System Requirment Specifications For Online Courier Information Technology Essay

J.W Couriers has recently launched offices in the Wrexham area. It is an self governing company operating in North Wales and North West England. The company has no connection with any other national operation so in order to compete it supplies a manageable operation. In addition to the normal collection and delivery of parcels, it concentrate on legal documents, urgent medical supplies, sensitive material, valuable cargo, hazardous loads, contract work, etc.

Site Goals:

Allowing the customer to create an account

Allowing the customer to request a quote for a collection/delivery service.

Allowing the user to track Parcel from collection to the final destination.

Allowing the admin to register a new user.

Allowing the admin to add a new parcel location.

Allowing the Quotes for different Parcel Types.

Accept/Reject Customer Request.

View the different types of Quotes.

Adding the Branches for different Warehouses.

Allowing the user change his/her personal details.


Every project has its own trend to its audience. Due to massive usage of web (internet) is easy to carry out many kinds of business in online. . Audience for this type of business are the people who require the courier service to collect/deliver the goods from one place to another. By asking the jobs and quoting the price in online. The audience must know how to use the internet and how to quote the price.

B. Competition Analysis:

List of organizations:




Critical Evaluation:


BLUEDART authorize courier services internationally. It supplies different types of courier services for customers like normal delivery, express delivery and so. This website has good shipping structure. It provides search to find related content in the website. But the website lacks the consistent look. It does not have correct styles. It allows the customer to get the rate and time quote. It also provides techniques to track the location of order and contains many other features.


ROYALMAIL is one of the biggest courier services which provide its services internationally. It provides services like Logistics, mail, Parcel and other services to the customer. The website of this organization provides many features to the customers. It is well organized with good shipping system. It provides different mechanisms for the customer to track, trade, account management, Estimate duties and taxes. It also supplies content in different types of text sizes. TNT:

TNT is courier service provides its service internationally. It includes two kinds of services TNT post and TNT express. It provides very limited features in the website like tracking and tracing the order, account management and request quote. The website is well organized and had good consistent look comparing to the above two. It also provides sitemap for easy site navigation. Like ROYALMAIL it provides content in different text sizes and allows the customers to print the text.

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Content decision:

Existing system:

The existing has following drawbacks.

It is less user-friendly.

It is having lots of manual work (Manual system does not mean that you are working with pen and paper, it also include working on spread sheets and other simple software’s).

The present system is very less secure.

It cannot provide online registration.

It does not have tracking mechanism

Proposed system

By considering the problems in the existing developed the new system providing with different interface. By this new system user having flexibility like online registration

The development of the new system contains the following activities, which try to automate the entire process keeping in view of the database integration approach.

User friendliness is provided in the application with various controls.

The system makes the overall project management much easier and flexible.

It can be accessed over the Internet.

There is no risk of data mismanagement at any level while the project development is under process.

It provides high level of security using different protocols like https etc.

Tracking Mechanism is available in this application.

Task 3: Critical Evaluation:

JW courier website was primarily designed to provide courier services for the customers by allowing them to quote in online. This website was designed to solve the problems in existing website, which does not provide the following

No. of Modules






Public User

Modules Description


Administrator has the complete control of the project. The admin module will be used by the administrator of this portal; she/he can manage the Warehouse details and Branch Details. He can accept or reject the Customer requests. Admin can accept or reject the Parcel Requests. She/he can add the quotes for particular parcel. He can add the all Country details and states.


Customer must fill the registration details before login. Customer can also manage his/her profile. He/she can View the all Quotes. He/she can also request to Particular parcel and search the particular parcel Track Id.


Authentications process of granting or denying access to a Web based Application. It is the process of determining whether someone or something is, in fact, who or what it is declared to be. Authentication is commonly done through the use of credentials i.e. user name and passwords


This module is used to search the required information.

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Search for Parcel Track Id.


The system has a process of registration. Every user need to submit their complete details including user name and password in the form of registration. Whenever a user registration completed then only a user can get log in into the system by using his user id and password.

Public User:

Public User can view the only what available in this site. Whenever public user open the site he can get some functionalities like About Us, Contact us and what opportunities are available. Public User can also Login to the site but he should fill the Register form according to the Requirements after that he can logon to the site.

No. of users



Public Users


The following some are the projects inputs and outputs.


Admin enters the credentials.

Admin preserves the Countries and States.

Member Details store in Central database.

Manager preserves the Warehouses and Branches for particular Warehouse.

Customer can add the all the Quotes.

Customer should register into the site.


Admin can view User Registration details.

Admin can view the details of the Parcel requests from the Customers.

Customer can view his/her personal Details.

Admin can view the Customer details (Accept/Reject).

Customer can view the status of the Parcel using Track Id.

The case study JW courier service is to design a website for the organization to provide courier services for the customers online. The main purpose of the project is to design a complete website to solve the problems in the existing website of the JW courier services. Each problem in existing project are solved in following ways:

The existing website does not provide help for the customer. So the proposed solution was developed to provide help using chatting.

Does not allow the customer to register so the proposed solution was developed to provide registration for the customer.

It does not have tracking mechanism to track the order locations

Admin module to add new location to the order to track order location

It does not provide the customer to quote the orders online. So the proposed solution should solve the problem by allowing the customer to quote online and view previous quotes.

Does not provide admin module to price the quotes ordered by the customers. So the proposed solution should provide admin to price the quotes.

Development architecture

Our project architecture generally contains the following components

1. UI or Presentation Layer,

2. Business Access Layer (BAL) or Business Logic Layer

3. Data Access Layer (DAL).

The pictorial representation of the architecture as shown below:

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Presentation Layer (UI):

Presentation layer contains pages like .aspx form where data is presented to the user or input is taken from the user.

Business Access Layer (BAL) or Business Logic Layer:

BAL contains business logic, validations or calculations related with the data, if needed. We will call it Business Access Layer in our project.

Data Access Layer (DAL):

DAL contains methods that helps business layer to connect the data and perform required action, might be returning data or manipulating data in the database.

Feasibility study

Technical feasibility

The proposed/developed system is a web application and does not require any additional software requirements except hosting. A web hosting company hosts the web application in their web servers. Any client (end-user) with an internet connection and a web browsing software (at client side) can immediately start accessing/using the system. So, the system does not need any installation/setup procedure. Hence, the system is functionally feasible.

Economic feasibility

Author (project stakeholder) does not need to purchase any software and hardware to host the developed system. Web hosting companies purchase and maintain all necessary hardware and software for hosting the websites. Author has to pay only hosting charges to the hosting company. When it comes to the end-user, he/she does not need to purchase any software to use the website. Now-a-days every computer’s operating system is providing built in web browser and so many web browsing software products are available in the market for free.

Only the cost that the author should bare is cost of development. Before starting the development, the development team estimates cost of development depends on the features asked by the client. If any new features to be added as per the new requirements of the client, cost of new additions are submitted to the client and after getting the confirmation from the client the new features will be added by the development team. Development team will take care of in-time delivery of the project to avoid excess cost of development due to delay.

Hence, the proposed system is economically feasible.

Operational feasibility

This is about acceptance of the new system by the existing end-users and employees of the system and author. The website is aiming at employees and now-a-days all of them are aware of web browsing. If any person does not have any idea of web browsing, he/she will be trained to use the system within one hour time. So, the system can easily be accepted by any kind of end-user. Hence the proposed system is technically feasible.

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