Studying The Advancement Of The Smart Phone Information Technology Essay

1. Introduction:

A smart phone is an advanced computing mobile phone with computer features, which able to work by computerized system. It provides digital voice service as well as picture massaging, wireless e-mail, internet, web browsing, fax, video recording,3-D game, personal information management, complete office package, online banking, Graffiti style data entry, remote control of home on business electronic system, LAN connectivity, intercom unction, Adobe PDF reader, weather , news, sports, Bluetooth, etc.

Key factor of any business profitability is the quick decision making, which can access through a single Smartphone. Time for sitting at a desk, using a computer with mouse and key board is almost outdated. Almost all of the task can be handled by a single hand and a Smartphone. Smartphone can work how users use their fingers and arm, understand their direction and location they are moving and how fast. All these natural action are input for it. It is not necessary to enter house number, city, street name, zip code because it can search automatically. It reflects audio input via a microphone and visual input via a camera.

I have tried to briefly describe about smart phone in different prospective. Its historical development, different research report about its forecasting for next five years, use of Smartphone from different angles and their actual percentage , event its drawbacks if following section. Finally i have given my conclusion over its popularity, threats and security problem.

Similarly, the role of web 2.0 technology in business, mainly in eBay and Amazon. How eBay and Amazon establish them as high revenue sharing Business Company and the role of e-commerce to their business. Final section is the referencing section in this study from where I have taken some figures, facts and information to complete this task.

2. Chapter Two:

The growing popularity of Smartphone and its multifunctionality leads us to say it is the most important digital device we won and for the future. The centralization of business information and their analysis by using mobile technology is attracting more and more people on quick decision making process. People can get huge volume of data on their handheld device and change it into their own desire. Within a second, wherever you are like in a airport, or in a retail store or a noisy restaurant or a toilet or in the lunch break or a conference room or in the library or classroom or on the way, it is easy to get information without sitting in the chair and looking the place for plug in the laptop. Due to competitive and fast growing environment of the business it is very essential to give quick decision to both external and internal customers. How long we get the information and time to evaluation leads us to miss the opportunity. This kind of delay could lead you to miss a customer or loss a sell. So it is being very essential business tool for people and organisation.

2.1. Development of Smartphone:

We have passed the different era as mainframe computing, mini computing, personal computing and now adopting mobile internet computing era. Due to the use of internet on Smartphone, the lifestyle of people has been changed. It provides them to easy access to get required information without consideration of any place and time lead them a quick and scientific decision. Historical point of view, first Smartphone was designed by IBM in 1992 but release and sold to public in only 1993 by Bell South Company. It included address book, calendar, calculator, world clock note pad, email, games and receive fax. In 1996, Nokia 9000 like a palmtop computer style Smartphone was released. But, N9210 was the first colour screen real Smartphone with open operating system. N9500 was the first Nokia Wi-Fi Smartphone. GS88 Ericsson Smartphone was introduced with Symbia operating system in 2000. It was again upgraded with in 2002 with camera and named P8000. Microsoft lunch Microsoft window powered Smartphone 2002 and named window Smartphone. In the same year RIM was the first Blackberry wireless web browsing Smartphone which became widely popular. Apple developed first i-phone in 2007, which was multi touch interface to provide officially third party application and high cost Smartphone. Consequently, Nokia developed N95 including 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, TV-out and 5mp camera. Second generation i-phone 3G and 3rd generation i phone 3GS were introduced in 2008 and 2009 respectively. In 2010, Nexus One was introduced by Google with android operating system and 4th generation of i phone. N8, i-phone 4, Acer prime are next generation Smartphone.

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2.2. Use of Smartphone from different perspectives:

The research carried out by Crowd Science June 16, 2009 show that: among all Smartphone users i-phone users were one out of three. In branding, 13% used i phone,9% used Blackberry, other Smartphone user 18% and regular cell phone users were 60%.In the purposive point of view, 71% were using Smartphone for personal plus business view,26% for personal work and purely 3% only using it for business view. Similarly, for function point of view, 80% to browse internet, 74% for camera, 73% for email, 50% for MP3 player, 46% use for Wi-Fi, 40% for GPS, 37% for Bluetooth and USB connectivity , 32% for picture messaging, games for 31% and 11% for video recording.

