The Benefits Of Blackberry Information Technology Essay

This report is about a technological product, Blackberry smart phones. An introduction of the product is presented in the beginning of the report. Various benefits of Blackberry phones are discussed in the next section. Some major benefits discussed are: Business benefit, Instant Information benefit, Entertainment benefit. Salient features of Blackberry phones are pointed out in the next part. This section is followed by the comparison of Blackberry with the other smart phones available in the market. Benefits of Blackberry phones for the students are the next part of the report which is followed by conclusion and some recommendations for the manufacturer.

Blackberry is one of the most popular smart phones in the market. It was first released in market in year 2002. The device was more focused on emails, and other than that it also supported cell phones, SMS service, web browsing and other similar information services based on wireless technology. The number of Blackberry users in the second quarter of 2009 reached to 28 million. Mainly the Blackberry is used for sending and receiving electronic mails. Most of the Blackberry models have a QWERTY keyboard. The latest Blackberry GSM phone uses a processor from Intel (Intel PXA901-312) which has 64 MB flash memory and 16 MB SDRAM. The applications for Blackberry smart phones can be developed also by third parties but they have to be digitally authorized by RIM the company that owns the product. Blackberry has many efficient uses for different people of different age groups. It is highly used for entertainment purpose and connecting with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. (An Introduction to BlackBerry Smart phones.)

Benefits of Blackberry

Users of Blackberry smart phones have been increasing consistently from the past 2 years. The reason for increasing sale of the product is the benefits of the smart phone which are not available in any other smart phones or if available then they are not as efficient as in Blackberry mobiles. Some of the benefits of Blackberry smart phones are as follows:

Business Benefits

The integration of Blackberry smart phones in many companies and business units has improved the performance of the staff of those companies. The productivity of employees increased because they have access to emails even while they are travelling and the saved time was used in productive works. The staff of companies was happy with the staff as the new Blackberry phone gave them half an hour extra time for personal life. The quick mail access facility, calendar, and other business related applications of Blackberry benefitted the business group of people. (The BlackBerry Solution for Enterprise)

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Entertainment Benefits

The new Blackberry mobile phones have various entertainment activities inbuilt like games, various applications, and social networking like Facebook, Twitter etc. People of every age group have interest in all these activities. The Blackberry product provides this benefit of entertainment for all the consumer segments. Multiplayer games can be played against a human player with two Blackberry mobiles.

Benefit of Instant Information

Delivering instant information is another benefit of Blackberry cell phones. The Blackberries have a facility of instant text which can be sent to all the Blackberry users within an office or home network such that the non Blackberry users do not receive the text. Instant information can also be accessed via emails using the all new Blackberry cell phones.

Salient features of Blackberry

Blackberry is the most advanced product in the field of mobile technology. It has many qualities and features which tempts the users to buy the product. The services of Blackberry mobiles are outstanding. Apart from the technological perspective the Blackberry mobiles have some other salient features too which plays an equally important role in attracting the potential consumers towards the product. The salient features are the look, body, flashy colors of the phone body, designer mobile covers and accessories. The other prominent feature of Blackberry phones is the QWERTY keypads and touch screen. These features are also important to attract more customers. The bold skins of Blackberry is an added salient feature of Blackberry mobiles, these skins save the phone from external shocks and damages. These skins are very light in weight and can be tailored according to the user’s choice.

Comparison of Blackberry features with other Smartphone features

The major competitors of Blackberry smart phones are Apple iphone, Google Android and Motorola HTC. All these smart phones have many inbuilt features which should be present in one. Every brand has used what they could have t enhance the quality of the features of a smart phone. The camera and the image quality of Blackberry are way better than iphone and android. The two major competing smart phones iphone and android are more application driven mobiles. They have thousands of applications which can be customized whereas the Blackberry is majorly a email based smart phone specifically developed for the purpose of web browsing, emailing, instant messaging (blackberry messenger) and text messages. Blackberry gives a salient feature of QWERTY keypad of a complete touch screen whereas no other smart phones have such feature. These features in other smart phones are not as good as they are in Blackberry. The Google’s Android is ay faster than any other OS of smart phones. Blackberries are the best pick for business and executive purpose. (Vance)

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Efficient Way of using Office features of Blackberry

The new Blackberry smart phones support much office software like Microsoft, word, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, and Adobe pdf files. Blackberry users can read and edit their office documents in their smart phone and send them via email system of the Blackberry. These office features of Blackberry phones are heavily used by the users. These features have additional advantage when the user is travelling and he has to send some report to his boss urgently, then the Blackberry office features will be a boon to the user. The QWERTY keypads of Blackberry phones are an additional advantage in using the office features as the typing will be faster on these kinds of keypads. (The BlackBerry Solution for Enterprise)

Efficient Way of using Blackberry Entertainment Features

Blackberry phones had been widely used for business purposes till date entertainment features were not that much in the phone. Only a few games and some applications were installed in the phones. Now the RIM has given rights to third parties for developing applications for Blackberry phones which is a step forward in the real of entertainment of Blackberry smart phones. More applications will make the entertainment features more strong and vast. The internal network of RIM will make the entertainment services for efficient by enabling playing multiplayer games on two Blackberry mobiles which will act as competitors of each other. (An Introduction to BlackBerry Smart phones.)

Efficient Way of using Blackberry Instant Information Features

The instant information features of Blackberry phones are the best among all the smart phones in the market. The Blackberry Messenger of the Blackberry phones is the best and most efficient way of using this service. The BBM will enable the users to send instant messages within the network of Blackberry. The emails network of Blackberry is also very fast which is used for sending urgent mails. The Instant messaging service of Blackberry is the fastest among all the smart phones in the industry.

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Blackberry Features which are most beneficial of students

The features of Blackberry phones which are useful and beneficial for the student consumer segment are the communication services. The facility of fast web browsing will be helpful for students to get updated about the respective subjects. The Blackberry will give access to the internet where the students can find relevant course material and books. The instant messaging service of the Blackberry also enables the students to get connected with its peers and their activities. Hey can get information from their peer group even when they are travelling. (The BlackBerry Solution for Higher Education)


The Blackberry phones are a result of revolution in the technology and science. These smart phones have improved the life of humans a lot. The smart phone is one of the best in the industry. Its business purpose solving service provides it a competitive edge over the competitors. This phone is more of a service based phone rather than installing thousands of useless applications. The prominent flashy features of the Blackberry attract more customers to the product. The office features of the smart phone are an exclusive facility in the phone which solves many business purposes.


The above study of Blackberry phones illustrates that the smart phone is one of the best in the industry but still it needs certain features to be improved. The entertainment features of the phone are very dull. Thy do not have any significant usability for the users. While buying such an advanced phone customers expect the phone to have certain applications that can be used for entertainment in leisure time. So the company must develop some entertainment applications or allow third parties to develop some for the Blackberry phones.


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