The Critical Elements Of Outsourcing Processes Information Technology Essay

In your blog, write about your understanding of the outsourcing process. You may need to do some extra research for this. In particular, describe your knowledge of RFPs, evaluation, contract award, and exit strategies. Give an example of why an exit strategy would be necessary if outsourcing the implementation of an information security blueprint.

Outsourcing is the process of contracting with another company to do certain functions that the outsourcing company may not be able to do. Examples on outsourcing include companies that outsource call center services, e-mail services, and payroll. Outsourcing is usually done by professional companies that are usuallay located internationally.

The most important benefit of outsourcing is its ability to save the organization’s money in addition to many other benefits. However, at the same time, outsourcing may have certain disadvantages such as the lack of direct contact between the company and the customers. In addition, the company may lose immediate administration of its business as it will heavily rely on the outsourced company.

Evaluation of outsourcing helps in the process of making decision regarding areas that need outsourcing. In addition, this is also done by comparing the organization’s performance in comparison to the outsourced company and increasing the level accordingly.

RPF is Request For Proposal. It is defined as “an invitation for providers of a product or service to bid on the right to supply that product or service to the individual or entity that issued the RFP.”

The nature and display of RFP is very crucial for successful management. In general, RFPs contain conditions and requirements in a clear manner so that it is evident for all bidders.

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Contract award “is Project owner’s notice to a bidding contractor of the acceptance of the submitted bid.” There are certain stages for this process. They are as follows:

1- Pre-award Survey. It includes a study of proficiency of the potential contractor. All decision making starts from this point.

2- Business clearance: Preparing “a post-negotiation memorandum and secure business clearance prior to award.”

3- Small business size standard: The contracting party should give notice of the potential awardee. This depends on the compliance with the number of employees, value of prior business, etc.

Exist strategy is “the method by which a venture capitalist or business owner intends to get out of an investment that he or she has made in the past.” That is, it is a means of escaping a serious situation. Examples on exit strategy include “harvest strategy” or “liquidity event”.


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Sunday, October 10, 2010Task 9: Physical Secuirty


I benefited a lot from this chapter. The most important thing that is brought to mind is the importance of the physical property both on the individual level and the organization level. However, what I liked most was the youtube video. What attracted my attention is when the persona said that the secret weapon for thieves and hackers is actually “you”!!! Yes I do believe in this. Even on the level of the organization, the issue of the security begins with the individual.

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1.How safe is the data on your computer, especially if your computer is lost or stolen?

I usually follow the following guidelines for protecting my computer in terms of software and hardware:

1. Keeping an Eye on my laptop

2. Not using an obvious laptop bag

3. Using visual locks and restraints

4. Using passwords and encryption

5. Using encryption programs like Steganos Safe 2007

6. Using Anti-Theft Software like LoJack

7. Using Invisible Ultraviolet Markings

8. Trying Remote Data Deletion

9. Backing

I do believe that is enough measures to keep my data safe and my computer protected.

2.If you were working for a large multinational business or government department, what measures do think might be in place to mitigate the risks of physical theft or loss?

As I mentioned in my reflection, even on the level of the organization, the issue of the security begins with the individual. So the first thing that should be done is raising the awareness of the personnel to the importance of the issue of security. Thus they are expected to protect their own business computer by using passwords, encryption and so on and so forth.

In addition to this, one has to recognize that information does not have to be stolen physically in order to be lost. It may be stolen orally. As the youtube shows, employees should not be chatting about serious business issues in public. This may endanger the privacy of the organization on the information level.

Added to all of this, some organizational procedure should be taken into consideration such as protecting the network and not allowing unauthorized people to access private information. In addition, IT Unit should do great effort in this aspect with constant back up and follow-up.

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