Smartphone is more secure than other pc and desktop, due to it there is very rear chance of leakage of information and financial loss. Some of the most popular application that can be done by mobile commerce are paying bill, stock trading and investment, M-wallets, in-store purchases, online goods or service lurching, store or directory finder services, vending machine purchases, buying or reserving tickets for movies, airlines or spotting event, booking the restaurant or holiday, downloading games or music, looking the general information as weather, news, etc.

2.3. Future of Smartphone:

The continuous growth of Smartphone as a only means of business tool has reached its summit point. It is forecasted that the sell of Smartphone will be 2.5 billion by 2015 which is the compound growth rate of 26% in only Asia (29% in china only), 23% in north America,33%in south America,20% in western Europe,25% in eastern Europe and 21% in Africa and middle east. Moreover according to new forecast by research firm (January 13,2010) Gartner says : mobile phone will overtake PCs as the most web access devices worldwide by 2013.By 2014 three worlds elderly population will enable to do transaction via mobile or internet technology. Also cash transaction will still remain most prominent in contemporary market in the same year. Finally, by 2015, context will be as key to mobile consumer services and relations as search engines to the web. Still there are some key questions about operating system, functionality and features, strategic choice, new service, etc for next five years.

Next generation device or Smartphone gives us advanced capabilities rather than a typical mobile and provide computing functionality. Some currently emerging platform need to be avoided to establish reliable security with it. Nowadays, leaking of information, identity theft and hacking are burning problem. “Wikileaks” which is giving world threat over security, and publishing thousands of secret documents. Smartphone is dramatically changing its speed of light. N8, i-phone 4, Acer prime “next generation Smartphone” are getting popular in this days. Standard session announcement protocol for example initiation session initiation protocol will used by future Smartphone.

2.4.Disadvantages of Smartphone:

Despite these popularities, smart phone have some drawbacks. It is really high cost so it can’t afford by all ordinary people. Using Smartphone or any normal phone during driving is very dangerous still it is continuous. Due to touch screen, fastness and multifunctionality other devices are being outdated. For example: camcorders and cameras, desktop and laptop computer, car radios are being shadow from Smartphone. Smartphone is ultimately time filler and time killer. It is used as a “go to device” for example even we are in a dining room with dinner, shopping, break from work, waiting for doctor ,waiting for stop light or any more we are using Smartphone due to its convenience. Finally, we conclude that it is addictive for eye because we are using it for long time and frequently

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3. Chapter two:

3.0. Role of e-commerce and web 2.0 technologies in eBay and Amazon

Amazon started in 1994 founded by Jeff Bezos and lunch to sell its product through online by 1995.Amazon dramatically developed its business from small online bookstore to a largest store in the world. Initially company was developed primary selling books, CD, electronic video, toys, software etc. Very soon in 2003 its net income was US$35 million. In 2009 its popularity climbed up and net income raised up to US$902 million. Using web 2.0 technology it improved its web site and linked too many other brands and supplier to deliver its goods. Web 2.0 is defined as “the philosophy of mutually maximizing collective intelligence and added value for participant,by formalized and dynamic information sharing and creation” (Lytras,Damiani and Pablos 2009:page 104) Any individual or business can sell its product to Amazon’s users through Amazon payment system which is very secure. Successful Internet Company Amazon, adopting web 2.0 technology to make its business popular. This company is being able to create large web communities through web 2.0 concept. It has designed multiple formats to share user’s review through texts, images or videos which is rated through number of stars to further improvement.

