two other personalities that awarded by the forum were the pervious minister in Oman, Mr. Saud AL Khalili, the originator of “AL Taher Group” and the other one was the Bahwan chairman group, Mr. Suhail Bahwan. These two days of meeting aiming to find a stand for private working sector to invite the local investment into Oman where Authorities focus on the developing Omani economy, investment and polices. Divided to seven plates, the discussion encouraging the international concern and as well as Arab those who interest with Omani economy to find a new opportunity of investment in the country.

In Oman economy forum were approximately sex hundred participants from seventeen countries coming from different companies, institutions and banking sector, whose who were effective in the manufacturing oil, gas, real estate, tourism and different other sectors in Arab regain. The forum offers to the joint the important level of public and private sectors in Oman.

Other a ward

This time company has awarded by a silver award offer by “3rd Oman Web Award” which was held under support of “Information Technology” and under taken by “Advance Business Solution” lunch on 8th March 2009 at Intercontinental Hotel Muscat.

At the side of one hundred seventy participants which they came from twenty three categories, Mohammed AL Barwani Petroleum a chive a silver price of design the best web for companies the working in oil and gas. Were leading Omani institution and organization were come to gather to join the occasion. The occasion was attended by Mr. AL Fadhal AL Harthy deputy of Ministry of National Economy. This web awards occasion was come out by committee of Arab having the objective of focusing on creative and innovation, development services of web, web standard design, advocating growth, raising the awareness and heartening all sectors to change to digital economy.

Omani web award occasion focus on implementing some basic standard of internet web industry in the sultanate and allow the designers to know more about the information over the word. The event gives the inspiration to website designer, rewarding them to develop their skills and continue the improvement to participate and win in the Arab and word events.

Team Building

Mohammed AL Barwani Holding and Petrgas employees participated the challenges date 27th to 29th February 2009 attained by minister of oil and gas Mr. Mohammed AL Rumhy. The challenges made for the employees of two companies when they are at work to test their ability to bullied teams, leadership skills and communications whilst collecting some fund to donate for children with special needs.

In this challenge twenty teams were participated in event of team building over the weekend, having courses, quizzes and claim Jabil AL Akhader the highest mountain in Oman. The challenges save 120000 riyal Omani all gown to the children with special need. The three days of team building and collecting fund about 16 people participating on team challenges on Batinah beach and the mountain.

Mother’s day

Celebrating a great day like mother day is given “Mom” special day as well as have break to take rest from work. As respect to all Mom, Mohammed AL Barwani Holding Celebrated it on 14th May very year at MB training center. Mohammed AL Barwani Holding planned “Mother Day tea” to all working mothers and their children at to celebrate fun day, it includes some activities like drawing, painting, fun games and music to enjoy.

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