The Current System Of Pizza Hut Information Technology Essay

This project elaborates about the Pizza Hut which is working on a mission of “To be the first choice for every Pizza occasion, by always providing 100% customer satisfaction.”

This project emerges about The Pizza Hut’s Home Delivery system and its flow of information, this project discuss about the current system of Pizza Hut , an analysis about their Current Problems, Security and ethnic issues, and some recommendations which we believe would help in improve their current system.

This project will be more focus on these aspects giving more priorities on how they have created the current system which provides capabilities to work within the current needs, and what are the improvements that they are expecting within the present system.


Abstract 2

Contents 3

Introduction 4

Current System Analysis 5

General process till enjoying a Pizza at your door step. 5

Support information of the process. 6

Summary of their Delivery Information system. 7

Current Problems 9

Security and Ethnical Issues 11

Security 11

Ethnic 11

Recommendations 12

Conclusion 13

Appendices 15

Planning 15

Workload matrix 16

Weekly reports 17


The Pizza Hut is one of the leading fast food manufacturing companies in the world. The Keels Restaurants is the franchise holder for Sri Lanka and Maldives, Keels restaurant is subsidiary company of John Keels Group which is one of the largest companies in Sri Lanka. Currently Pizza Hut has extended to 15 outlets and 2 express outlets.

According to their marketing statistics home delivery system brings more profits to the company. It’s because the customers prefer more to have their fast food at their homes itself. Especially during the rainy season people do not like to go out. So the Pizza Hut doesn’t like to lose their profits during this period. They have many kinds of localized Pizza menus to fulfill the local favors.

Because of such reason they have introduced the delivery system to distribute the Pizzas to keep up their customers. The customer needs only to give a call to their hotline. There after the call center take the responsibility to provide their favorite Pizza to their door step.

Current System Analysis

General process till enjoying a Pizza at your door step.

When a customer a call to the Pizza Hut hotline (011-2729729) the call connects to the call center situated in Dehiwala. Then they are asked the following details from the customer.

Clients’ Name.

Clients’ phone number.

Currently the call center is open from 11am to 11pm during weekends and it is open from 11am to 10pm during weekdays. During this time to keep up the call quality they tempt to answer the calls within 3seconds and terminate within 2:30 minutes, thereafter they call back the customer with another extension to make the hotline available for a new caller.

When they call back if the customer is a new person following details are added into their database,

Clients’ Name.

Clients’ Phone number.


Payment mode (If they are willing to pay with credit cards or cash)

Landmarks. (Colour of the Gate, Any famous places close by, etc…)

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When a new outlet is opened they include a street map to their system within the range that they are expecting to cover. At this point they divide the city into grids and they make switches defining which area belongs to which Pizza Hut outlet.

As a result when they inquire the customers about the address the grid Index they have created helps the call center operator to ideality the places easily.

If the customer had contacted the delivery system before the system will show all the previous orders/transactions if there was a need. After the order is taken and confirmed the internal process beings.

When the order is approved by the call center, the 3C server in the call center will generate a message and sends to the nearest outlet kitchen of that particular customer. This includes the invoice which includes all the necessary details for the employees at the kitchen to prepare and a Pizza delivery person to take it to the doorstep.

To keep up the quality they prepare the order within 15 minutes and the delivery process is covered within 15 minutes. The target of the whole process is 30 minutes, but if there are any unavoidable circumstances this can extend for a maximum of 45 minutes. If the delivery process exceeds 1 hour the customer can claim the Pizza order without paying for it. It is a Pizza Hut policy made to keep up the consumer trust.

When a customer order a Pizza through their website the same process happens carried out but at that point the customer is facilitated Gift Pizzas to someone according to the occasional need with tags needed such as “Good Pizzas for Great friends”, “Happy Birthday”, “Congratulations”, etc…

Support information of the process.

Currently the software which Pizza Hut Delivery system use is 3C (Complete Computer Consultation), and this software is created and maintained by a Canadian called Mr. Tony with helps of his subordinates.

According to Mr. Daminda the manager of the Dehiwala branch, generally the staff of a Pizza Hut outlet has strengthen with about 30 persons, but this vary according to the outlet, and this staff has about 10 persons for the delivery service since generally most of the sales of an outlet carry more weight age towards home deliveries.

The Pizza Hut introduces a new Pizza to their menu once a month and they remove a Pizza that has not made a good sale during that particular month.

Summary of their Delivery Information system.

Inputs :

Customer Details (From the Call center)

Customers name.

Customers Address.

Payment mode.

Pizza menu items.

Outlet details (From the Outlets)

Available Pizza delivery personals.

General Details

Pizza Names, prices, sizes, etc…

Process :

Customer Information validation.

Checking the availability of the outlets for delivery personals.