They have a very good team work to solve the problem. They solve all kinds of problem with the concept of “two pizza team” which mean solve any kind of problem by forming a group. They use “best of bread” technology in which they select the appropriate and latest technology which fit them best instead of old one. They use “Working background from press release” business strategy which mean see back if they were announced or written for anything to implement. These are the key success of its larger popularity through web 2.0 technology. People do not want to waste long time to search the item through internet so, using “click only” strategy to sell the product and serviced to its customer. It is very easy to shopping through internet than going to retail store or catalogues. Internet hacker steals the required credit information while selling the item through internet. So still must of the customer they afraid to identity theft while doing online transaction through internet. Due to the lack of internet shopper and compatibility of technology is still problem in this kind of internet shopping.

E-bay stands electronic bay area was founded by Pierre Omidyar in 1995. It is an online shopping through internet which allows to seller to keep the item for advertise to sell and buyer to buy with bidding and e-bay provide free access to browse those advertise items automatically 24/7 days. eBay has developed very useful sites as kijij (for online classifieds), (to search rooms, roommates or apartment) and eBay express (to buy new goods from million of eBay users) by parching sky-pc. With the help of web 2.0 technology amazon, eBay or Google they changed their web pages dramatically. Web 2.0 uses AJAX, PHP, RSS, XML, Xquery which are very essential for eBay and Amazon. ). With the help of web 2.0 technology they are supplying their product and services through different capabilities include collaboration, mass customization, dissemination, interactive communication, integration, transaction support and global information

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Web 2.0 application helps people to connect and share their ideas or business to each other outside and inside the organisation. While the leaders on the use of web 2.0 practices have been Google, eBay, and Amazon and other government struggles with cultural inertia, complex legislation and political wrangling in coming to grips with web 2.0. (Tapscott and Williams, 2006). Web 2.0 technology is behaving like desktop application as transmission of content then encoding inputs and finally to present. But several e-frauds still existing for as Bid luring, reproducing, shipping, non shipment, bid shielding and payment failure

Electronic commerce (e-commerce) can be defined as “online exchange of goods, service and money among firms, between firms and their customers, and between customers”. (Valacich and Jessup: 2008 page-177). E-commerce targeted to hardly visible ordinary consumers and very consumers. The huge volume of business is associated to e-commerce adopting business to business transaction. They have shifted almost all of the internal business operation for example: inventory control, order placement, product distribution, and technical specification procurement, through paper based system to electronic transaction which dramatically enables to reduce increase productivity and business cost. Many largest companies like Amazon and e-bay achieved good reputation and saving. Due to internet these kinds of electronic linkage are shifting from expensive, proprietary system which utilise rented telephones to inexpensive and accessible connections using secure service and software.

Customer bye the product and customer service even after sell through e-commerce. Its transaction is not limited within business and consumers. the transaction between business to supplier known as business to business (B2B) , business to their employee (B2E) and consumer to consumer (C2C). Some other kinds of e-business transaction are government to citizen (G2C) ,government to business (G2B) and government to government (G2G).

Due to e-commerce not only goods and services but also different company can hire cheap labour from globally as china, India and Russia using crowd sourcing. E-commerce is utilizing the information technology to conduct all kinds of business process .Many modern business such as e-bay, Amazon, etc. are conducted by e-market. In this business strategy, economic exchange are included which are related to computer networks and information technology. Electronic transaction among employees, sellers and buyers enable the effective and efficient flow of services and goods from internal supply to customer chain. E-commerce is the place where buying and selling companies meet.

4. Conclusion:

In summary, Smartphone is very popular and essential device in contemporary market due to its high speed and multifunctionality. There is no any limitation of time and space to use it. Most of the function for example online -banking, stock trading, purching goods and services through online, taking picture and video, downloading games and music, browsing internet, sending email, reading news information and weather etc can be done within a single Smartphone without looking the place to sit and plug. Smartphone users are increasing exponentially. Different version of Smartphone as 4th generation i-phone, N8, Acer prim, blackberry etc are must using Smartphone. But security, data hacking identity theft, etc are burning problems. Amazon and eBay are dramatically increasing their business with web 2.0 application and medium as e-commerce. They provide platform for online shopper in cheap rate. Some approach “just click” (for time saving), bidding (for price saving), etc are common strategy lead them great popularity through world.

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