Generating a bill to the nearest outlet kitchen.

Generating a bill to the customer.

Contacting the relevant external terminals.

Storage :

Customer Details.

Customers’ previous orders.

Customer feedbacks.

Outlet information.

Communication :

The 3C server in the call center handles the main network.

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Dumb terminals in outlets performing the tasks given by the servers.

Computer systems used in the call center.

HP D220 NT

1.1 GHz Processor.

256MB RAM.

20 GB Hard disk.


UNIX Operating System.

Medium used to deliver Pizzas.

Hero Honda CD100.

Bajaj CT100

Standard delivery speed within the Grid is 40 KM/h

Current Problems

Pizza Huts Problem solving principals

Never let a customer leave unhappy

Solve a problem before it becomes a complaint

Treat the customer that you want to be treated

Never argue with the customer

Never blame other crew members

According to the Dehiwala branch supervisor Mr. Rohitha Wimalgunawardane, the system they currently use is perfect, except for few shortcomings but he said they don’t effect that much and they are fully satisfied with what they have got.

But when we where carrying out our interviews we felt that with the access rights and responsibilities that they have assigned although they are satisfied the management might have problems, then we interviewed Mr. Daminda, The manager of Dehiwala branch.

His opinion was unless if there aren’t any companies coming up to do home deliveries such as KFC or Mc-Donald they don’t need any changes with the current Information system and it can fulfill all their timely needs.

When we interviewed the IT department of Union place where they handle the whole 3C software, Mr. Preshan Silva said there are many problems they face time to time.

According to him their software cannot full fill following needs.

Updating the software – Since all the rights are received by the Canadian company the local authorities can’t do any changes. Even if they need any changes needed they have to inform it to Mr. Tony who is controlling the 3C network from Canada to do the relevant change and update but the chances of software being updated is very less since the priority given to Sri Lankan outlets is low.

The field width given for Entering promotions and employee codes is 8 and it is not satisfied to the management.

Ex. If there is a Promotion for Cricket world cup they have to enter to the system with a format such as “CRIC_PRO”, which sometimes is not at all convenient for the consumers when they are given the bill.

Report generating styles – System has its own style of report generating method which the Sri Lankan authorities believe it is outdated and cannot fulfill their needs. Also the system has not given the management to customize their reports accordingly.

System is not online – Although the transactions are done immediately and the deliveries are taken away. The sales and the stocks are not updated immediately; according to Mr. Preshan the management needs a system which is online.

Currently a scheduled batch processing method is used and its process is a follows.

An outlet report is generated at 12:00am taking all the days transactions and sent to the 3C main server situated in Dehiwala.

Those transaction reports are then regenerated into one main report as a summary from the main server at 12:30am. And it is compared with the call center orders undertaking report, to confirm that the day’s deliveries are successfully delivered and not shortcomings have taken place.

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There after a backup is send to their backup server at 1:00am.

After the final reports are sent to the main branch which is situated at Union place, the management can analyze the previous days sales information, this final report is call SAP.

Security and Ethnical Issues


They have used the access levels accordingly giving the priorities of the staff members with this access rights controlling, the top management can log into all the levels and all the details available in the system.

But when it comes down in the job position the data and information they can view or edit is controlled.

To maximize the security they have given different security passwords for different systems and according to the employees.


Mainly there is an issue with keeping up delivery time due to Halal food item orders. Whenever a Muslim customer order a Pizza, the call center is responsible to deliver Halal foods utilizing their limited Halal food outlets (Kolpity and Dehiwala). In order to make Halal menus they have to use separate kitchen equipments to keep away from mixing non-Halal foods.

When there is a promotions carryout world specially advertisements there are times which they can’t do the same promotion with the same way due to cultural and ethnical reasons in Sri Lanka.


Currently their main need is to have separate software from the 3C software solution they have provided with limited rights allocated.

As a solution they can give the software development to a local software company and get a flexible and an efficient system to fill their needs.

They can implement a SMS ordering system in addition to the SMS inquiry system (0777-729729) they currently have.

When there is a new Pizza they can promote their Pizza by sending e-mail notifications with attractive descriptions and pictures.


We believe with this project we gained an overall and sharp picture of an Information system as we learned in our module at APIIT Lanka.

As it is explained throughout the project, Pizza Hut is currently working under system which is created with worldwide standards but still in order to give the best customer satisfaction it needs to be more flexible and efficient to meet the local needs.

Especially the suggestion of giving the software development to a local company, because the 3C software solution is recommended for outlets worldwide, but they are given the freedom to go for a reliable software solution if there is a need.

We as a group managed to go through a critical analysis through the current system and managed to figure out their process in the present system and also to suggest the slightest changes that we believe that they should implement in the near future to strengthen their current process.

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